Adopted By OneDirection

Keirsten's P.O.V
I Heard a knock on my door and it was Mrs.Hailey as she came in I turned around so I was facing her. Mr.Hailey said there some people here to adopted some Orphans will you be willing to come down?? When I heard that I jumped up and said yes . She left my room so I can dress better. I put on some black flats and a shirt that said 'Swag' and blue jeans and put my hair down . Rebbeca and Victoria were waiting for me outside my door.
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16. Whaaa?!?!

Liam's P.O.V


I woke up with Kyra cuddling with me

I woke up. I woke up at 6:00 AM . I bet ya are wondering why. I just like the sun set rising.I lifted my arm carefully not wanting to wake my Beautiful daughter up (Kyra) and walked out of the room to the kitchen and gotten some coffe and breakfast. I heard someone moan and sigh and I turned around to see Kyra :) she was wearing jeans and a fancy shirt and I was in baggy pants and she said 'Dad..what time is it?' And she flopped on the couch and grabbed the telly remote and turned the power button and the telly turned on and I said 'it's 6:05' right now' with a smile on my face and I went over to her and I said 'Lou...I mean Louis didn't come home last night' with a sigh and she said 'Dad are ya guy gonna ya'know send me back?' And I said 'Baby you know WE would do that' and she said 'only you wouldn't ' and I said 'what about Niall or Zayn or Harry or...Louis?' And she said 'Louis WOULD' with a smirk and I shook my head with a smirk to. Kyra put scream4 on it am was pretty boring and after the movie was done she said 'That was a shi---' but a familiar voice said 'What did you say Kyra Loytoya Payne Malik Horan Styles Tomlinson?!' And I seen the one and only Zayn Malik standing on the stairs with poofy hair and Kyra said 'that movie was stupid shi---' but she AGAIN got cut off by Zayn saying 'Kyra you're grounded for 1day for SWEARING' and Kyra pouted and Niall came down and grabbed the whole box of Lucky Charms and soon Hazza did to and he pouted and said 'WHERES MY BOOBEAR!!' And he started fake crying and I went to comfort him and I said 'Hazza can I be your BOOBEAR right now?'and he said 'Yes Li' with a smile on his face and he said what about Hayn which is H for Harry and Ayne for you (Payne) and I said 'Brilliant Hazza' and Hazza said 'Thanks Mate' and we went to go watch the telly.

Louis's P.O.V


After I got told to go for a walk I went to the orphanage to stay there and I relized Rhianne was there so I filled out the papers and and.Haley I think said we can't stay there so we went to a hotel and we dozed off.

Rhianne's P.O.V


Omg!! Tomlinson adopted me!!!! We went to a hotel since Ms.Hailey said we can't stay there :-/ The next day we went to Starbucks and I got a capacino and Louis got a coffe to and we decided to go home .Well my new home and Louie's home and when we stepped in all heads turned to me and it felt...Not right because they said 'oh just Lou with a fan...' And 'What did you do Lou' and more shizzle that I didn't wanna hear -_- And Lou said BOOBEAR what are you doing I thought me and you were LARRY!' And Harry said 'you never returned so I'm a Hayne that's why!' And Louis said 'We is Kyra' and And Zayn said 'Bathroom' and Kyra walked out of da bathroom and said 'Guys were outta---WHATS SHE DOING HERE!!!!' 'LOUIS TOMLINSON WHAT DID YOU DO!!!' And said 'See you ruined the surprise' and said. 'Ill go pack my stuff since you adopted Rhianne' and they guys ran after her and said 'Louis is just being dumb he doesn't want to replace you!' And I heard sniffles from someone but I didn't know who until I turned to see Louis Tomlinson crying and he said 'There right I shouldn't have adopted you YOU JUST MADE STUFF WORSE!!!' And when he said that I felt my checks getting wet by the tears.

{A/N} Hey Loves what's up? So how was this Chapt.? I made one but it gotten deleted so yeah...I had to make a new Chapt. Which is this one and Sorry if ya like the Rhianne character but I'm doing THIS for a reason okie dokie lovelies ;D







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