In Love?

Katelyn is a 15 year old girl who has fallen in love. One day a killer is on the loose and no one can barely even go outside without him killing you. Katelyn wants to live the outside world she meets the killer but why and what does he do to make her feel different about him.


3. chapter 2

Trina: young lady! I told you no going outside

Katelyn: i know and i'm sorry i couldn't help it

Trina: i know you want to go outside how about me and you go to the movies

Katelyn: that would be awesome

Trina: (walks out) 

Katelyn: (lays on her bed) i feel weird

         (later that day)

Katelyn: (took a little nap and wakes up)

Saxton: (knocks on her window)

Katelyn: (looks at her window and flips out and falls off her bed) what the hell? (stands up and opes the window) leave

Saxton: make me

Katelyn: (shakes her head) what do you want

Saxton: follow me

Katelyn: no i cant come with you

saxton: you want to come with me dont you

Katelyn: (climbs out her window) lets go

saxton: (takes her deep into the forest and out on a plain field with lots of flowers and tall grass with the sun setting so it looks beautiful) 

Katelyn: this is amazing

saxton: i know but this isnt what i wanted to show you

Katelyn: if its more amazing than this then i want to see it

saxton: then follow me to find out (take her across the field to an underground playhouse that was built for children to play in that has art on the walls,ceiling, and floor and it has a shelf full of flowers and hearts)

Katelyn: how did you find this

Saxton: dude seriously im a fucking killer im gonna search around for a place to hide

Katelyn: true, are you really a killer

saxton: i have the dead bodies to prove it

Katelyn: no thanks but can i ask you one question then

saxton: sure

Katelyn: why didnt you kill me

saxton: you're......special i have a feeling that you're special (looks at her)

Katelyn: did you kill my father

saxton: what

Katelyn: my dad went missing a month ago no where to be found

saxton: no when i kill someone i make sure they are known to be dead not missing maybe he just left

Katelyn: can u tell you something and you promise you wont laugh

saxton: sure

Katelyn: i think that i might be confused why your here

saxton: shh... someone is above us (whispers)

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