Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


30. Ch-29 The Interview

Louis' POV



"So Louis, I see you and your ex girlfriend, Heidi, are really close. Are you to secretly dating?" The interview said to me. I frown. If only I could slap him. I didn't want talk about Heidi. Simon even told me not to. I know it's not a bad thing but... I as well prefer not to. As I was about to say something Liam spoke for me.


"There just great friends." Liam said. I wish we are not though.


"We all like to spend time with Heidi. She's great to be around. She's like a sister to us and will always protect her." Harry said.


"And much more because since we are leaving on tour pretty soon we won't have time to hang out." Liam add. Wow these guys know how to act fast when someone is asking me a stupid question. Many more question has been thrown manly on me. Don't they have a better question to ask other than asking me about me and my love life? Finally he ask us about our new album and the upcoming tour. Finally the last question has been asked and we head back inside a building to get ready for our little concert.



"You think Heidi will be watching the show?" Niall ask. I'm actually wondering the same thing but I'm pretty sure she is. Before coming, I took her out to dinner just me, Heidi, and the twins.


"She will be." I said. As we are done. Paul call us to be ready in five when my phone rang. Lou pick it up for me and check the caller ID.


"It's Sierra." She said I look at her wired. Why is she calling me. I grab the phone and answer it.


"Hello Sie, is there a reason why you are calling me?" I ask. I could tell she was now glaring at the phone.


"Shut up, Lou. Sometime I always wonder why Heidi even likes you from the first. She could have liked Niall Or Harry. You of all people." She said. Ok that hurt. "Sorry I'm just a little upset right now. I actually told Heidi like you told me to. She did not take it well." She sigh.


"What? What do you mean 'not take it well'? Did she lash on you about it?"


"Yeah and she started to say that leave will be a mistake and moving with Zayn in London is moving way to fast and then... I kind of said something that kind of made it worst." She said. I was confuse at first but now thinking. My eyes wide making Lou look at me weird.


"Nooo... you did not tell her-" She knew where I was going.


"Yeah... I told her that having sex with Nathan and getting pregnant is way to fast and that it makes her a whore. She kicked me out of her house so now I'm home."


"Sierra..." I sigh. "This is really bad. You shouldn't of said that to her."


"I know and I really felt really bad about it but..."


"I know, Sie. Just... give her some time. I'm pretty sure she probably think you only said that couse your angry which you were. Let her calm down and just... try talking to her."


"Ok... I'll wait."


"Good... oh and speaking of friend... do you by any chance know if that girl Maybe likes Niall?" I ask.


"Umm... I don't know, Lou. Last time I heard when I over heard her and Heidi talking is that she almost kiss Niall. Till you ruin it."


"Hey it wasn't my fault. They were in the kitchen where we eat." I said chuckling. "Anything else?"


"Oh I heard Heidi and I quote, 'Aww that's so awesome and even more since your a Niall girl.'... yeah I'm pretty sure she does." Perfect!! Now I could tell Niall.


"Do you have her number by any chance?" I ask her.


"Yeah I actually do. I'll text you the number."


"Perfect! I have to go. Paul is here to yell at me." I said. Sierra laugh on the other line.


"Ok, well then good luck and hope you guys are still singing that one song."


"Half A Heart? Yeah we still are and thanks. Bye."


"Bye, Lou." As soon as I hang up. Paul came in.


"Alright boys let's go." He said. As Louis finished with my hair. I head out with the rest of the boys.




Heidi's POV ( I thought it would be easier to do her POV)



She has guts to tell me that. Ugh!! I am so mad right now you have no idea. Sitting on the couch. I was actually feeling sick in the stomach. Everyone weren't around so I was alone in the living room watch Good Morning America since the boys on it. Their album comes out today and again realising it now. I text Liam and him to buy me the album. Their interview was kinda interesting. They even talked about me which I didn't really pay much attention. Now they will be performing. They said that they were going to sing only four songs. Which they didn't tell me what songs.


"And here they are is One Direction." I snap out of my thought and look at the screen. They are on.



You're insecure,
Don't know what for,
You're turning heads when you walk through the door,
Don't need make-up,
To cover up,
Being the way that you are is enough,

Everyone else in the room can see it,
Everyone else but you,



I sang as well since this song has always been one of my favorite.



Baby you light up my world like nobody else,
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,
But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell,
You don't know,
Oh, oh,
You don't know you're beautiful,
If only you saw what I can see,
You'd understand why I want you so desperately,
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe,
You don't know,
Oh, oh,
You don't know you're beautiful,
Oh, oh,
That's what makes you beautiful

So c-come on.
You got it wrong.
To prove I'm right
I put it in a song.
I don't know why
You're being shy,
And turn away when I look into your eye-eye-eyes,




I smile. Just seeing them always makes me smile big. That's what they always do. Soon the song was over and it was in commercial. My phone went off making me jump. I look at the caller ID. Why is he calling me for? I answer the phone.


"Liam, what are you doing calling me. Your going to perform soon." I said.


"Wait I call for a reason." He said quickly. "I just want to say really quick is that this song that we are about to sing is dedicated to you by Louis."


"What song is it? I want to know." I ask.


"You going to have to wait and see my love. You'll love it. Have tissues ready. Oh and by the way sophia is coming over to your house in any minute so be prepared to open the door. Got to go bye." He hung. Once he did, the door bell rang. I got up right aways to open it and he was right. Sophia is on my doorsteps.


"Hello you must be Sophia right?"


"Yes. I'm Liam's girlfriend. Nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you." She said. I smile at her. I like her already. I open the door more to let her in. We went straight to the living room and sat on the couch.


"Nothing bad right?" I ask her.


"Nope. No bad things." She chuckle. "Liam told me to come over here you with you so I could get to know you." She look at me nervously.


"Hey don't worry about me. I maybe a fan of theses dork and they mean a lot to me but if Liam is happy with them I'm ok with it. I don't know what happen between him and his ex since I only found out about it by Sierra. I found out you and Liam on twitter and that's about it. Speak of dorks. They are on now." I said now looking at the TV screen. The beat of the song started all slow. Liam is first to sing.



So your friends been telling me
You been sleeping with my sweater
And that you can't stop missing me
Bet my friends been telling you
I'm not doing much better
Cause I'm missing half of me



My eyes wide. I remember that Niall put that song for me to hear a while back. He said it reminded him of me and Louis because of situation we are having. I sigh. I wish we are not.



And being here without you
Is like I'm waking up to
Only half a blue sky
Kind of there but not quite
I'm walking round with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
I'm half a man at best
With half an arrow in my chest
I miss everything we do
I'm half a heart without you




I felt rolling down my cheeks hearing how it has so much many about me and Louis. This song is so touching. The camera finally showing Louis making me smile a little. His part surprise me. I sang along with the song now loving it.


Forget all we said that night
No it doesn't even matter
Cause we both got split in two
If you could spare an hour or so
We'll go for lunch down by the river
We can really talk it through
And being here without you
Is like I'm waking up to
Only half a blue sky
Kind of there but not quite
I'm walking round with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
I'm half a man at best
With half an arrow in my chest
Cause I miss everything we do
I'm half a heart without you

Half a heart without you
I'm half a heart without you
Though I try to get you out of my head
The truth is I got lost without you
And since then I've been waking up to

Only half a blue sky (Only half a blue sky)
Kind of there but not quite
I'm walking round with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
I'm half a man at best (Half a man at best)
With half an arrow in my chest
Cause I miss everything we do
I'm half a heart without you

Without you [x2]
Half a heart without you
Without you [x2]
Half a heart without you




As the song end. I was still in tears just still hearing that song. Louis dedicated that song to me. I smile now. I look on my side seeing that Sophia is looking at me.


"Are alright, Heidi?" She ask me. I nod showing her a sad smile.


"Yeah I'm fine. Just overwhelmed. Liam called telling me that they were going to sing a this song and Louis dedicated to me but I didn't knew it was going to be this song."


"Do you still love him?" Sophia ask me. I look down. Of course I do love him and want to be with him. I finally made my decision last week and... it's going to be tough because... I'm going to hurt one of them.


"I do... very much. He's everything to me. He makes happy everyday. I don't want to lose him." I said.


"You love him so much... look I know your with Nathan from The Wanted and I'm pretty sure your going to say that you love as well. Love sucks I know because I have been through it myself. Heidi..." She says making me look at her.

"I could see in your eyes that your not happy with him, Nathan I mean. Liam did tell me that your having his baby but you don't have to be together to raise the baby. I know it would confuse the baby why his/her you guys are not together but you don't have to tell the baby till he/she is old enough to understand. My point is that if you love one of them more than anything. Then you pick him."


"What if I already know who to pick?" I said softly.


"Then all you have to do is tell the one that you didn't pick. It would hard but I'll support you every step of the way." I smile at her. I scoot closer giving her hug which she hug me back.


"Thank you Sophia."


"It's my pleasure, my love." I chuckle. We pull away now continuing watching Good Morning America since the boys are still singing. They are now singing Best Song Ever. My favorite song as you can tell. Sophia and I continue talking getting to know each other. She's not a bad person. I really like her. A few hours later Liam had texted me to get on Skype. I scoot the table close that have my laptop. I long into Skype and right away I got a call. We take and joke around. The rest of the boys came on. I told Liam that I love Sophia and that he chose good. I figure that how things change when I reunited with the boys. I'm happy that I bumped into Louis.






Okay... I know they didn't sang this song in Good Morning America but that's what I predicted for this story. It fits in with the story if you think of it.


I'm so sorry that I took so long to update. Since I lost my paper, I was draw blank. But guess what?!?!? The title for that rest of the chapters are now up on wattpad!!! So now I can continue the story :)!!!


Thank you everyone that are still waiting for me to continue to type this story but the wait is over and now I would start the next chap for you all. Thank you so much for 2330 read in all. It means a lot that you guys like the story.


Well hope you like this chap. Comment what you think of it.




--- Heidi :) Xx

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