Witches in training!

Lexie's journey to her 11th birthday was rough she admits it .Here is the story starting on her 11th birthday. Description of the twins Lexie is a perky metamorphagus , and full veela and sweet as can be ... Lavender is a nice girl and has fallen for a certain someone . Lexie & Lavender have boyfriends at school and they will appear soon .


2. Omg it happened!

A owl flew into our window! It had our Hogwarts letters in its mouth! We screamed while running down the stairs and we found mum and dad at the kitchen table drinking their coffee. They exclaimed "Happy birthday Lexie and Lavender!" they had made our favorite breakfast which is waffles and pancakes! "Did you get your letters?" Mum asked. "Yes!" we said in unison. "Great! ,because we are going to allow you both to get a pet in diagon alley! " Mum said !"How do yo guys want to travel?" we said "Floo powder! Mum ... are we in the same year as Harry Potter?" She said "Yes girls you are !

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