In Love?

Katelyn is a 15 year old girl who has fallen in love. One day a killer is on the loose and no one can barely even go outside without him killing you. Katelyn wants to live the outside world she meets the killer but why and what does he do to make her feel different about him.


4. chapter 3

police 1: we're going to find him he has to be somewhere out here

saxton: shit (turns off the light)

police 2: maybe he left

police 1: this is where he was last sighted

police 2: he could kill us in any minute

saxton: you stay here you hear me and do not come out until i come and get you

Katelyn: okay 

saxton: (puts his mask on and grabs one of his knives and goes outside)

Katelyn: (seems terrified)

saxton: (runs through the tall grass behind one of the police officers and slams him down and stabs him in the stomach repeatedly)

police 2: (screams) help

Police 1: (turns around and tries shooting at saxton but misses)

saxton: (runs through the grass and cant breathe and stops by a tree and stands there)

police 1: (catches up to him and points the gun at him) time to say your goodbyes boy

Katelyn: (hears everything and grabs a mask from the storage room she finds and panics and then grabs a knife and silently walks out and silently walks over the the police officer and slits his throat open, stabs him in the cheek, and stands up) OH MY GOD

Saxton: lets go now

Katelyn: (they run off into the distance and takes off their masks) i cant believe i killed a man

saxton: why didnt you just let me die now your innocents is gone they will suspect you

Katelyn: i couldnt let you die (tears roll down her cheek)

saxton: this is my fault dammit (hugs her) im so sorry

Katelyn: (hugs him) your so bad at comforting you dont even understand why i killed him

saxton: well i couldnt let you die so i'd them take my life instead of yours 

Katelyn: its going to be so hard to hide this i cant do it (walks away from him)

saxton: what do you mean

Katelyn: just forget me and my name

saxton: Katelyn

Katelyn: forget about me okay leave me alone (runs back to her house and doesnt look back and climbs through her window and slams it and lays on her bed and cries)  

saxton: DAMMIT (throws his knife at the ground) 

Trina: (walks in her room) okay sweetie.....whats wrong

Katelyn: (cries harder) i cant....

saxton: (Screams)

Trina: that sounded like a boy must be another kill poor baby

Katelyn: (cries harder) mom this isnt happening

Trina: Katelyn calm down tell me whats happening your going to past out if you dont calm down

Katelyn: (keeps her breathing under control and calms her crying) can i have a few minutes to myself please

Trina: sure baby (walks out and shuts her door)

Katelyn: i cant go to school tomorrow if im going to feel like this

saxton: (grabs his knife, puts on his mask and goes into a brick house and kills a teenage girl, a mom, and 11 year old boy, walks out and goes to the next house and kills a 26 yrs old maid, and 3 teenagers, walks out and goes back to his "house")

 (hours later)

Katelyn: (eating pizza while watching tv)

Trina: turn on channel 8 news

Katelyn: (changes the channel)

News Reporter (lady): 9 new kills today 2 police officers (shows pictures) were brutally murdered today by the killer the other kills were a mom,a 11 year old boy , 4 teens, and a 26 year old woman 

Katelyn: (drops her plate and it shatters)

News Reporter (man): the killer must have been seriously angry or upset to do this much damage 

News Reporter (lady): if you have seen him please contact the police right away

Katelyn: im sorry mom i have to go and take a shower i will clean this up in a minute (runs to her room and shuts the door) shit, shit, shit (runs her fingers through her hair)

Trina: Katelyn? (cleans up her mess and stares at the tv) what going on with her

Katelyn: what am i suppose to do (looks around her room and gets the mask from under her pillow and looks at it) god dammit what have i dont i killed a man left him and made him go on a rampage i dont even know what im feeling about all of this, im talking to myself (looks at her mirror) i like him but why (puts on the mask she had) this is for you (opens her window and climbs outside)

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