Adopted By OneDirection

Keirsten's P.O.V
I Heard a knock on my door and it was Mrs.Hailey as she came in I turned around so I was facing her. Mr.Hailey said there some people here to adopted some Orphans will you be willing to come down?? When I heard that I jumped up and said yes . She left my room so I can dress better. I put on some black flats and a shirt that said 'Swag' and blue jeans and put my hair down . Rebbeca and Victoria were waiting for me outside my door.
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13. Truth Or Dare :D

Harry's P.O.V


As Kyra brought the Sherbert ice cream Lou grabbed a spoon and put it all over his foot for me to eat :'( and Kyra grabbed her IPhone and started recording and she said 'Start Hazz' with a smirk on her face and Lou was laughing his arse off and I went close to his foot and like the Sherbert off his side of his foot and I noticed the rest of the boys were recording and laughing their arse's off to -.- And I liked all the ice cream off of Lou's foot with in 10 minutes and I asked Lou if he showered and he had an evil smirk on his face and said 'No the last time I showered was 2 days ago and I walked around the hose bare foot' and my eyes widened.

Kyra's P.O.V

Okay Lou's Turn I said with a evil smirk and he screamed 'NO NOT ME I STILL WANT TO LIVE GET NIALLER FIRST' and I laughed and said okay 'The last person get the worster than the the others' and he said 'OKAY...ME THAN' and I said 'Okay Lous Truth Or Dare' and he choosen Dare and I said 'Okay Dare it is and whenever I say SUPERMAN!! you have to pick up someone and run to a room and say 'Don't worry citizen youre safe ...for now' and he said 'EASY AS A CARROT' and I said 'SUPERMAN!!' and he picked up Hazz and ran to the bathroom and I heard a  splash and Lou came running downstairs all excited and afraid I don't know why oh wait here comes Hazz walking all soaking wet with a grumpy exspression on his face I handed him a towel and he said 'Thanks Love' and started running after Louie since he dropped his in the bath tub. After Hazz caught Lou it was Li Li's turn And he said 'Truth' and I said is it TRUE that you like Danny?' and he said 'No I don't like Danny I LOVE Danny' and I smiled at what he had just said and I asked ZaynyBear and he said 'Dare' and I said 'I DARE you to get Nialler to slap you 5 times and he said 'oh..ok' with an worried face Nialler slaped him 5 time and ZaynyBears face was sad now and I went to hug him and he hugged back and I said 'Sorry ZaynyBear I Love You' and he turned to me and said 'Thanks Love And I Lve You To' we were having a Daughter and Dad moment until Louie screamed 'Sorry to ruin your moment but lets finish up our game and we contin ued I sat by ZaynyBear and I dared Nialler to NOT EAT FOOD from 5pm-5am and Nialler yelled 'WHY WHY ME I CANT EAT' and he startd Fake crying we all laughed outr arses off at him.

Hope you enjoyed it it took awhile to make Chapt.13 :D






-Kyra <3

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