Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


10. Ch-9 Should I Tell Him

The next morning I felt sick. I have been in bed all morning and I am so bored. Since yesterday when I told the guys that I was pregnant. They won't even let me do anything. Ugh it's like my first pregnancy all over again. They don't let me cook. I don't even have a big belly. *Sigh* oh well. I'm alone anyways since Louis took the twins and the guys left to an interview two hours ago. Tell me 'Don't be getting up for anything .' Well then. What should should I do I'm so dam- ahhh I got it I should text Liam to come over. Hope he's still here in LA.



Me: Hey buddy you busy?  I'm kinda lonely right now.


Li: No, I'm kinda bored myself. Why lonely?


Me: The guys left for an interview and the twins are with Louis.


Li: Ohh then I'll be there in 10


Me: Kk bye.



Thank god I won't be bored no more. Nathan did told me to tag along but I didn't want to risk to bump in into a 'Directioner' and hurt me or something. Since it's all over Twitter saying that I hurt Louis' heart and now I'm going to pay for that. I've been a little paranoid about and now I'm having a baby. Even worse. We haven't said nothing good thing. Just not yet till... well till I tell me family and that's till next Thursday. In two more weeks is Halloween and I can't wait for it.  My phone lighted up so I check and see that it's a text from Liam.


Li: I'm outside and I brought Niall, Harry, and Zayn.


Yeah!! I right away got up change into my favorite shorts and Nathan's shirt. Walking downstairs, I went to the door and opened it reviling Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn smiling at me. I squeak out of no where and hug all of them one by one.


"Gosh I really miss you guys." I said to them. 


"I do to my evil Mexican girl." Harry said messing up my hair. I slap his hand away from my head and look at him all weird. Did he just call me an evil Mexican girl.


"What kind of stupid nickname is that?" I ask and he shrug. "Your weird." I chuckle. We all head to the living room and started to chat up and catching up. "So I was online and I saw that you guys have the third album coming out next month in November."


"Yeah, I actually can't wait. You will love it." said Liam.


"Have you heard of our new single 'Best Song Ever'?" Niall asked.


"No I haven't. The only time I heard it was in the Teen Choice Awards. It's really good. I have also seen the music video, really funny."


"Yeah, I think it's the best video we ever made." Zayn said smiling. Speaking of Zayn where's Sierra? She not with them? Well stupid why don't you just ask instead of ask in your mind smart one. Well then I have a mean Thoughts.


"Hey, where's Sierra?"


"Ohh she's back home." 


"Oh OK, did her mom like-" uh oh I feel like throwing up. I right away got up and went straight to the bathroom close to the kitchen. I started to vomit and it's not good I feel like sleeping everytime I throw up. 


"Are you OK, Heidi?" I hear Liam in the back. I turn and see four worry boys standing by the door way. I flushed the toilet, close the lid and sat on it with Liam's help.


"Yeah I'm fine. Just a little sick." I said.


"A little sick? You don't even look sick."


"Well I am. Help me up I feel a little dizzy?"  I ask and he nod. He helped me walk to the living and sat down.


"H-Heidi?" Zayn ask looking scared. My eyes widen, oh I hope he didn't find out. "Your not pregnant right?" Everyone's heads turn to me. Well then I guess I can't hide it. I slowly nod my head then look down not wanting to see then.


"Does Nathan?" That was Liam. I slowly look up looking at him.


"H-He made an appointment that day you and Louis came over. I felt sick as well so I call him. He took me yesterday and we found out there..." I pause.


"How many months" Now it's Niall asking.


"I'm two months. I will be three in ten days. They all know. They're happy and so is Nathan." No one said nothing. I hope there not mad at mad. We all jump when my phone went off. I check the caller ID and it was Nathan so I answer. "Hello?"


"Hey babe, what you doing?" He ask.


"Nothing, I was bored so I called Liam to come over. Hope your not mad."


"Nah, bring who ever you want. Is it just him?" 


"No, Niall, Harry, and Zayn are here as well."


"Oh OK, well just to check up on you we will be home soon. How you feeling?" I just sigh rubbing my forehead.


"I'm fine I throwed up but the guys help."


"Oh... did they you know ask..." he trial off. Once again I sigh.


"Lets talk about this later OK. Today is not my day. I'll see you soon."


"OK then bye brownie." he said. I don't know why but for some reason that made me smile.


"Bye." I hung. Again it was quite but Harry broke the silence. 


"Are you going to tell Louis." 


"I don't know Harry. I'm scared to even have that news around the world. Your fans has been sending me death threats and I have been paranoid to go out on a date with Nathan and now that I'm pregnant, even worse." 


"I think you should." Niall said.


"Are crazy? Niall, I know he maybe my ex but I don't have to tell him my love life with Nathan." I feel stupid even saying that. I sigh and said "Fine I will." I look down.


"Hey Heidi, if you do bring the news to the world and our fans say something we will be there to back you up. Your my best friend no matter what." I smile at that.


"So you guys are not mad?"


"Well no but we are with Nathan." What? 


"What, why?"


"Your 19 Heidi and pregnant again."


"We don't even remember when it happen Liam. So don't be dropping some conclusion on him. He doesn't know as well." 


"OK I won't then but your going to tell Louis." 


"I will, I will. Jeez." 

Again today is not my day.

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