Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


25. Ch-24 Our Dirty Little Secret

Liam's POV






I stop at the driveway of The Wanted picking up the twins since it's Louis turn to have them. I understand why he didn't want to come. These guys would have eye murder himevery time he comes and he doesn't want to start problems. Not when Heidi is around. As I walk to the door, I knock and Heidi answer it.


"Liam, lomg time no see." Heidi said hugging me and I hug her back. She looks really tired. Like she's been thinking. "Come in, Li. The kids are already waiting for you." I smile walking in the house seeing them playfully fighting on the floor. Well... they got that from their father. "Stella stop biting your brother  and James..." She sigh, "Stop pulling your sister's hair." I chuckle lightly as they pull away from each other.


"You guys ready to see your dad?" I ask them and they cheer happily. "Ok... well I'll go and set up the-" Heidi cut me off.


"Actually Liam can I talk to you really quick. It's imprtant"


"Ok." We walk in the kitchen as I lean on the counter looking at Heidi. I knew something was bothering her. Some how I knew. She like my little sister, would never want her hurt. She took a long deep breath and look at me. "I have been thinking." I look at her confuse.


"About?" I ask.


"About... me leaving. Don't give me that look, Liam. I couldn’t sleep because of all this thinking. I want to be with Louis... and not leave... at all. I still love him, Li, but I still love Nath but he's been ignoring me and he drinks... like a lot. I don't sleep with him no more because he gets drunk. I'll be sleep in either Tom's or Max's room. It’s bad for the kids seeing him like this."


"Have you call like your brothers to help you pack and take you home?"


"No because I don't want any drama. Please Liam please is there anyway I can just pack and go with you guys?" She was now begging. Right when I was about to say something, I heard footsteps. Turn and see it was Nathan.


"Hello Liam. Your here to pick up the twins." He greeted me nicely.


"Hey Nathan, yes I am her to pick them up. Umm..." I look at Heidi and she looks tense like she hope that he didn't heard our conversation we had. I hope so too but I was pretty sure he didn't. "I'll just go fix the car seat in the car and I'll take them with me " I said and she nod. I excuss myself out of the kitchen and went outside fixing the car seat. when I was done, I went back inside going to the living room seeing the twins on the couch crying. What the hell is going on? I hear yelling in the kitchen so I went and it was Nathan and Heidi.


"Nath, please, it's nothing like that! Let me explain." Heidi said trying both of Nathan's hands but he pull away.


"Explain what, Heidi? That you would rather be with Louis." Nathan looks hurt. "Your just so selfish." Heidi try to say something back but out of the blue he hit her in the face. "Don't be such a slut, Heidi!" I saw red once he hit. How dare he touch her. I right away butt in and push Nathan to a close wall and punch him.


"Liam no!!" I hear Heidi from behind. I felt to people pulling me away from him.


"What the hell is going on here!" Max said. I pull away from Tom and Gorge and went straight to Heidi and hug her. She is crying covering her face.


"It's ok, Heidi. Your ok." I whisper to her softly. I look at Tom and nod to him to take her out of the kitchen and he did. "You... how dare you do this to her!!" Max stop me.


"What happen, Liam." He demanded.


"That jock slap Heidi!" His eyes widen and he's mad as well.


"Liam... I think you should take Heidi with you and the kids. I am going to have a talk with Nathan." Max said. Good, cause I am not leaving her here.












"Li, why are we here? Who's house is this?" Heidi ask. I stop at in Simon's mansion and got out and so did Heidi. I call Simon while Heidi was packing a little bit of clothes. He was nice to let her stay here.


"Uncle Si, I call and he was nice to let you spend the night tonight."


"You told him?" She looks down.


"I'm sorry but you can't be with Louis right now. Not with all this going on."


"I understand. Li, Thank you."


"For what?"


"For being there for me. I know me and Louis can count on you."


"I'll do anything for my best friends and you know that." I smile at her. I finally knock on the door and Simon open it.


"Hello Liam, Heidi, and Twins." Simon said.


"Hii uncle Si." The twins say. Yeah.... Simon let them call him that because we call him that. We came in and talk for awhile and I left with the kids to our house. Once we got home, the kids ran in the house.






Louis' POV (It's really short)






"What the hell you are doing here Nathan?" I say. "If your looking for Heidi. She's not here." I added.


"I'm here to talk to you, Louis." He said. I look at him confuse. Why me? "Look, I over heard Heidi and I don’t blame her-"


"And what did she say?" I cut him off.


"She wants to be with you. If she's safer with you... then she should be with you. She's not safe nor her and your kids. I love her. I really do love her truly but I want her safe with you. I know she still loves you. She just don't want to hurt both of us. So..." I stop him right there. I know the fact he is doing this for Heidi of course. The other is that... he's still in love with heidi. He would do anything for her I could see that. 


"Don't Nathan. I know Heidi loves you as while. She loves both of us. Like you said, she doesn't want to hurt us at all. We just have let her be on her own and think. With us around her, she can't think straight. When she need us or our band mate they're there for her."


"That's not the point, Louis. She know what she wants and she wants to be with you." 


"Nathan, I love but I can't steal her from you-" Out of the blue he slap me in the face. "What was that for?" 


"Your being plain stupid Louis."


"How the hell I'm stupid?"


"You just are. If you really love her... get her and I have a plan but we have to act normal for." He said. Well I would say no but he's right. If I love her that much I would get her. Now I have to wait and see what Nathan's plan is and if it would work. I hope so.







I Updated and it's 3:30 in the morning -__-. I'm soooooooooooooo sowy that I haven't updated. Please don't kill me. I did told you guys I would update once I'm out of skool but... My god I was still busy. With My 18th birthday party which my sis made for me and it was fun. The following week I had to go to the fair for my pig everyday.  And them there's summer skool -__-. Yup pretty much that's my life. I'm trying my best to update. I really am. I suck at writing and not good at all with the grammar. I write stories to be free and make my ideas in stories to be seen. I never like to write easy because you have to follow the directions they give you and here you don't. If my stories are not good at all... well I try but it won't stop me from making more stories which is coming up pretty soon. I found out about Wattpad by my best friend which also make stories and on wattpad and here. (they are amazayn ^__^) I thank her <3. 


Plz plz plz plz ppppplllllllllzzzzzzzzz give me feedback. Are you happy that Nathan is... well... yeah idk? Louis is getting Heidi back. What you think about that? 


I hope you like this chapter.





--- Heidi <3

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