Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


28. Ch-27 Meeting Fans/Visiting The Wanted

Heidi's POV





We all got back to the house and it was time to celebrate. I was tired of standing so much so I went to sit on the couch. Sierra as well sat next to me feeling as well tired. It was a long day. I don't feel like going anywhere today. Even the baby in my tummy agree with me. Louis sat next to me.


"How are you feeling, Heidi?" He ask me. I look at him and smile.


"Just a little tired but I'll be fine. Just need to rest a little. How about you? I could see that you look happy about 1D Day."




"Well at least you get to see to fans tomorrow again."


"Ohh, that's what I want to talk to you about." I look at him confuse. "Some of the fans are wondering if you would be coming to the greet and meet." I raise my eyebrows. Why do they want me to go. I still know that some hates me.


"Why?" Was all I could say. He shrug and I sigh. "I don't think it's a good idea, Louis. I'm afraid as it is. I was hoping to relax."


"It won't take long, love. Just for four or five jours."


"Well jeez... it's like 1D Day all over again." I said crossing my arm. He chuckle.


"I know, love. That's if you want to go. I'm not forcing you to go." He said to me. I hesitated to speake. The fans were not that bad when I spoken to some of them. It won't hurt to speake to at least to some of the fans tomorrow. I look at Louis and smile.


"Sure, I'll go but I don't want to be standing up. Look at my legs right now."


"I know, I know." He kiss my nose. "I'll have Preston and Mark stand by your side and-" I cut him off.


"No, It's fine. I'll give a call to Tom and ask them if Ben and Mark can come."


"If that's what you want then call them up but they are going to need to talk to paul."


"Okay, I'll go give them a call and then let Paul know." I got up and went to my room and call Tom. He pick up on the third ring.


"Hello?" He said.


"Tommy, how you you been?"


"Heidi, heyy!! I'm fine. What about you? I missed you." I smile spread on my lips. He basically the only person that gets me and know why the reason I left.


"I miss you too and I'm pretty okay. I'm just tired right now but I need to ask you something. Where are you?" I ask him.


"Home... hanging out with the boys before we go back to London. Why what sup?"


"I'm going to need Ben and Mark tomorrow. See, the boys are going to have a Meet and Greet with their fans and... Louis told me that the fans want to see me so I'm going."


"They are your body guards, Heidi. That's why we hire them. Give them a call and see if your boys can hire them."


"Thanks Tommy. I'll give them a call in a little and yeah I'll tell the boys about that. Hows everyone?"


"We are fine, Heidi." That was Max.


"Am I on speaker?" I ask.


"Of course you are. We all miss our brownie here." Jay said. I roll my eyes but giggle. I'm happy to hear them but yet sad at the same time because I might not be able to see them again. Then again... I need to cause I'm still with Nath and I feel more horrible being here with Louis and not with him.


"I miss you all as well. When are you guys leaving to London?" I ask. Maybe I could see them all before they leave.


"In five days, why?"


"I'll come over maybe tomorrow or a day before you guys leave. I'll bring the twins with me."


"That's great Heidi. I miss the twins." Tom said. Then I heard a little bit of arguing in the other line. I don't know what's that but They weren't speaking to me. "Heidi, Nath wants to talk to you."


"Ok?" I was a little confuse. I'm not mad at him. Of course not but in the past days with him had been horrifying. I really do miss Nathan and the boys. I feel so selfish just leaving like this. Finally I heard noises and I'm pretty sure I was not on speaker.


"Heidi?" Nathan said. I smile hearing his voice.


"Hello Nathan, It's been a while." I said.


"Yeah it is. Look Heidi-" I cut him off because I don't want to talk about it. Yes, it was horrible what he did but that was the pass and I don't want to talk about it no more.


"Don't worry about it Nath. I forgave you a long time ago. The pass was the pass. I'll see you soon yeah?" I say hopping he could let this all go. I'm know he made a mistake. That's how you will learn from it. My brother would always tell me that.


"Ok, I'll see you soon. I love you, Heidi."


"Love you too. Bye" I hang up the phone and to see that Louis was sleeping with the twin watching some cartoons. I smile as I go to the cabnets to grab a blanket and go lay it on top of them. I walk in the kitchen and Liam and Zayn talking. "Hey guys. You think you guys can hire my two body guard. They use to work for The Wanted but they only my body guard."


"Sure, they just need to talk to Paul." Liam said. I went and sat with them in silent till Liam spoken. "So, I heard you are tagging along with us to the meet and greet."


"Yeah, Louis said that some of the fans want to see me. Do you know you?" I ask.


"No idea. Maybe they don't hate you anymore." Zayn said.


"Maybe but I may never know." I sigh.












The next morning I decided to go and visit the boys before I leave to the meet and greet. Paul had now hire Ben and Mark as my body guards so they are now going everywhere with me 24/7 and they will also will get pay. I they stop in their driveway. I got out of the car going to the front door. I knock and few seconds later someone opens the door.


"Brownie, your here." It was Tom. He hug me and I hug back. "How are you my little one?" He ask me.


"Nothing much. Just visiting before I leave with the boys." As I got in. We went to the living where all the boys were watching TV till they look up and saw me and smile.


"Great to see you." Siva said getting up to hug me like the rest of the boys.


"I'm going to miss you guys when you leave. Be back soon."


"We will. We don't want to miss Nathan's first baby being born." Max said wrapping Nathan around his neck. I smile and nod agreeing with him. "Last time I saw you. Your belly wasn't that big. Now look at it. How many months?"


"I will be 4 month in 3 weeks."


"When are you due?" Nathan ask. I look at him and smile.


"In April."


"Awesome. We will be touring here in April. I cant wait to see her or him. Do you know the sex?"


"Not yet. Next month I will though." I got up to go sit on Nathans lap. "Are you going come?"


"I'm going to have to fly here. We won't be here till Febuary and that's if you want me to go." Nathan said.


"Are you kidding... Of course I do. It's our baby that growing in my belly."


"And Louis?" I roll my eyes.


"Louis can't forbid to see and he's not my boyfriend anyway." I said and for some reason it hurts when I said it. It may be true but I don't want it to be.


"Ok, I'll go but I might not make it." He said.


"That's fine. Just let me know when you are not coming." I said getting up from his lap. "I better get going. I need to make it to the greet and meet."


"Do you really have to go?" Jay ask.


"I really don't need to but their fans want to see me so I'm going."


"Well... have fun. Tell the kids I said hi and I miss them."


"Don't worry Nathan. They miss you as well. They miss all of you. I'll try to come and bring the kids before you guys leave." They nod in agreement. I smile as I grab my bag. "Well I'll see you guys soon. I better be going." They all hug me once again telling me goodbye. I head back to the limo/car and we drove off to the stadium where we will meet the fans before they go out and sing.





Louis' POV





"Where could she be?" I ask looking out in the window. Heidi had left early to go somewhere since she left a note but she didn't say where. We brought the kids with us since we didn't have a babysitter which we need one. I waited by the door while the rest are by my side getting ready for the meet and greet.


"Louis quite worrying about her so much. She is fine. She will be here, ok? I'll text her right now if that makes you any better?" Sierra ask taking out her phone. I jump when my phone went off. Without checking the caller ID. I answer my phone.




"Louis, I'm on my way." It was heidi.


"Heidi where are you? I saw your note on the counter but you didn't say where you were going." I ask.


"I was with the boys. The Wanted. I wanted to see them before I come to the greet and meet." She said. I didn't say nothing but couldn't be mad at her.


"You should have told me. I was worry. Even ask Sierra and the lads."


"He was crying like a big baby." Sierra shouted out loud.


"Why you hate me so much?" I mutter to her when she just smiling at me all innocently. I hear Heidi giggle.


"I'm almost there. Don't fight till I get there I want to see."


"Wow, thanks, Heidi. I felt the love." I said all sarcastically.


"You're very welcome my love." She said still Giggling. "Now I'm here. I'm outside... nevermind I'm back in the car." I look at the phone confuse but scared... the fans must be with her.


"Wait why?"


"Let's just say the some of your fans have bats and... I'm stuck in the car."


"Shit." I said walk to the back and everyone following me.


"Louis, what's going on?" Liam said.


"Heidi is getting attack by the fans." Is all I could say. Once I'm outside. I see the fans srounding the car. My phone went off again and I answer it. "Hello?"


"Louis, I see you." It was Heidi.


"Hang in there. Paul is coming."


"Ok, My securities are by each car door." Paul got here fast as he can along with other securities run towards where Heidi is at and push the fans away. As they got Heidi out of the car, they cover her so they won't hit her. I hug her immediately but pull away a little after and look into her beautiful brown eyes.


"Are you ok?" I ask her and she nod. We all walk back inside as the all the securities control the fans realizing they are all for the meet and greet. They are no longer able to see us and even come to our show and it was only half of them. The other half which we saw heard what happen and they all felt sorry and shame that it happen to Heidi.


"They are a bunch of haters that just want attention." One of the fan name Lizzy said. "So will it be a girl or a boy?" She ask and Heidi smile.


"I don't know yet till next month."


"Ooooo, I hope it will be a boy." Other fans agree with Lizzy.


"I don't care what I get. I would still love my baby."


"Don't you have twins?" A fan name Jackie said.


"yes we do." I said. "You guys want to see them?" They scream meaning that they do. We brought Stella and James. They look really confuse. "Say hi."


"Hiii..." They both said and the Fans Awww. The fans were incredible. Few hours later We had to go and get ready for the show.


"Ready for the show, boys?" Heidi ask us as she got in our dressing room. The twins ran inside as well and tackle Niall to the couch.


"Yeah we are ready." I said as I pull Heidi close to me and kiss her cheeks. "Are you going to stay back stage?" I ask.


"No, I'm actually going to be in the front with the twins."


"So see you when I go out on stage?"


"Bye..." I said giving her a kiss on the lips. Once she left. I went back with the lads and start to chat before we start. I notice Zayn wasn't speaken with Sierra. Like something is bothering him. I know he say he's fine but he needs to know that we are here for him but he seems to be thinking. I hope things are fine btween Zayn and Sierra.  






Sierra's POV (Very Short)






"Sierra, are you ok? You seem very sad." Heidi said.


"Zayn has been ignoring me these couple of weeks and I don't know why. I have try to talk to him but all he would say is that he is fine. Something is up but I don't know what."


"Have you try asking one of the boys?" She ask. I shook my head. "When did this all started?" 


"Since two days after my birthday. Once in a while he would speake to me but then he would just avoid me more at times."


"This is not right. He should trust you. Your the girlfriend... a couple! Couple needs to trust one another."


"I know and he knows but I think the it's the trust he's worry about."


"What you mean about that?" She ask me confuse. 


"I've been thinking. Remember when you found me in your closet? We were all hung over?" I ask. Heidi glare at me. She very well knew what I ment but realize why I brought it up. 


"Very well. Zayn wasn't there when we woke up the guys. He wasn't there at all."





"No, no, no, Sierra, Don't cry. Zayn would never cheat on you. Don't think that please. Are you  having seconds thoughts."


"No, god no." I said but I know part of me don't believe that. He's hiding something from me and I'm going to find out. 








So two things I want to talk about. 


1) I lost my paper :'( !!! - Okay that's kinda the reason. The main reason is that, I'll be updating very slow since I'm close in being done with school and I'm mainly thinking about school but I will try my best to update in time. Atleast I got this done sooooo yeah!!! *Happy Dance*


2) I'm getting a pig again!!!! (That's not a reason) - Sooo as I have Sierra's POV up... but, I have a but... just a heads up. I would have like three or four chapter mainly about Zayn and Sierra because by the time this story is over... I have the third book ready to be typed and be updated. 


I guess that's it. What you think about this chapter? Hope you like it. 





--- Heidi <3 :)

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