Witches in training!

Lexie's journey to her 11th birthday was rough she admits it .Here is the story starting on her 11th birthday. Description of the twins Lexie is a perky metamorphagus , and full veela and sweet as can be ... Lavender is a nice girl and has fallen for a certain someone . Lexie & Lavender have boyfriends at school and they will appear soon .


1. 11th birthday suprise!

My 11th Birthday

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP *ugh* My alarm blared though the house like a fire alarm. "Lexie! turn that bloody alarm off its Saturday!" my father screamed from the other side off the house. "Sorry dad !" I swore under my breath. Forgot my twin sister , Lavender, was under my bunk asleep. I slowly got down my ladder and then i screamed in lavenders ear. "It's our birthday! it's our birthday!"She quickly jumped out of bed totally ecstatic . Then it happened !  

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