Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


8. Ch-7 Family Time

Heidi's POV


I'm in the living room with Stella and James when I got a text from Louis.

Lou: Hey Heidi just wondering if I can come over and spend time with the twins.

I reread the text over and over. He wants to spend time with the twin. Well I can't say no and I'm pretty sure Nathan won't mind that Louis comes over. 

"Hey there Brownie." Max said sitting down next to me and gave me a kiss on the cheeks.

"Hey Maxie." I said with a fake smile. He look at me suspiciously.

"What sup? Why the face?" He ask. The thing is he doesn't like Louis but yesterday he felt guilt cause he saw Louis in tears when he first saw his kids. I was in tears as well. He didn't see them, not even their first birthday, I should be the one to be guilty but he's coming here so, him and the lads need to know.

"Umm... well... You see. Louis texted me. He wants to come over and see the kids." I said looking at him.

"Well." He sigh. I knew he didn't want him here.

"I could just tell him-" he cut me off.

"No. No, of course he can. I can't stop him from seeing your guys kids. The problem is that we are leaving to an interview. After that a concert. So we don't know when we are coming back."

"Well Louis can stay till you guys come back... that if you want." I suggested. Max started thinking. Nathan finally woke up and walk to the living room and sat next to me.

"Hey baby." he said kissing me on the lips. 

I smile into the kiss and kiss him back. I pull away and ask "Had a nice sleep?" He smile and nod.  

"Why is he thinking so hard?" Ask Nathan pointing at Max.

"I told him that Louis wants to come over and spend time with the twins. He said that you guys have and interview and after that a concert so you guys don't know when you guys are coming back so I suggested he could stay till you guys come back."

"I don't see why not." he said. "Text him and say that he can come."

"What about Max? He's still thinking." 

"He's going to say yes he just... well I don't know." I giggle.

"Well I'm going to text him right now." I said and he nod. 
I put Stella and James for a nap when I heard the doorbell.

"I'll get it." I heard Nathan downstairs. I got out of the room and head to mine and Nath's room. I went to the closet to put on shorts. Pants are Sooo uncomfortable. "Babe Louis and Liam is here." 

"I'll be down there in a little" I said giving him a small smile.

"What's wrong?" 

"Nothing... I Ummm..." He understand what I was about to say. Louis was the love of my life. It broken me when he cheated on me. If I ever have a chance to change the past I would. I love Nathan to. He's so sweet to me and know about the situation and we became more closer. 

"I understand, its hard for you to see him but you have to understand that he needs to see his kids. I love you Heidi and I won't let anything happen to you." He said. I smile at him and gave him a long passionate kiss. Nathan push me to the wall and it got really heated up.



Louis' POV


Liam parked his car outside of Heidi's and The Wanted driveway. I invited Liam with me because I didn't want to be alone with Heidi or those dorks. Stupid right? But I really want to see Stella and James. Their my kids to. I know Nathan helped a lot in two years and made Heidi happy and it's not me. I sigh and got out of the car but Liam grabbed my wrist.

"What?" Was I could say. He look at me straight in the eye not speaking.

He sigh and finally speak. "You sure I should tag along? I mean their your kids, not mine but I should leave you and Heidi be."

"I want you there but then sometimes I don't but I don't want to be alone."

"I know but it's your family." I wince hearing him said the word 'Family'. The only thing that's in my mind, Would I get Heidi back?  I don't know but all I know I never stop loving her. Everybody could see that, even Nathan could tell but not Heidi and that hurt a lot. 

"But Heidi and I are not together though. How are we a family?"

"Lou, it doesn't matter you guys have kids together. I know Heidi still loves you it's just going to be hard to forgive since you cheated on her."

"I know and I hate myself for it so so so much." I look down ashamed. I know she won't forgive me for what I did. I blame all this on Eleanor. I dump her three months ago not wanting to see her again and when Liam told me that he told Heidi. She said that she knew cause Eleanor called Max and he straight up told her to never speak to him or to the lads and especially Heidi again. I was shock to me honest. "Please stay."

"Liam sigh defeated. "Fine. But next time I'm not coming here. Your coming on your own." I simply nod in agreement. "OK lets go then." We got out of the car and head to the door. Liam rang the bell.

"I'll get it." I heard someone said. When they open it my heart drop it was Nathan. I didn't show no emotion cause if I look angry... I just want to punch him but he makes Heidi happy so I can't do that.

"Hello there. Come in." He said nicely. I smile at him and nod walking in, Liam following me. I look around and see that Heidi is not here.

"Where's Heidi?" I ask.

"Oh, she's putting the kids for a nap but I think she's in our room now so I'll go get her." 

"OK." was all I could say. Smile and left up stairs. Liam and I sat down on the couch uncomfortable. We came to see Stella and James and there napping. I look up and see Max coming from upstairs. He looks so freak out for some reason. I look at him confuse but he wasn't looking at us and he didn't notice us.

"Ohh, hello Ummm... Heidi should umm well... Nathan... will..." I want laugh but it was something that is freaking him out. I heard someone run down the stairs and it was Heidi with messing hair.

"Max go upstairs and get ready." She said right away pushing him up the stairs. She was blushing hard and I didn't know what but her messing hair say it all and my heart broke. "Hey guys." she said smile.

"HeidiBear." Liam said getting up and hug her and spin her around making her giggle.

"Ahh Liam, you'll be dead when Sierra finds out that your using her nickname for me." she said so amuse. She looks up and see me. She smile and came to close to me me. "Hey Lou." 

"Hey." I smile. Never thought I would hear her said that again.

She open her arms and ask "Hug?"  I definitely accepted the hug. I hug her so tightly loving company. I miss her hugs so much and I miss her. I love her so much. A tear threatened to come out but I won't let it. "I miss you." She whispered. I smile and pull her away so I could see her beautiful brown eyes.

"I miss you too." I replied back. She smile at me and gave me a quick peck on the cheeks.
"You guys want anything soda or tea?" She ask. The three of us are now sitting down just chatting and catching up since it's been forever.

"Soda." Liam and I said. She giggle right away getting up.

"Pepsi?" she ask and we nod. She walk into the kitchen and came back sitting down giving us our sodas. We said our thanks and we kept chatting. All the boys coming down the stairs going every where. "When are you guys leavening?" She ask.

"In 30 minutes we are just helping Nathan look for his vans." Tom said. Heidi frown right away.

"It's under our bed." she said it in a duh tone. Liam started to laugh lightly and we looked at him weird and he shut up.


Heidi's POV


We all look at Liam weird. He started laugh for some reason I said. Yeah weird.

I look back at Tom and said "Go tell him where it is." I demand him. He.nod and left. I heard cry upstairs and I knew Stella is awake cause she always wake up first than James. "I'll go get her." I up and went upstairs to their room. I see Stella sitting up and next to James trying to wake him up. "Hey baby what you doing?" I ask her.

"I want James." she said. I smile and pick her up.

"Everything OK?" I turn around and see Nathan standing by the door frame.

"Yeah, everything's fine." I assured him. I more comfortable now since Liam is here. "Wake up James please. Stella wants him wake. I don't know why." She is so close to him and even though James is so little, he loves to be with his sister. Nathan nod and walk up James bed. I walk out with Stella downstairs. Once I was on the last. I look at Stella and said "Guess who's here baby." While waking to the living room. Louis looked up and smile at us.

"Daddy!!" She said. I put her down and she ran to Louis.

"Hello, princess." 

"I thought I was your princess." I said pouting. Louis laugh and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I smile at him giving him our daughter.

"You both are my princesses." 

"Awwww your to cute Louis." I said. We sat back on the couch talking when the rest of the lads came rushing down.

"We are leaving now finally. Bye Heidi." Tom said giving me a kiss on the cheek and the rest of them did the same except Nathan.

"Bye Brownie." Nathan said giving me a long kiss on the lips. He pull away and looks at me.

I smile and said "Bye Nath." When he left I turn to see Louis and Liam. "So hows everybody?" I said so we don't have the awkwardness. Now I'm starting to feel sick for no reason. "I'll be right..." I didn't finish my sentence cause I right away ran to the bath room and puke. Gross I know. Dam, this I've been puking since last month and I hate to much. I pick up my phone and call Nathan I know he would be busy but I really to tell him. The rang twice and someone answer. 

"Hello?" Nathan ask.

"Hey babe, You busy?" I ask him. I hope he not. 

"No, we are backstage right. Why, what sup?"

"Remember I have been puking a lot last month?"


"Well I just puke now and now I'm kinda irritated." I said. I am getting irritated cause I don't know why that I have been throwing up. It stayed quite for 3 minutes till Nathan spoke.

"Do you think you are...." He trail off. My eyes widen. Would I be pregnant? But.... How? OK, I know how but I don't remember.

"I-I-I don't know Nathan." I said. This is all down hill. I look in the mirror and turn to see my belly on the side and I do see a little lump on my belly. This it's possible.

"Don't worry Brownie. I'll call the clinic to make an appointment for tomorrow." 

I sigh rubbing the back of my neck. "OK. I hope I'm not. I gotta go cause I heard my name." I said.

"Same here babe. And Heidi?"


"I love you.... so much." 

"Love you too baby. Bye."

"Bye."  I hang the phone and put it down. If I am pregnant, of course I would keep him or her. I walk back to the living room and sat next to Louis.

"Everything's OK?" Liam ask. I smile at him and nod. "You sure?" Really? 

"Yes I'm fine. I'm really hungry want me to order pizza?" I ask them. They all nod and including the twins. I got up and got my phone and called pizza and order 4 box of pizza.  
"Cheater you push me away.... I hate Mario kart!" Louis said. It's dark out and the twins were now in bed. I was texting Nathan and he's telling me to keep them there cause he doesn't want us alone. 

"Louis calm down it's just a game." I said to him. Smirking, he pick me up and put me on his shoulders. "Ahhh Louis put me down." 

"You need to you love me."

"Of course, I love you, you dork. Now put me down." I said his back. "Please don't fart." 

"Your just saying that cause of my bum." 

"Maybe." He put me down and smirked at me.

"I knew it." 

"Ugh love birds stop fighting." I froze all of a sudden. I do love Louis and yes I looooovvvvveeeeee his bum... well I just do. I glare him but I laugh. I heard the door open and we all snap our heads to the front.

"The Wanted are in the building!!!" Louis said.

"Yeah!!!" We all said and started laughing.

"I guess you three had a great time and ate pizza." Nathan chuckle coming close to me and kiss me.

"Way, it's fun." 

"Well then we better go. Thanks for having us Heidi. Lads." They nod to them.


When they left, we all left to our rooms. I was tired, so I just lad down.

"So you have an appointment Tomorrow at one." 

"Cool beans. We could take Stella and James to the park." I said excited. Nathan chuckles and kiss me on the lips.

"I love you."

"Love you." I smile.

"What would you do if you are pregnant?" He ask me straight into my eyes.

"Keep him or her of course." He smile at me and kiss me passionately. I love Nathan and if I am pregnant. I would be happy.

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