I'll Keep Trying

Lacey is an eighteen year old singer/songwriter about to drop her first album. She attends a prestigious performing arts school and also majors in acting and drama. Little does she know how much drama she's about to receive when she begins hearing rumors that the overrated Harry Styles has taken an interest to her. She used to number herself among the thousands of screaming fangirls across the planet that call themselves Directioners. But those days are long gone. They've been gone for three whole years. Heck, Lacey doesn't even believe the rumors are true. But when Haz goes out of his way to try and contact her, Lacey must make a decision, and she begins to lose herself in a world of emotion, drama, and finding ways to be true to her heart.


3. Let's get one thing straight

For about three seconds I was pretty sure I was going to hyperventilate. The cold, grey, dressing room felt tiny and cramped, and I remembered my fear of tight spaces. I also remembered my fear of One Direction.

My memory kept going back to that night. My parents were dead. My siblings were dead. Jill was waiting for me on the couch.

My breathing quickened and I pressed my hands to my forehead, feeling a headache coming on. I whimpered a little and sank to the ground, still wearing the pretty pink dress. 

I could still smell the blood. I felt my heart racing and the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Still see the emptiness of their eyes... 

I threw my arms over my head as I felt a few rebel tears sliding down my face.

It was not good to dwell on these thoughts. I threw my head up so fast it hit the back of the stall, and I wiped my eyes while trying not to think dark thoughts.

"Lacey?" Robin's voice came over the stall door, sounding concerned. I tried to still my breathing and stood up quietly so she couldn't hear me crying. "I found you a new dress..." 

Robin tossed the new dress over the stall door and I caught it in my hands. They were still wet from the tears. I could hear Robin walking away and I calmed down a little, taking deep breaths, sifting the fabric through my fingers.

The gown she had chosen was silky and soft. It slid through my fingers like sand. It was a gentle shade of green that helped me feel calm and safe. The waist was bedazzled, like the pink dress, and the neckline was sweet heart like I wanted it to be. I stroked the little beads on the waist. It was perfect.

I heard footsteps coming again and Robin tossed over another dress. "That's just your arrival dress.This is your party dress!"

I smiled a little at the low necked and low backed little black dress she had chosen. Robin may be clueless when it came to keeping secrets, but she sure knew what a good party dress was.

When I finally emerged in the gown Robin had chosen, her eyes lit up with fire. "That's beautiful," she gasped, taking in the whole look as I twirled in front of the mirrors. Just looking at it made me smile. It did bring out my eyes like Robin said it would. It flattered my curves and long legs. But I still couldn't believe her choice was being influenced by Harry's, even though I had to admit he had made a good choice. I wasn't even going to talk to her about it. It's not like it was a big deal, you know. Except that hearing his name made me break down in tears and wake up screaming in the middle of the night.

"I really love this one. I think Hollis will love it, too!"

We paid for the dresses with a card Hollis had given me and stopped by Starbucks.

I was checking my twitter on the way home, sipping my caramel frap. There were a lot more tweets on my page than usual. There were the occasional messages from my sweet fans, but I was discovering stranger and stranger tweets.

"What's this about Harry getting a new celebrity crush? @Lacey_Truefield, this better not be true!" -@Directioner4Life

"@Lacey_Truefield If you steal my man away from me, I will gut you and hang your intestines from a tree!" -@HazzamyCupcake

Well, that's creative... I thought, scrolling down even further.

"@Lacey_Truefield you know who you are don't even touch harry!!!" -@1Dmylove

I could feel my heart pumping faster but I didn't say anything to Robin, who was chatting away happily about her new boyfriend Charles. It's not true, I told myself calmly. Harry Styles would never have a crush on you; you're not even a true celebrity. Nothing will happen, he'll leave you alone. And so will all the other boys too.

A new message from Hollis popped up on my screen. "Did you pick out a dress for the Release Party? Slip Up is going to drop in like 5 minutes! It's incredible over here... There's a whole store here of fans waiting to buy your album!"

I smiled, thinking of the loyal fans waiting in that store just to listen to my music. There had been haters, of course, I would see their tweets and messages and it hurt. But my fans, My Fans, they had always defended me. They needed a name. I would have to come up with a name for them soon. 

I opened up a new text and sent it to Hollis.

"Yeah its green can't wait for you to see it:)"

"Great. I'm going to put you on speaker, lacey. your fans want to talk to you"

I received an incoming call from Hollis Jones and hit talk. In the background I could hear chattering and the occasional laugh. 

"Lacey? You there?" 

"Yes, Hollis, it's me." In response to my words there was a loud amount of cheering. I could hear people screaming my name and asking questions. 

"Lacey! We love you!"

"We can't wait for your album!"

"Lacey, you're so pretty! Marry me!"

I laughed and the room fell a little more quiet. I could hear Hollis asking the fans for questions.

"Okay, Lacey, this question is from Damien. He's asking if you would ever date a fan."

"Yeah!" I grinned. "Just as long as I got to know them first and had time to hang around them."

"This one is from Linda Truefield. She has the same last name as you,"

"Hi, Linda!" I listened closely and I thought I could hear her saying hi back.

"She wants to know what your favorite song off the new album is."

"Umm..." I paused, thinking of all the songs I'd recorded in the studio. "I'll say Wild. I can't wait for you all to hear it! Are you excited?"

There was more screaming and shouting in the background and I couldn't believe all these people were so happy to hear my voice. I answered questions for the next two minutes until the album went on sale. I could hear all the fans counting down and then a buzzer rang. I could barely imagine the chaos that was going on as they all rushed forward to purchase the album. 

Hollis started talking on me through the phone again. "Lacey, I read an article today that was about Harry Styles and his new focus. Have you heard any of those rumors yet?"

I gulped. Yes, I had, but I didn't really want to talk about it. "Yeah."

"This is going to bring a lot of new attention to you, sweetheart. I want you to be strong and do what you think is right until we know how to handle his new affections. Got it?"

I took a deep breath. There was no such thing as Harry Styles liking me. He shouldn't even know my name; how did he? I had only been a minor celeb for about 3 months, and already a big time star was watching me? I wasn't even going to look his way.

"Got it."

"Okay. I'll call you later."

I hung up with Hollis and looked over at Robin. She looked at me. I needed to talk about this with her; it was going to drive me nuts if I didn't.

"Robin, how do you know Harry Styles?"

Robin stared at me wide-eyed and swerved a little on the road, narrowly avoiding a three-car collision. "How did you find out?"

"I know you were texting him. Why was he suggesting dresses for me to try on?"

"I'm sorry, Lacey. He's my cousin." Robin was looking really stressed out. "He knows I go to school with you and that we're roommates. He wanted me to tell him about you, but I feel terrible about it. I really wanted to let you know I was doing this, but I figured you were going to find out sooner or later." Her voice shook a little, and I sighed deeply. She was so sensitive.

"It's okay, Robin. I forgive you. Just make sure to tell me the next time a big name is checking me out." I laughed. "And why didn't you tell Nat? You know how long she has loved... them? She would have flipped out if she knew you were related to him!"

"Which is exactly why I didn't tell her. Some girls used to know and they would bug me all the time. I just decided it was more worth it to keep the secret." She winked at me. "Plus, I know you don't associate them with... good things."

Robin knew I struggled with nightmares. She had come into my room once or twice when Nat was gone to comfort me as well. I was just glad she was so accepting of me. 

"Well.." I said, taking a deep breath. "Would you also do me a favor and let him know that I have absolutely no interest in him and I want him to stay as far away from me as possible?"

Robin stayed quiet and didn't answer. We drove the rest of the ride home in silence. All I could hope for was that she would take my advice and tell Harry that I didn't ever want to see him.

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