Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


9. Ch-8 Check Up/To The Park

Nathan's POV


I woke up early and let Heidi rest more longer. I went to the kitchen and see max cooking breakfast for everyone as always. 


"Hey mate, why up so early?" he ask. Should I tell him? I know I could trust him but I'm not the only one to make decision. So lie.


"I... umm... Heidi and I are going to the park and take Stella and James." I replied.


"At 10:30 in the morning?"


"No, more later, I'm just letting Heidi rest a bit longer." 


"Aww looking out for your girl." Tom coo walking in the kitchen. They love to tease me so it doesn't bother me at all.


"I just want to spend time with my little Brownie since we were all day out." And that's true every time we leave to do a gig or an interview we had to leave her at home alone with the kids which it scared me. 


"That's true mate. To be honest you guys haven't got some alone time. Maybe we would take the kids from you two on the weekend and you guys have a weekend alone." Max said. That's not a bad idea. We do need time alone together since the twins tired us but I do love them dearly.


"Thanks guys, really but it's Heidi we need to tell." 


"She would be happy for it... I kinda asked her a couple weeks ago and she said that it's great." 


"Well I don't see why not." I said. I cheek my phone the time and it's 11:30. "I need to wake up Heidi and the twins." They nod and I went up the stairs to our room. I sat on the edge of the bad and shook her lightly. "Babe, time to wake up." 


"Nooooo I don't wanna." she whine like her daughter.


I smile and said "Come on remember the appointment. We need to get the kids ready if we want to take them to the park." She look at me and smile. Never in my life have seen her smile so big. She got up right away and peck my lips. "Max made us breakfast."


"Like always. I'll go take a shower and will get the kids ready." 


"OK I'll wake them up and have them downstairs." She smile at me and smile. Before she left to the bathroom she peck my lips. I head to the twins room and open the door. I see Stella in James bed sleep. Its cute that they always stick together. "James? Stella? Want to go to the park?" I ask them. Stella right away got up.


"Yes, and ice cweam!!" She yell. I chuckle and pick her up. "I want to wear a dwess." 


"It's a little chilly outside, baby. Just wait till mom comes and pick your clothes."




"I'll take her Nath." Siva said. I nod and gave him Stella.


"Uncle Siva, can we pway Wii?" She ask.


"Yes we can, honey" he said as they walk out. I went to James and try waking him up. He's a heavy sleeper.


"James." I said. He slowly open his eyes and smile at me.


"Hi daddy." he said.


I smile and said "Hey buddy. Time to get up." He right away got up and to the door. OK that's not the first.




Heidi's POV




I was done getting and went downstairs to get the twins ready but first I had to get there clothes. I went to there room, got there clothes in there closet, and head downstairs. I see Nathan and SIva playing Just Dance with Stella and James. I went and pick up James and took to the couch and change him and then Stella. I let them play a little bit more. Nathan sat next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.


"Ready to go babe?" He ask and i nod. We got the kids and left to the clinic. 


"Mrs.Garcia?" A nurse ask.


"That will be me." 


"OK follow me." I follow her in a room. Nathan stayed outside with the twins. "OK, can you pee in this and we will test it." I took the little thing and head to the bathroom.




Nathan came in the room with the twins. I had to wait for the results in here. I can't wait to know. I'm afraid what.... you know what scratch that. I can't wait to tell everyone if I'm pregnant. I don't know what Louis would say but I know what my Sierra Boo is going to say 'Omg Heidi, your going to have a Nathan baby. I'm so jelly.' Yeah my friend is wired but I love her to death. 


I was snap out of my thoughts when the doctor came in. She had the folder in her hand. I think that's the results.


"Heidi, we have your test results." She said smiling at me. She open the folder and looked at it. She looked at me and smile again. "Congratulations, Heidi your pregnant." My eyes widen. I-I am pregnant. With Nathan baby. I look at Nath and her was smiling big.


"Do you know how long?" I ask her. She look at the papers and check.


"Your Two months pregnant." I felt someone lift me up. It was Nathan. He spin me around and I started to giggle.


"Baby, we going to have a baby." Nathan said excitedly. I smile at him. He lean down and kiss me passionately. "I love you."


"I love you, too." 





We are at the park playing with stalled and James. Nathan is so beamed up about me being pregnant. I'm pushing James on the swings while Nathan is with Stella on the slides. It was getting late but my babies are having to much fun here. 


I stop pushing James and "I think we should head home now."


"Awwww why?" Nathan and Stella said. Oh boy, Nathan acting like Stella was funny. I laugh.


"Babe, It's almost getting dark and it's almost their bed time." 


"Well I guess your right." He said and I smile but Stella whine. I hold James and Nathan hold Stella and we head to the car.


While Nathan was driving I ask him "Hey do you think we should the lads about me."  He look at me then to the rode


"Well it's up to you if you want too." 


"Do you think they will you know..."


"No, they won't. What I think... they would be surprise about it but I could be wrong but what I know is that they won't be mad." he said and I smile big.


I hope so







We finally got home. Nathan and I put the kids back in their rooms cause they fell asleep while driving. When we kiss them good night, we head downstairs with the others. I sat down next to Max and lay my head on his shoulders while Nathan made me tea.


"Hey there Brownie you tired?" he ask and I nod. "Why did you guys went?"


"Umm... well that's what we are going to tell you guys about." He looked at me weird when the other snapped their heads towards me. Nathan came with tea and gave it to me.


"What did you mean you need to tell us something?" Jay ask confused.


"Well we have news." I said. I look Nathan and he look at me. He smile and peck my lip. I we look at them smiling, so giddy.


"We're have a baby." Nathan said. All there eyes widen but then smile.


"Your pregnant again." Tom said excited.


"Yeah we are going to have a little Nathan." I chuckle and the guys laugh at that. They all pull me up and gave me a group hug.


"Congratulations Heidi and Nathan." they all said.




"Are you going to tell your family about you being pregnant?" 


"Yeah of course. I'm planning to go and visit my hometown... If we can go."


"You crazy, of course we will go. Road trip!!!"





Hope you all like it. Sorry for late update. 


--- Heidi ♥♡♥♡ :) 

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