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Keirsten's P.O.V
I Heard a knock on my door and it was Mrs.Hailey as she came in I turned around so I was facing her. Mr.Hailey said there some people here to adopted some Orphans will you be willing to come down?? When I heard that I jumped up and said yes . She left my room so I can dress better. I put on some black flats and a shirt that said 'Swag' and blue jeans and put my hair down . Rebbeca and Victoria were waiting for me outside my door.
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38. Y-Y-You Like Me?... 😮

Kyra's P.O.V


'S-S-STOP IT LOUIE IT HURTS LIKE HECK!!' I screamed and he smirked and kept on ticking me for 5 minutes but it felt like hours and finally my hero's came and LiLi said 'Lou we need to talk to Kyra' and Louie frowned and said 'fine..' and LiLi,Hazza,Ni,Zaynie showed me to Ni's room and it was filled with posters of food and under wear everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. Niall said 'Sorry bout my room..' and he blushed and I nodded and smirked and Zayn said 'Kyra we need to tell you something and we know that you and...' and I said 'Spit it out mates ...' and Harry said 'KyraMeNiZaynLiamAllLikeYouNoIMeanLoveYouSorryButSoonerOrlaterWeWereGonnaHave

ToTellYouOrYouAndLouWillFigureOut!!' and I wasn't shocked if Harry liked me, but Zayn and Niall and Liam  I would never exsect them to like me or love me though!. And everyone shifted awkwardly and I finally spoke up and said ' long did you guys fancy me for?' and Zayn said '1 week and 3 days after you and Lou began dating and yeah...' and Niall mumbled 'awkward..' and Liam being the responsible man said 'Lets all forget that we even had this conversation yeah?' and we all agreed and Lou was sitting in the t.v room on the tour bus watching How I Meet Your Mother and we sat there awkwardly until Louie said 'Lets stop the weird awkwardness you 5 are having and play Truth or Dare yeah?' and we stared at each other and said 'Yeah' and Lou said 'I'll go first then okay?' and we nodded yes and he said 'Liam truth or dare ' and Li said 'Truth?' and Louie chuckled and said 'Is it True that you like Ky in a fancy way ;)' and Li stuttered and said 'I-I E-e-ermmm m-may--n-n-o?' and Louie sat there staring at Li and he standed up and said 'PAYNE!!.....YOU FANCY MY KY AND YOURE DATING DANIELLE AND WHAT ABOUT YOU GUYS DO YOU GUYS FANCY HER TO??' and he sat on the other side of the room and they boys nodded and Louie mumbled 'I don't like you guys right now and Zayn im taking away your mirrors and Ni im taking away your food and harry im  taking away your cat toys and Li um... im taking away' and Li standed up  and walked right in front of Louie and said 'To let YOU know me and Danielle broke u because I caught her smooching/cuddling/hugging with some other guy!! So shuddup!?" and he stormed to his bunk and Louie said 'Li IM SORRY I DIDNT KNOW :(' and I sat there comforting Louie and after a minute I got up and went to Li's bed and layed down with him and he tured away from his phone and turned to me and I cuddled him and he cuddled back and he said 'Ky I thought you hated me?" and I smiled and said 'I never hated you Payne and you're always there for me, so why'd I ever hate you?' and he smiled and said 'Maybe cause...I  fancy you ;)' and his smile turned into a smirk and I smiled and said 'Payne I fancy you to sometimes and who was Danny with?' and he had an blank exspression and he stared right in my eyes and he cried into my shirt and I rubbed his back and after a couple of minutes we both dozed off .....


*About 3 Hours We Landed In Hollywood*

'LYRA WAKE UP...!!!!' Someone yelled to wake us up and guess what we did .... 'Finally you both are awake and hurry up before Louie comes to see this' Zaynie said and we both looked at each other and Li had no shirt on except his sweat oants and I just had a tank top and sweat pants on to and MAN , BooBear would be pissed if he seen us cuddling...?. 'I'll leave you two to get your luggage and jackets on so HURRY UP!' and Zaynie left and me and Li got ready and he whispered 'Do you fancy me?' and he pecked my lips and he ran off to the van and the boys did to but Ni stopped and turned around and winked at me and he ran off to the van to and Louie helped me bring all the boys luggage and YES they made me carry THEIR luggage -_- I whispered to Li and said 'Yes Li I Do cause you're sweet and cute ,adorable,kind,charming,irresistible,handsome,loveable,cuddleable but remember that I call you my daddy ;')' and he blushed and he frowned and he whispered back 'I know I am but...can you just me Li or Payne or LiLi or maybe even..Liam instead of Daddy ?' and I nodded and whispered 'Okay Payne ;)' And the rest of the ride we all played Truth and I know BORING GAME :)!!!!!


For the next Chapt. when they are in hollywoof to meet Demi Lavoto I at least need:


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