Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


3. Ch-2 Sex Of The Babies/Date

Sierra's POV



Woke up at 9:00 in the morning excited to know the sex of my best friend's babies. As I was trying to get up but couldn't cause.... Zayn strong arms wrap around my waist. I try prying him off but it only got tighter.


"Zayn I have to go meet up Heidi." I told him. He groan and let me go. I smile and right away got out of bed. I got my clothes and towel, went to the bathroom and took a shower. Once I was done I change and put on my shoes. I went close to Zayn and gave him kiss on the lips. "Bye babe. See you later." I walk out of the room grabbed my keys head to my car and drove away.



Heidi's POV


Nathan and I made it to mercy hospital for my ultrasound. On our way in. I saw Sierra inside.


"Hey Sierra." I said and smile at her.


"Hey Heidi."


"Nath this is my best friend and a fan of you guys Sierra. Sierra of course you know Nathan." I said. They shook each others hand and there hello. I sign in and sat back down to wait. "How is Zayn, Sie?"


"He is fine he's at home. Well my house." She said and I raise my eyebrows.


"Does your mom knows that you..." I trail off. Of course Sierra's mom would know. Sierra text two months ago about it. Since I got a new phone with a new number, I gave it to her.


"Yes... remember."


"I remember right now, by the way hows Liam." I ask. I haven't talk to him since I told him that I could leave. Unfortunately I had to get a new phone because *cough* Louis, would always call me when he's drunk.





I was lay down next to Nathan and cuddled with him. Half way through the movie. My phone started to ring. I pick it up and look at the caller ID. "Who is it." Nathan ask.


I hesitate pressing the green button. Why is Louis calling me this late? Why is he even calling me? "L-L-Louis." I stutter. I press the green button and put it on speaker so Nathan can hear as well. "H-Hello?" I ask. Silence... "Hello?" I ask again still nothing. What the heck. I crinkle my nose listening to all the shuffling on the other line. "Hello?" I ask one more time. Finally someone speak.


"Baby I'm so so so so sorry. I didn't wanted to hurt you like this." Louis sob. Hurt me? What does he mean? I felt Nathan tense up a little. I pause the movie and look at Nathan.


"Nath? Do you know what's going on?" I ask him.


"N-No not at all." He lie. I know when he lie he stutters.


"Heidi... baby... I love you. Don't forget that. I never want to hurt you... I-I-I-I'm s-s-so sorry baby."


"Lou I don't even know why you are-" I was cut off mid sentence hearing a female voice on the other line.


"Babe what are you doing? Come downstairs." A familiar voice said. I know it's not Sierra. The one person that has been trying to steel Louis was.... Eleanor!!! What the hell.


"No!! I'm talking to my girlfriend!!!" Louis yell at her.


"Ohh baby your drunk. If you really love her and want her so bad you would of got her two months ago."


"Heidi I think you should hang up." Nathan said knowing that I'm in tears listening to there conversation.


" I love her and I want her now in my arms."


"No you don't baby. How about lets do this." it went quite all of a sudden. I didn't know what's going on.


"Heidi hang up the phone." Nathan said.


"Why? Tell me why Nath. Your hiding something." I tell him. We stay quite for a while till we heard moaning and groaning. I couldn't believe it.


"Heidi just han-"


"No Nathan no. I'm hurt I-I'm soooo hurt." I started to sob.


All the noise gotten ever louder but the one thing that hurt me the most is Louis said "I love you Eleanor.... I love you so much." he moaned. I hang up the phone and sob even more.


"I'm so sorry Heidi." Nathan said. He pull away and kiss me on top of my head.


~Flashback over~



"OK Mrs.Garcia ready for the sex of the baby?" my doctor said to me. I smile at him and nod. He put the gel on my big belly and started the ultrasound. While we look at the screen and I see my babies. "There they are." She said pointing at the screen. "Want to know the sex?" She ask. I look at Nathan and he look at me and we both smile at each other. I look at my doctor and nod to her. "OK.... One of each. You have a baby boy and a girl congratulation." She smile. I look at Sierra and I see her in tears.


"Awwww Sie please don't cry." I tell her not wanting to cry.


"I'm not, I'm not. It's just... happy." she said. I giggle a little. She is like the best and wired person ever. I'm glad she tag along. "I have to go... Zayn is still in my house." She said.


"OK... I'll text you later. Also give my number to Liam."


"OK." We said our goodbyes and we head back home.








~5 weeks later~



Bored out of my mind. The boys left for radio interview in Merced. I decided to text Liam. I haven't seen him in a long time but since I told Sierra to give my number to Liam we have been texting none stop.


Me:Heyy buddy what you up to?


I put down my phone and went to get something to eat since the baby always get my food. I came back and sat down and saw that I have a new text.



Li:Heyy you. How are you :)



Me:I'm good just bored. The guys left for a radio interview. How about you? Hows everybody?



Li:Ahhh no wonder your texting me haha. I'm fine, just tired from the tour and everyone are all fine... well not Louis.


Me: Of course.


Li: Heidi, please talk to him. We are in the dam bus, Louis and Sierra don't even talk to each other no more. They argue a lot. Sierra argues more with Louis than me.


Me: Hahaha well at least you not the one arguing?


Li: True ^__^


I giggle a little, Of course he would be happy but Sierra never mention about not talking to Louis. I understand why but... I don't know. He doesn't deserve it. I don't where are stand. Are we still together or is he moved on? Should I also move on as well? Lots of question come through my head. Ugh this is not how I plan my life to be.


Nathan's POV



Once we finish our interview at the radio station. I want to plan something for Heidi. I really like, no scratch that, I'm in love with her and I want her to be happy.


I look at the lads and said "I want to ask Heidi to be my girlfriend." They all look at me shock except Max. He knew that I am in love with her. I know she is going through a lot right now but I want her happen and I like to see her smile everyday. Three months ago I bought her a heart necklace that said 'forever and always'.


"You finally going win her?" Tom replied and smile. Everyone chuckle and so did I.


"Yes, but I really need you guys help I want you and Max to get her ready and take to that forest that we past by when we drove here to the interview and Jay and Siva will help me fix our date."


"Sounds like a good plan." Max said. "But why me and Tom?" he ask. Is it so obvious. Heidi had gotten so close to them. There friendship gotten strong for these past six months. Three more month and she will be a mom.


I smile at them and shook my head. "She closer to you guys." Was all I said.



Heidi's POV



"Heidi What Chu Doing?" Tom and Max sang smiling so 'innocently'. I look at them and smile.


"Texting Liam." I tell them and they nod. "Where's Nathan? Wasn't he with you guys?" I ask them. They both share glance at each other and look back at me. They both pull me up and dragged me to my room. What the heck?


"Get dress Heidi you going out!" Tom yell through the door.


"What's going on?" I ask glaring at the door instead of them. I heard giggles on the other side of the door.


"I know your glaring at the door but we can't tell you. Now hurry up and get ready." Max said. I roll my eyes and started to get ready.


I went to my walk in closet looking for something to wear. 'What to choose, what to choose'. What the heck, I can't find anything. I just pull out a blouse that has room for my big belly and put it on. I took out a dress pants and put it on. I would be uncomfortable if I wore skinny jeans. Put on my black Toms, I apply a little bit of make up and then curled my hair. I heard a soft knock so I open it.



"Re- Wow you look beautiful Heidi." Tom said and I blush a little.


"Thanks Tommy." I tell him.


"Ready to go?" he ask and I nod. As we got out of the house. We walk to the van, got in and drove off. 


"Are we there yet?" I asked. I was now blind folded walk somewhere I don't know where. We been walking already 20 minutes and my legs hurt.


"We are almost there." He chuckles and I just groan. In 2 or 3 minutes (I don't keep track) we stop. Tom took off my blind fold ancient gasp. It was beautiful. All the white peddled all over the floor and lights everywhere. I look back and to see that Tom and Max are gone. I heard someone streaming a guitar recognizing the toon. I turn to see my best friend Luis playing the guitar and Nathan standing next to him.


"Surprise." Nathan said. I smile at him and blush hard. "I you like this song so I'm dedicating it to you."he added and he started to sing the song.



'Let me be the one who calls you baby all the time

Surely you can take some comfort knowing that you're mine

Just hold me tight, Lay by my side

And let me be the one who calls you Baby all the time

I found my place in the world could stare at your face for the rest of my days

Now I can breathe turn my inside out and smother me

Warm and alive I'm all over you 

Would you smother me?'



I couldn't stop smile through the whole song the thought that Nathan remember the song I like. The ending of the song. Nathan walk closer to me. He grabbed me by the hips and pull me close to him not squishing the belly. I look up into his eyes while he sing to me. When the song was over. He lean down and kiss me on the lips and I kiss him back. I feel him smile through the kiss and I did the same. I slowly put my arms around his neck deepen the kiss. I pull away gasping for air foreheads still touching each other.


"I got you something." He said pulling out a box out of his pocket and hand it to me. "Open it." I opened it and my eye widen. I have a smile smile plasted on my face when I saw the necklace. "I mean it Heidi." Nathan said snapping me out of my thoughts. I look up at him smile. "I will love you 'Forever and Always'." He added. He took the necklace out, turn me around, and put it on for me.


"It looks beautiful Nath. You shouldn't have." I tell him giving him a peck on the lips.


"I wanted to. Plus I want to ask you something."


I raise my eyebrows and said "Shoot."


He hold on to my both hands and look at me straight into my brown eyes. "Heidi Garcia, will you be my girlfriend?" He ask a little nervous. I look down and look back up into his eyes and smile.


"Yes... Yes... of course I will." I tell his. Before he said anything I smash my lips on to him. He kiss me back smiling into the kiss... again. "I thought you would never ask." I said giggle kissing him again. 



We got back from our date heading home. I was text Liam while on the road. I didn't tell him about me and Nathan dating because I didn't know how he would react so I decided to let him find out himself when we make it official to the media.


I stop texting him an hour ago now tired. We are home in my room just enjoying our company.


"I can't believe your finally mine." Nathan whisper kiss me on the nose. I smile and kiss him on the lips.


"I can't believe it either." I admit it. I yawn and cuddle closer to him.


"Good night Brownie." He said and I giggle. He kiss me on my forehead and then on my lips.


"Good night Nathy." I murmured closing my eyes falling asleep.





Long Chapter. (:



I hope you guys like it.

Are you guys happy that their dating or not please comment your thoughts.


NEXT Chapter will be 2 Years later of this year 2013.













---Heidi :)

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