Adopted By OneDirection

Keirsten's P.O.V
I Heard a knock on my door and it was Mrs.Hailey as she came in I turned around so I was facing her. Mr.Hailey said there some people here to adopted some Orphans will you be willing to come down?? When I heard that I jumped up and said yes . She left my room so I can dress better. I put on some black flats and a shirt that said 'Swag' and blue jeans and put my hair down . Rebbeca and Victoria were waiting for me outside my door.
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14. Just...Dinner

Harry's P.O.V x After the dare's we decided to go out for dinner at a fancy place called 'Seto's' and we ordered. Waitress's P.O.V x So Leah.... Wanna serve the next table? and she said No which is not a surprise ! I went to get a tray and a notebook so I can place orders. I went to table15 which is in the !VIP! section where celebs or people who are rich sit. I was really feeling pumped :D Oh yeah I'm Rhianne I'm 15 and I work my butt off to get school supplies for school. I'm in a Orphanage and I USED to know tis Girl named Kyra and she gotten picked and moved in with ONE DIRECTION!!! I seen who was sitting at table15 and guess who it was!! :D ONE DIRECTION!!!! I tried to keep my cool but I shrieked 'Hey guys' and HARRY FREAKING STYLES said 'Hey love just keep calm' and he said that with a wink ;D and I almost fainted and Harry said 'Lads what should we get?' and Louis said 'I wll get a salad with meat' and Liam said 'I Will just get an hamburger with fries and gravy' and Niall said 'Just anything with bacon please' and the boys started laughing and Niall said 'Just a burger with bacon and a poutine please Love' and Zayn said 'Um ...Love I will just get a ceaser salad please' and Kyra spoke up and said 'Hmh.. I will get a ceaser chicken salad please' with her adorable dimples showing and she put some of her blond hair behind her ear and Lois whispered something in her ear and she giggled. I went to get their orders from the chef. Kyra's P.O.V I ordered my food and so did the boys and Louie whispered 'Hey Love...What if she happened to be a sister of yours (adopted if in orphanage) and her eyes widened and wspered back 'NO Lou' and I laughed and I really thought I should if he did adopt her IF she WAS in a ORPHANAGE. I could really use a sista though ;). After din din we went home and feel asleep :D Sorry Short Story :S Favorite Share Like Vote Read Tell Friends ~Kyra <3

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