Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


27. Ch-26 1D Day

Hello everyone, so this chapter is really long like you have no idea. It took

to finish it beacause.... well I want it to be just like 1D Day but there will be somethings different. So... don't get mad at me. I couldn't fit the seven hour and I'm sorry about it. So enjoy the story, hope you like it. I had fun making this chapter and I took time finishing it and it's hard to type it because I have been busy with school work.



Heidi's POV






Two weeks has past and I feel really happy to be back with the boys. They took me everywhere with the twins and some fans were happy that I'm back and some still hate my guts. Louis tells me to ignore them. That he's happy that I'm safe and enjoying myself while I can and he's right. Having two kids and one on the way would be more tough on me and he knows that. Finally my belly is growing! Stella is excited and so is James. I'm feeling so lazy today. The kids are with Zayn and Liam while I'm with Louis, Harry, and Niall watching some movies very early in the morning. I have no idea what's their plan. They say that they were having a big day today. I don't know what it is but it should be fun.



"So what you would like to do in the mean time Heidi. We could go for out for a walk in the back if you like?" Louis said snapping me back into the real world. I look at him and smile. A walk sounds nice. I need to be walking a lot anyways.


"I love to go for a walk." I say. He smile back at me. We both got up and we walk out to the back of the back yard. "So this thing that your telling me about. Is it all day?" I ask him while we started to walk out of the house.


"Yeah, it's call 1D Day. It's going to be 7 straight hours." He said and my eyes are wide open. "I know it's crazy but it would be fun and I would like you to come see and be part of it."


"I don't think so Louis. Remember some of your fans hate my guts." I said truthfully. Louis stop our tracks and he pull me close to him. I look up at him and he smile down at me. Freaken tall person. "I was in the same height as you two years ago. When has the time gone." Louis chuckle.


"Well Heidi, you had two kids plus a baby on the way. Of course you're going to shrink." He kiss my nose and I pouted.


"I know that. My mother had six kids in counting and we are all taller than her," I smile happily. "but I don't to become short while you and the kids become more taller than me."


"You will be a cute shorty." I playfully hit the back of his head. "It's true baby. Come on, I'm trying to cheer you up here."


"You do that everyday, Lou. You all do. I miss you all very much. It gives me time to think of what's going on with my life." I know I still have to be away from Louis to be clear of everything but it's just hard and I love him dearly.


"And we miss you as well. Glad you are going to stay with us." He said. Louis' phone decided to ring and I just roll my eyes. These boys are never going to let us have our alone time together. "Hello?" He answer and I just look are where we are at. I have never been in the back and it's gorgeous. I look back at Louis and smile at him. Once he hang up he look at me and smile. "We should go."


"But I haven't gotten dress yet." I said.


"Don't worry. Lou said she has the perfect close for you to wear and you can have it. She has the same thing for Sie but they are all at the studio where we are going to be in and she is doing your guys hair so come on." As we are walking back. Niall and Harry are outside waiting for us. We all walk back inside and I see Paul standing by the door. I smile at him.


"Hey Paul." I said. He looks at me and smile.


"Heidi, it's been a very long time. How you been." He said.


"I've been good. It's been three months and I already want this baby to come out." I smile happily. "And this baby will be born in May so It would be awesome if it was born in my niece birthday." I added. We went out and into the van. Sierra was already in there waiting for us. " Hii Sie!" I said sitting next to her. She look at me and smile.


"Hey Heidi. You look different today." She said. I playfully hit her on her shoulders.


"Of course silly. I'm not all dressed up nicely as well as you." I said pointing at her head to toes. She glare at me playfully and I gave her the most innocent look I can ever give her. Yeah me and Sierra are sisters but I know she loves me. I do miss hanging out with her everyday. Spending time in one of each others houses and eat junk food and watch Dan and Phil be the cuties they are. Paul started driving and I just look out the window seeing the view of LA. See how beautiful they it is. I have never been out the house for a very long time. Simply because I was afraid that the wanna be Directioners attacking me out of no where when I'm around my kids and with the baby belly. I don't want that. I was a little tired that I lay my head on Sierra's shoulder like I would always do. "Sierra?"


"Hmm?" She hum. She was now laying her head on top of my head.


"Louis told me." I whisper to her only she could hear me. I sit up and look at her as she is with me wide eyes. "How come you didn't tell me you were moving to London with Zayn?” She didn’t say nothing just look down. “Look, I’m not mad but a little upset and sad that you're leaving.”


“I meant to tell you but..." She pause for a while. "We don't see each other any more and you have your kids and plus I may be living over there but I'll be coming back soon anyway." 


"I'm sorry that we don't have time for each other. So many things has happen and I been just focusing on my kids first." I say. She had point. We don't spend time as much time as we use to do. "But hey, what ever we are doing. At least we are going to be together. By the way, what are we doing."


"A live stream event for seven hour for the fans and we would like you guys to be in it as well." Sierra and I stay quiet. 


"What are we going to be doing in 1D Day? Like, what type of event?" 


"So many things baby. I can't wait for it. We have plan so many things for the fans to enjoy. Some fans would be here as well." Louis said to me. I smile now can't wait for 1D Day. 






We have finally made it to the studio where they are doing 1D Day. I'm actually excited for this and it looks really awesome. I see some of the fans already coming in sitting in their seat. Sie and I are waiting for Lou to finish up with the boys so we decided to look around and see everything. 


"Look a map." Sierra said as we stop and see a big map in front of us. "What are they even going to do with it?" She ask. 


"Maybe they are teaching the fans how to use a map." I shrug and Sierra look at me wired. 


"But that's why we have GPS for though. They can count me out."


"Agree." I said as I turn around and one stand standing there so I froze there. "Sie." I whisper poking her shoulder. She turn to look at me but then when she saw that I froze. She saw where I was looking. 


"Your Heidi right?" The fan ask. Sierra pull me behind me knowing full well that we can't trust the fans for one reason only. They are crazy and we don't know if she would hurt me.


"Yeah... and you must be a fan of the boys." I said still behind Sierra. The fan smile happily jumping up and down which made me confuse. 


"Oh my god. You guys are so beautiful in person." My eyes widen hearing her say that and I wasn't the only one.


"You don't hate me?" Why am I even asking?


"Ptts, no. We all found out what Louis did to you so we were all mad at Louis even though he regretted what he did. You had a reason why you stayed with The Wanted."


"You knew?" I feel so stupid now.


"You were dating Nathan." She shrug. Okay, at least I know she won't hurt me so I'm all good. "Can you tell the boys that I said hi and that I love them all?" She ask shyly and I smile moving to Sierra's side. 


"Sure what is your name?"


"Jamie Smith."


"Nice to meet you. We will tell them about you. You may never know if they come and talk to you." I say smiling to her. Paul pop in out of no where telling Jamie to go back to her seat. "Paul it's fine. She was really nice to us. We had a nice chat." 


"Okay. Just make sure your okay." He said. "Lou would like to see you two." He show us where to go since I know for sure I  would be lost here.


"Hey girls it's been forever since I have seen you guys." Lou said as we walk in the dressing room. "You guys will be getting dress but they are in these room. Sierra, yours is on the left and Heidi, yours is on the right." We nod. "Okay then go in but stay in there and call me once your done. I want to do your make up and hair and everything are already in there with you."  We head in the little room that Lou told us to go in. I pick up the shirt I'm going to and I have the biggest smile. I'm going to be wearing a superman shirt with rip pants, colorful shoes (which they look awesome), a beanie with some geeking glasses, and cute jewelries. Once I was done. I had to wait for Lou because she was already doing Sierra. I wonder how would she look like. Five minutes later she came in and smile at me happily. "Okay Heidi lets do this quick." As she work on what she's going to do. I took out my IPhone and got on Twitter. When she was done. I got up from the chair and look at myself in the mirror. Oh my god. I love it! My hair is red and curly. I have been wanting to dye my hair for a very long time and I finally got it dye. "So how you like it?" She ask looking at me.


"Like it? I love it, Lou. Thank you." We both came out of the room and saw a girl with blue hair. When the girl turn around. I realize it was Sierra. My eyes widen. She is wearing a Batman shirt and flats which is so cool, blue jeans and the best part. She is wear make up! She dye her hair as well. She looks good in blue.  "Wow, Sie, you look so beautiful." I said and she smile at me.


"Thank you, Heidi Bear. So are you." She said. We head out to meet the boys since the 1D Day is almost going to start. Their dressing room is not that far from where we were at. As we got there, we right away went in. 


"Hey guys." We said at the same time. They all look in our direction and they had their mouth open. 


"What do you guys think? Lou did an amazing job." Sierra said smile at the boys. I know Louis is shock to see me so different. I haven't dressed up so nice in a very long time so I'm glad I can do it just for today. The boys have to head out because there's only two minutes till it starts. I look at Sierra and then to the boys. Completely excited for today. 


"Let's have a good time." Sierra said. Yup, a very good one. Two minutes has pass and it's finally about to start.


"Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls, Directioners, and patients of the world wide web. WELCOME TO 1D DAY!!" You heaar the girls screaming in the background excited for today. That would have been me and Sierra if we ever not met One Direction but I'm glad we and I'm pretty sure Sierra agrees as well. "And here to take you for the next seven hours of breathtaking entertainment. Weighing in the combine seven hundred and ninty-two pounds. I give you from Mullingar Irland, Doncaster, Wolverhampton, Cheshire, and Bradford England. The biggest band in the world! One Direction!" As we stand in back of the camera. Sierra and I completely scream like fangirls we are. The boys came out cheer and clapping coming to the camera. They kept clapping till finally someone spoke out and of course it was Niall.


“Hello everybody and welcome to 1D Day. All you guys watching all over the world. We’re going to have fun for the next seven hours lets have a good time.” Niall said nodding to everyone.


“1D Day is one hundred percent live and interactive so things are probably will go wrong for bare with us.” Harry said. I giggle a little knowing what he mean.


“So what you think about the studio boys?” Louis ask looking around to the other boys all saying that they love it and start to cheer again.


“So to start the show we will be linking live through all the salivary so we will give you little tour quicktime.”  They all turn to the five couches as Niall wallk to the front brown couch and sat there. I giggle a little just seeing him doing that. They show us more stuff in the room till they got the map. 


"So that's what the map is for." Sierra said pointing to the map. I think I will help with that."


"Yeah because you would love to learn about the map." 


"Shut up." She mutter. 


"Over here we have our exclusive listening booth. Where some lucky fan will be listening to our album for the very first time" Harry said walking upn to the rest of the boys as some of the fans clap and cheer in the back. "Also..." He turn to the fans, "that's you..." He turn back to the camera. "joining us in the studio we have our very beautiful... the band!!" He yell the last part as the band started to play and the fans start to cheer. And let me tell you this... I did to. When they stop playing. They tell us the guest people who are going to be in the show. 


"And we will have our girlfriends as well." Louis said and my eyes widen. No way I'm going to go there knowing a lot of people are watching. I jump when I felt someone touch my shoulders. "Jesus." I said turning around and it was a girl. I don't know her but she's pretty.


"Sophia, How are you?" Sierra said hugging her. What? Liam's girlfriend. "Heidi this is Liam's girlfriend."


"Yeah I know. I've seen pictures. Nice to meet you." I said shaking her hand.


"Nice to meet you too. Liam had told me a lot about you." She said smiling and I smile back.





Fifty minutes later they are about to sing a song that I don't know from there third album. I actually got there third album... well they gave it to me. I was happy I have  it. "We are here for One direction first proformance of there new singal doing 'Story Of My Life'. Right now we will be showing you a video of them of how they stay in shape." And they go to video. 


"So baby, how you loving this so far?" Louis said to me as he has arm around my shoulder. I look up at him and smile.


"Good so far. I can't wait to see you sing. I miss hearing you." I said. He turn me and pull me close to him by the waist. I look into his blue eye as he look into my brown eyes.


"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" He said giving me a light kisses on my lips. I smile. I feel calm and happy.


"All the time, Louis."


"Well... it's the truth."


"I know." I kiss him.


"Ok love birds. Louis go back on stage. You guys are about to sing." That was Sierra. I playfully glare at her. 


"Later baby." He said to me and kiss my cheeks. He left back with the boys.


"Heidi don't tell me that you guys are together now?" Sierra said.


"Of course not, Sie. I'm with Nath-" 


"Than stop all couple like with him. Jeez, Heid. Your only hurting yourself" Sie said walking away from me. I sigh.





*4 Hours Later*





It's been four hours of 1D Day and I'm stating to feel like leaving because first, Sie is mad at me and second, I feel like not being here. I was now backstage with my twin when I look and saw Paul. He care for me so much like I'm his second daughter to him.


"Hey Paul, what sup?" I ask.


"Why are you not out there? You know we have Sandy taking care of the twins." He said.


"I know but I told her to take a break and I want to see them." I said I Stella showed me a toy fish. I smile.


"Are you ok?"


"Yeah... why wouldn't I?"


"Heidi you know you can tell me anything. I'm here for you. I don't like seeing you upset. I could tell you are." He said. I sigh. 


"It's Sie. She's mad at me. Don't know why. She was happy that she saw me with Louis. Now she yell at me to stop being couple like. I'm only hurting myself." I said looking down. I can't be mad at her for yelling at me. I don't blame her. She's my best friend and all she trying is to protect me. I know I'm getting myself into something big. "I can't be mad at her. I get her."


"Well... I say you should stop but it's up to you. I know you love Louis but your with Nathan unless your going to break up with him to be with Lou. I know you can't choose now because everything has been going on but please Heidi be careful. I'm always here to help" I smile.



Thank you, Paul." I said giving him a hug. Sandy finally came back from her break. I kiss James and Stella on the cheeks and went back to see the show. It was Liam and Zayn turn to be up there. I stand by the camera as I see that they doing a game. I felt someone standing next to me so I turn my head and it was Sophia.


"Can I ask you something, Heidi?" She ask me. I'm now afraid of what I'm going to here.


"Sure, of course."


She didn't say nothing for quite a while. She's rethinking something. She sigh and finally spoke, "Liam told me the reason why him and his Ex Danielle Peazer Broke up. Do you think all this is going to make us break up?" I softly sigh thanking that it's nothing about me. Well... Jeez. It's not always about me. I hate myself for thinking that it is. I look at her confuse because. I do remember Dani texted me. Liam introduce us on Skype and we became good friends and still are to this day. I shook my head. I may not know Sophia but as long as she make Liam happy I'm ok with that.


"Well... I can't promise anything Sophia. I could tell that he loves you and I am happy for him. Yes, You will get hates but jeez ignore them. Read the nicer once. I don't care about because they just want attention. It won't be the same. Just stay strong and support him all the way."


"I will" All she said and I smile. We pay back attention to Liam and Zayn.


"We are now half we through 1D Day." Scott Mills said. Liam cheer along with Zayn. "It's time for feel the person."


"What kind of game is that?" I whisper to Sophia and she shrug.


"Never played it before." She said and I nod. They blind fold them so they won't see anything. It's funny to see them blind. I felt like hit there bum and see if the freak. "You think they would geuss right?"


"Maybe... but they are not that smart. They would just guess only." I said. Sophia chuckle shaking her head. 


"Yeah I know. They do that on the bus."


"I believe." And that's the truth. 


"So the blind folds are on and now it's time to play... feel the person with Zayn and Liam everybody!!" Everyone cheer as Mark walk his way to Scott, Liam, and Zayn. He stands between them. Why the heck is Zayn danceing. I softling chuckle because that's so Zayn. "And now you need to feel and guess who it is." They start to feel Mark's head, shoulders, and stomach.


"It's Mark." Zayn said.


"I thought he would never guess right." We turn to see who said and it was Sierra.


"Sie." I said afraid that she was still mad at me but she's not.


"Hey guys... want food?" She ask as she lift up two bags of Jack In The Box. We both nod and we walk back stage and I saw Louis, Niall, and Harry sitting as well. I sat next to Louis and look at me and smile. "Heidi I didn't know what to get you so I got you two cheese burger."


"I'm not that hungery anyways." I said taking the burger.


"Listen Heidi-" I cut her off.


"It's okay, Sie. I don't blame you being mad at me."


"That's the thing heidi. I wasn't mad at you. Maybe it's just I don't want you hurt again. You have struggle so much in the two years. I want you to stay happy."


"I'm always happy. I know to much things has been going on so..." I lean closer so only her could could hear. "That's why I am not getting to attach to Louis nor Nathan." She narrow her eyes at me. "Nathan and are taking a break."


"And why haven't you told me?"


"I was going to tell you but we came here." I said and she nod. We finished eatting and we all went to see the rest of 1D Day since we only have two hours left.


"They are doing the world recorde thing again." Niall said. ohh, those. Well hope the can beat this one this time. They are telling them the rules of the game and now they know what to do. They have to pop as many balloons as possible and they can have only two helping. Liam will be the popper and Zayn and Sandy the bass player. As they prepare everything. They are ready to pop. They count down and they began the challange. We were cheering them on as they were on the roll popping the balloon as they can. When it was over. They only pop 22 but they weren't giving up so they were going for it again.


"You think they would beat it?" Harry said.


"Hope so." I said. They once again began and we all started to cheer even more... louder as it was to intense to see.


"10 seconds." Scott said. Wait is that Niall in the background?  What the heck. I just realize he was sitting on the couch and not standing next to me. Okay... wired. "Did we beat it!" We all cross fingers to hope they did.


"The number you have to beat was 27 and the of balloons you is... still 22." We all groan but they did a good job.










Louis' POV  *Hour 7* (Kinda Short.... Maybe)



The last hour of 1D Day. It was a hella lot of fun. I enjoy every single second of it. As well seeing the fans all over the world and see that they are watching it makes a great deal to not just me but the lads as well. It's sucks that's it's ending but it would be a memory you would never forget and even the album is coming out on Monday. Days go by fast when your enjoying it and I'm tankful to my fans for all their support. We are now getting ready to end the hour amazing.


"Ready boys?" Sierra said that's now in Zayn's arms. Heidi walk up to me and I wrap my arms around her. She look up to me and smile.


"Last hour. How are you feeling." She ask me. 


"Awesome." It's all I said. "How are you feeling? You were feeling sick a couple hours ago."


"I'm fine, Louis. It's probably the food upset the baby."


"Well if anything... let us know." I told her and she nod giving me a peck on the lips before I left with the boys. 


"Yes... Yes... Yes... Welcome back to our final hour of 1D Day."  We cheer and clap as we are excited.


"First we are going to watch a fan video from Netherlands on the screen." We look at the screen. It's amazing what the fan did. As it was was over. It was my turn to talk.


"Unbelievable... umm..." 


"Well it looks like they want to play a massive rock, paper, sissors with us." Niall said. Well... I don't know if we should. 


"Does everyone knows the rules?" I ask. They all said yes but then Harry starts ask. Yeah he really knows it. Note the sarcasm. So as we figure out everything. We stretch our hand out to the cameras. "Ready boys?" I ask. We start playing but it was quite hard but it was fun. 


"Thank you, Netherlands. For playing a giant game." Harry said. As we continue we start to watch the US video which is amazing as well. Once it's over. It was time to talk with Simon. 


"Okay our next geust a close personal friend of ours and most importantly our boss IT'S SIMON COWELL!!" What's great about uncle Si is that he cares a lot about Heidi. We start to goof around which of course it's always me. We talk about how he put us together. Yeah... it was quite the conversation because we all wonder but we always hear different story but I don't really pay much attention to it. I was having a good time joking around with the boys and Simon. We got him presents for his soon to be baby on the way. He loved it and so did loran. Minutes has and 1D Day is almost over. Now we are playing a game with Jerry Springer. Close to the end we are now about to sing and I want Heidi there that I went and grab her and so did Liam and Zayn. It's best 1D Day ever.




I wanted to have all of the hour but since school is stressing me out (Since I'm a senior) so it took me longer. 

Ohh... this is important. Since the first story to this has a lot of mistake. It's going to be a Edit mode and once this story end I will edit this as well.


Let me know what you think. Are you happy Heidi is with Louis again? What you think will happen?


Merry X-mas anyways. Hope you like it. BYE!! 


--- Heidi



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