Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


26. Ch-25 This Is Goodbye

Heidi's POV





The next morning I woke up feeling like crap and I felt like I was hit by a car. Don't ask me why. I just do. However, all this drama is driving crazy. As you can see I'm still in Simon. It feels wired to be honest because... I don’t know him that well but he is nice to let me stay the night. Once Liam left me with him. We talk a little bit more. I felt wired but it was fun because I learn so much from him. Two days has past and I feel like seeing Louis. I just miss him so much. I want to go and see him. I pick up my bag full of clothes and took out my green sweat pants and sweater. I walk into the bathroom that conected my curly iron and started to put make up on while the curly iron heat up. As I was done I curl my hair. After that, I walk back to the room and put on my colorful shoes. I heard the door open. I turn to see who it was and it was Simon. "Good morning, uncle Si. How you sleep?" I ask politly. He smile very warmly.


"Good morning Heidi. Yes, I slept very well thank you." He said. "I'm sure you know that the boys are doing a live stream."


"Actually no I didn't." I said.


"You should come and see it live. It would be here in LA. It's call 1D Day. The boys decided to do this for the fans and before there new album comes out as well."


"Actually, Simon. I was kinda wondering if I can go and see Louis and maybe stay with them?" I ask feeling a little nervous. He looks at me thinkiing. 


"Sure why not but no drama between them and The Wanted. I don't want anymore problems and media back firing at them like they can make great news about them."


"I know. I'm sorry. I force them to not say anything to One Direction but I guess they don't want to listen to me at all." I sigh. I knew they would still hate them but I didn't want them fighting in front of me and the twins or the media. I sigh and shake my head. "I pretty sure it would end now since all this happening but then again the will still hate each others."


"Well, My driver can take you to the boys house. I'll call him at once. I'm sure they would love to see you."


"Yeah same here. I miss them all. Even Louis."


"You really love him a lot?" He ask and I nod.


"So much Simon. I feel that nothing never changes with us." I say.


"Well I could see that." We hear the door bell ring and Simon knew who it was. "That must be my driver." I stand up grabing my bag. "And Heidi?" Simon ask. 




"If anything... you need. Just give me a call." He said. I smile at him and not. 


"I will, Simon. Thanks again for everything."


"No problem. See you soon, Heidi" I grab my bag and left to the front door. I open and smile at Simon's driver. 


"Hello Ms. Heidi. Would you like me to help you with your bag?" He smile back at me. Awww, How sweet. 


"Yes please. Thank you very much." I hand him my bag and took it to the back of the of the limo. "Before taking me Louis and the boys. Can you take me to Nathan's to pack somethings for me and the twins."


"Sure thing. Just give me the address and we will be on our way." 


"Thanks." I told him the address and he typed it on the GPS. He drove me The Wanted house. I texted Tom explaining him that I'll be packing more stuff for me and the twins. 


Tom: So Your really going to leave and move with One Direction?


Me: What you want me to Tom. This is the second time he hurt me. I could have lost the baby and the were really scare. My kids are first and I don't want them in fear.


Tom: Well I guess you right. We had a chat with Nathan. He would never lay a hand a women. I don't know what happen that day. 


I took a deep breath and close my eyes. I don't  know either. I know he regret slaping me because you could tell by the look on his face. He lost control this time and I am more afraid if he will lose it and continues doing what he's doing. Even worse... hit my kids for nothing but I know he won't sink low. 


Me: Me too, Tom. Well I'm in the drive way. Can you please open the door so I can just go in, get our stuff, and leave?


Tom: Sure...


I got out of the car and saw Tom and Jay standing by the door frame. I sigh looking at them as I know what they are going to say.I sigh walking  up to them. 


"Hey, boys." I said to them shyly. They are not mad at me I know that but they look sad I'm leaving. I'm like a mother in this house. Well... duh of course I am a mother. These guys are like my third family and I do love them. Tom didn't say nothing but pull me into a hug and I hug back. I push away a little and bring Jay into the hug as well. 


"How's the twins?" Jay ask me pulling away.


"They are fine. They are with their father while I was at was in Simon's house"


"You were living in Simon house?" We all look to see who said that and it Nathan. I didn't realise I was holding my breathe when I let it go. Our eyes met and he gave me a small smile and I did the same. "Hi.'


"Hi." I say. I can in and stand next to him. The boys left me alone with Nathan and now I feel scared even though I shouldn't. 


"How are you?" Nathan ask.


"I'm ok."I said soft. "Nath, I'm so sorry-" He cut me off.


"No, Heidi I should be the one saying sorry and I am really sorry. I shouldn't of took my anger on you at all. I take back what I said. I didn't mean it." I didn't say nothing but he came close to me. He put his hand on my belly and rub it. "Already 3 months." He said softly and I smile a little. 


"Yeah." I hold his hand and took him upstairs to our room. I brought him in to talk. He look confuse why I brought him here. "We need to talk."






Nathan's POV (Really short)






Heidi had brought me to the room to talk. I didn't know what but afraid what it is. We sat down as I wait for her to tell me what she needs to tell me. I probably already have a thought what she going to say.  Of course I still have to stick with the plan that I made . Louis Agree to the plan but he thinks I'm only going to make Heidi feel guilty. She will be fine. I'm sure of it because she pretty much want to be with Louis but the one thing that he won't know is that I will  ask her to marry me and to hope she will say yes. 


"Nathan." Heidi finally said something and broke my train of thoughts. I look her and I could see that whatever she's going to say, she's regretting it. "Nath, I'm going to move out. I can't be here when I feel that my kids will be seeing us fight like this. I'll come and visit but I can't spend the night but if I do. I would leave the twins with their father."


"So that's it your going to leave me like that" I say.


"I have to think of my kids, Nathan. They will and will always be first in anything. I love you, Nathan but we got to stop fighting and in front of them. Me and Louis have not fought that much. please Nath. Just for right now and if we get marry, we will found a house and live together. Just... I need time." I feel a little hurt that she is comparing me to Louis.


The reason she's not with Louis is that Tom and Max kidnapped her. The reason she never left because they never came for her and the whole reason that they are not together is that Louis cheated on her and I have not. I would never will hurt her like that. EVER! But she is right about us fighting a lot. 


"Nathan." Heidi interrupted my thoughts again. "I need to go I can't leave my driver hang." I didn't say nothing nor look at her. I nodded slowly. She got off the bed and went in to the walk in closet and came out. She took out her big bag from out from under the bed and put clothes  in. "All in need is the twins clothes and I'll be out."  She came close to me and stand between my legs. I look up to see her beautiful brown eyes looking down at me. "I  love you, Nathan but I can't be here."


"Love you, too, brownie. We will still hang right?"


"Of course. I could be here tomorrow if one of the guys babysit the twins." She said stroking my hair. "I should be going." She whisper and I nod. A light kiss, she left to the twins room to pack everything up. Once she was done. She was gone. I knew It's hard to let her go but she will be happy with Louis. I know she will.

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