The Forgotten Potter Twin

Harry Potter has a twin sister; Alexandria. But Harry doesn't know. What would happen to Harry when he finds out? What would happen to Alexandria?


5. Diagon Alley

We got to Diagon alley and I asked if pet shop.

"Hannah can we go to EEYLOP'S?"

"Yeah sure Alex , here are some galleons, don't buy the whole store!"

"Ok I won't Hannah!"

I walked into EEYLOPS and saw the prettiest cat she was chocolate coloured kitten I bought her with a name in mind, when I bought her I made sure I hid my scar. When I walked out Hannah made sure that I had everything I needed for Hogwarts (supplies wise)

~~~~~In madam malkins~~~~~

There was a girl with poofy hair, she was wearing muggle clothes. Her name is hermione , she told me.

"Are you going too Hogwarts? She asked

"Oh yes can you tell?"

"Yes you are smiling and your holding a supplies list."

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