Adopted By OneDirection

Keirsten's P.O.V
I Heard a knock on my door and it was Mrs.Hailey as she came in I turned around so I was facing her. Mr.Hailey said there some people here to adopted some Orphans will you be willing to come down?? When I heard that I jumped up and said yes . She left my room so I can dress better. I put on some black flats and a shirt that said 'Swag' and blue jeans and put my hair down . Rebbeca and Victoria were waiting for me outside my door.
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7. Telling The Secret Pt.2

{A/N} Sorry for leaving you on the qliff xD  Now to continue the rest of the Telling the secret Pt.2

Daniell's P.O.V

Li Li I have to tell you something' Then he had a Worried and a glad face for some reason and I could see he was thinking and I let him think for 10 secounds more then I said 'Li Li I-I still have feelings for you I hope nothings awkward between us now :o ' And he hugged me so loveable it felt like we were back together :)' And Kyra came downstairs and everybody stared at her and she said 'WHAT!!!' Then Li Li (Liam) said Me And Danny (Daniell) are back together then she jamp on Lim and screamed 'THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU' over and over until Niall got her off of Liam and Niall tossed her To Louis and Louis to Zayn And Zayn ToHarry and Harry tossed me to Liam and Liam put her down and I was laughing my ass of and Kyra gave me the eyebrow look and said 'What' as she was laughing because Liam was tickling her to death.

Sophia's P.O.V

I was in the bathroom for awhile because I was doing my stuff then I heard Daniell saying 'I have feelings for you' to someone than I noticed she was probably talking my man Liam!! than I walked out of the bathroom seeing she was hugging Liam so lovable and I guessed they didn't see me because everyone was going on with their stuff and the boys were tossing Kyra around and I felt a tear fall down my cheek and I ran into some random room. I noticed I was in Zayn's rom and loked aroud for a while and layed on the bed and dozed off. I woke up by someone opening the door . I seen Zayn standing by the door and I apligized for being in his b ed and he said it was fin e and I said thanks and he sat by me and said everything alright love?. When I heard him say love I smiled bvecause I always had a little crush on Zayn :) and said Yes Zayny Bear ;) and he laid by me and I kissed him and first he did nothing until he kissed me back and we took a deep breath and I said 'Sorry Zayn' and I did a saddish face and he said 'No its alright I enjoyed it ;)' He winked at me while he said that and he took is shirt off and cuddled with me and I asked him if Liam broke up with me and he said Yes sorry Love and I said are we a thing and he said 'Yes Love' with a laugh a little' .

Kyra's P.O.V

Liam stopped tickling me and said go get Zayn so he could play 'Black Ops 2' He said and I followed his orders. When I walked in I seen him cuddling with Sophia with his shirt off. I said 'Zayny Bear Li Li wants you 0.0 ' He said ok ill be right down Love. When I reached downstairs I told Liam what I seen O.e. He said 'Well Im with the LOVE of my life Danny!!' And Daniell Smiled at what he said and that night was fine until I heard Liam and Daniell O.e!!!!.

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