In Love?

Katelyn is a 15 year old girl who has fallen in love. One day a killer is on the loose and no one can barely even go outside without him killing you. Katelyn wants to live the outside world she meets the killer but why and what does he do to make her feel different about him.


2. chapter 1

Katelyn: (get dressed in blue jeans, a black tank top, black and white shoes, and a grey beanie and walks downstairs and looks around then silently opens the front door and walks out)

Trina: (Katelyn's mom) KATELYN GET BACK IN HERE NOW

Katelyn: (walks back inside) i want to go outside

Trina: you cant you know he's still out there

Katelyn: so no one can go outside till he's caught that's stupid

Trina: do you know how many people have died since he's been loose 

Katelyn: no

Trina: 27 people the past 3 months this is a psycho path on the loose

Katelyn: yeah okay (angry and goes to her room and slams the door and sits on her bed) you know what fuck this (opens her window, climbs out, shuts her window and runs off in the woods in her backyard so she doesn't get caught and runs to this open spot and stands there and looks around)

??: (jumps on a tree and stares at her closely)

Katelyn: (looks up then looks behind her) i hate this so much, i wish he would die so i can go outside without the government telling me to go back inside i'm talking to myself wow 

??: (accidentally falls into a bush)

Katelyn: (turns around and grabs her safety gun and points it at the bush) who's there!

??: (stays silent)

Katelyn: show yourself or i'll shoot

??: (runs out the bush and the other direction)

Katelyn: (follows it and chases him down)

??: (runs a little farther and trips and cuts their arm open)

Katelyn: (catches up and points the gun at him) who are you tell me

??: (holds their bloody arm and looks at her)

Katelyn: i will shoot you who are you

??: shoot me

Katelyn: who are you

??: i'm not telling you that

Katelyn: fine i'm gonna shoot you then

??: shoot me then (sits there)

Katelyn: i can't

??: why not you to scared because i would kill you in an instant 

Katelyn: your the....... (takes off running)

??: (gets off and runs after her)

Katelyn: (hides behind a tree and tries not to breathe that hard and turns around and doesn't see anyone turns back around and sees him right in front of her face)

??: hi (grabs her and holds her down)

Katelyn: (screams) let me go

??: no (grabs his machete and puts it to her leg) i ought to kill you 

Katelyn: (looks scared) don't kill me please i will do anything

??: i'm not gonna kill you or your mom

Katelyn: who are you

??: why

Katelyn: why are you just going around killing people

??: because i'm apparently a psycho path aren't i

Katelyn: yes you are if you kill people of course you are

??: i do it for a fucking reason do you really think i want to do this i don't it's not what i want but i fucking have to it's not my choice

Katelyn: (her eyes tear up) 

??: people would call me demonic (takes off his mask) my eyes i was born with black eyes people are usually born with blue or green i'm born with black people killed my family kidnapped me and told me i was born to kill people they brainwashed me to think that and sometimes i still think it's okay to kill people but its not i can't stop it's impossible oh and since you've been asking my name is Saxton 

Katelyn: please let me go i wont say anything to anyone that I've seen you

Saxton: good so whats your name so we keep in touch

Katelyn: Katelyn my names Katelyn

Saxton: (smiles) ill see you later (lets go of her and walks away)

Katelyn: (sits there for about 20 minutes and gets up and runs back to her house as fast and goes inside from her window and she sees her mom) oh shit

Trina: would you mind explaining why you were outside

Katelyn: um....



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