I'll Keep Trying

Lacey is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter about to drop her first album. She attends a prestigious performing arts school and also majors in acting and drama. Little does she know how much drama she's about to receive when she begins hearing rumors that the overrated Harry Styles has taken an interest to her. She used to number herself among the thousands of screaming fangirls across the planet that call themselves Directioners. But those days are long gone. They've been gone for three whole years. Heck, Lacey doesn't even believe the rumors are true. But when Haz goes out of his way to try and contact her, Lacey must make a decision, and she begins to lose herself in a world of emotion, drama, and finding ways to be true to her heart.


2. Why does everybody always have a secret?

I was still drowsing in my peaceful land of bliss when my alarm clock suddenly exploded. 


I fumbled around with my head in the clouds, trying to find the stupid snooze button. "Why... won't you.. SHUT UP?" I said, and slammed my hand down on all the buttons, which caused it to get louder and start playing screamo music. I swear, someday I'm just going to leave a hammer next to my clock. 

Nat saved my poor clock from an inevitable fate of broken gears by unplugging it. I stumbled out of bed and into the shower, hearing Robin stir in the back room. Robin was our other roommate. There wasn't much to say about her except that she was cool and she bought me Starbucks when we went shopping together. She would be graduating from school this year, and she said her agent had booked her a job in a big time movie that would hit the theaters in the next couple years. She had pretty brown hair and eyes that changed colors depending on what she wore. Usually they were a mixture of blue and green, but if she wore her pea coat, they would shine emerald. I was so jealous of her, and I had her sign some stuff for me in case she really did get a part in that movie.

I thought about my album while I massaged my scalp with shampoo, smelling the steam of the shower and breathing calmly. Hollis said that after the album dropped there would be parties and after parties... and that I would need to prepare myself for anything to happen. The past few months I had been obsessing over getting in shape and practicing my smile for interviews. I was pretty sure I had it down, but I still practiced, just in case. Nat thought it was ridiculous. She thought I was becoming one of the "famous people", and that Hollis was just trying to make money off of me. But she was majoring in acting, like Robin, not singing like me. She just didn't understand that it was different. 

After I got out of the shower, I dried and curled my hair, brushing it out a little to soften the waves. I applied my makeup and went out for breakfast.

Robin was guzzling orange juice and gulping down her eggs while Nat struggled to cook more. 

"I'm still hungry," Rob moaned as she scraped the last bits of eggs from her plate.

"Well, I'm out of eggs and it's all your fault! Now there's none for Lacey and I." 

Robin pouted and poured herself more juice.

"It's okay, I don't even really like scrambled eggs." I opened up a pop tart and put it in the toaster. "Do we have any strawberries left?" 

"Yeah, they're in the fridge," Nat responded, while she scraped the pan clean and soaked it in water. "Save some for me."

I opened up our fridge and sighed at our measly pickings. There were six strawberries left and a stick of butter, as well as half a gallon of milk. 

"Someone needs to go shopping today," I said, pulling out the strawberries. 

"I'll do it!" Robin smiled, stealing one of Nat's berries. Nat hit her. "I just need someone to go with me."

"Fine, I will." I said. Hollis probably wouldn't need me today. Besides, I would have barely any time for friends once the album dropped. I might as well try to socialize before my life became more hectic. "Hollis also wanted me to pick up a dress for the Release Party. You can help me look."

"Okay," Robin said. I turned around to see her staring at me, but she looked away and picked up her plate. Um, okay?

After we left, I found that Robin was being even more friendly than usual, studying me closely, and I felt like she was watching my every move. Every once in a while she would pull out her phone to send a text, but she hid the name from me before I could see who she was talking with. Weird.

"Oooh, I like that one," I twirled for Robin in a light pink party dress, the small skirt flying out around me. She laughed and I blushed. I was wearing a pair of polka dot underwear. 

"Don't even laugh at me," I smiled. "It was my last clean pair today." 

"I'm not laughing at you! You're so pretty! Smile," Robin held up her phone and I blew it a kiss. 

"Do you think I should get this one?" I smiled down at the dress. It had a sweetheart neckline and was bejeweled around the waist. It was a pretty shade of light pink and I was pretty sure I had a pair of twinkly heels at home that would match it perfectly. 

"Yeah!" Robin grinned enthusiastically. "It's really pretty and I think it flatters your-" She was interrupted by a beep from her cell phone. Her face fell as she read the message. "Erm.." She grimaced, looking back up at me. "Actually, I don't know. Maybe go try on another one."

I frowned at her. Robin was not one to keep secrets. She was one of the most honest people I knew. I folded my arms and raised my eyebrows. "What?" I said, knowing I could pull it out of her. 

Robin cringed a little. "I.. I think it clashes a little with your.. hair.." Her voice trailed off into the distance and I pulled on a strand of my long, chocolaty hair. 

"You don't like my hair?" I whimpered, giving her the look.

"No!" She was flustered. "I just think a blue dress would bring out your eyes more!" 

"Why blue? My eyes are green." 

"Then try on a.. green dress." 

I narrowed my eyes at Robin and walked past her back to the dressing room. Hmm. "Okay, why don't you go find me a dress while I change?"

Robin smiled, relieved. "Sure." She hustled back into the store, leaving her phone on the bench with her purse.

I cackled. Well, no, I didn't cackle. I just kind of laughed to myself as I picked up her phone. Two seconds later, she received a new message. 

Have her try on a green one

I gasped and dropped the phone back onto the bench, retreating to the dressing room and pressing myself to the closed door. 

The name at the top of the contact list was Harold Edward Styles.

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