The Forgotten Potter Twin

Harry Potter has a twin sister; Alexandria. But Harry doesn't know. What would happen to Harry when he finds out? What would happen to Alexandria?


2. Trouble

Alexandria was bored. Bored, bored, bored. She was now about to turn 10. She was going to turn 11 in two days. Dumbledore's office was too boring for her. She stared at Dumbledore's books. They started moving. She giggled. She moved all of the books around. Soon, before she realized, all the books were floating around. 

Hannah and Dumbledore walked into the office, finding Alexandria in a middle of flying books. 

Hannah looked shocked. 

She said, "Alexandria Lily Potter, what have you done?" 

Alexandria realized what a mess she had made. She stood there, looking ashamed. 

Dumbledore smiled. 

"It's okay Alexandria."

He flicked his wand and the office was clean. 

Hannah said, "Let's go. And I am going to have a talk with you, young lady." 

Dumbledore said, "Now, Hannah. She can't control it. She's going into Hogwarts soon, so I don't think you need to worry about it." 

Alexandria was dragged out of Dumbledore's office though. 

Alexandria was apparated to their home as soon as they were out of Hogwarts with Hannah. Alexandria dreaded side-along apparation, but she knew it would be wiser to not talk. 

When they arrived at their home, Hannah basically shoved her into the house. Luckily, Nick wasn't at home yet. If he was, her punishment and Hannah and Nick's speech would have begun. 

Alex flopped on her bed. She wanted to know who her real parents were like. She knew that she was the twin sister of Harry Potter, but she kept it quiet. She wanted to meet Harry. She wanted to know what kind of life he was living. 

Then she heard Nick's voice. She could tell that he was angry. 

"Alexandria Lily Potter! Come here right now!" 

Alex thought, 'Uh oh. He means trouble.' Nick never called her Alexandria unless he was really mad. Nervously, she walked down the stairs to find Nick and Hannah, both mad and irritated. 

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