Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


20. Ch-19 We Meet Again

Heidi's POV






I don't believe in faith when I know it could happen to me... and it has. Here by the lake kissing with the person I love the most, Louis. He took me by surprise when he kiss me. I felt the guilt going through me when realizing I'm cheating on Nathan but at the same time... I don't because right now I'm with someone I love the most. I knew it is wrong of me. It hurt me that it hurt himsay that he loves me. When he kiss me I tense. I didn't know what to do. I gave up moving my hands to his neck melting into his kiss playing with the tip of his hair like I always do when we kiss. The kiss got a little heated that he lightly lean me me to the car. Minutes later he pull away but our lips never stop touching.




"I don't want to loose you." He said looking at me straight into my eyes. I didn't know what to say. I feel the same way with him. I don't want to choice between Louis and Nathan because then I would be hurting one of them but I don't want to loose none of them.


"I... I.... I don't want to loose you too, Louis." I said trying to hold the tears but couldn't. "It would kill me if I did." I admit.


"You won't." He whisper still really close to me. I focise in anything but him. The one I love, the one I wish I could be with all my life. Once again Louis kiss me again but more passionatly. I melt into the kiss. The way he kiss me, I love it so much. "You would never loose me, you'll never will."




"Listen, I know what I'm doing right now is wrong. Your with Nathan now and having a baby with him." He paused. I was going to speak but he cut me off. "But if Im going to fight for you and probably loose you for this, then it's a risk I'm going to take." Is he crazy? He would do that... for me?


"Are you crazy, Louis?" I push him away." You will never loose me, even if you have to do and say something stupid." I smirk but it's true. He won't and never will,loose me, like he said.


"But I do and say stupid things, that's how we are not together because of what I said that one night."


"Ohh, don't remind me." I said glaring at him. I don't want to stay here anymore, I want to at least be somewhere that it's not here. "Can we please go somewhere else?" I ask and he nod. He open my door for me and I went in.  












We decided to hang with the rest of the boys and Sierra at my house. I'll be leaving to LA in three days in hoping Nathan and I are cool. This is the first that we fought together. It's things I'm use to because me and Louis would always fight but Nathan never lie to me. Liam thought it was stupid that he did such thing, even to me. I knew telling them that they have to be nice to them for me. It's for the sake of Stella and James. They still consider Nathan their dad of course because he's been there to birth. He took care of them like it's his kids, but Louis wants to be in their life now. Which bring us back to us right now. I made Louis to promise that he can't say anything that just happen at the lake. If Nathan knew about it, I would be dead.


"So what did you guys do all day?" I heard Harry ask Louis and I. Great, He's always curious about whaat we do sometimes. 


I glare at Harry and said,"Do you have to know everything we do, like seriously, it's like you act like my father."


"I care, ok Heidi? I... care... for... my... friends."


"You have friends?" Sierra said. We couldn't help but to laugh. She said the same thing to Andres back in high school. She would never let that go.


"Yes Sie, I do and your one of them."


"Eww, since when I'm your friend, Harry?"


"Ugh! My god Sie, do you like being mean to everyone, like first it was Liam and now Harry." I said. It's a dam habit of her.


"It's my job Heidi." She said all of a sudden. That basically we did all day, we hang out, had our laughsn joked around, and had a great time. In a little bit of days, I'll be with Nathan.






Day 1




The next morning I decided to take James and Stella to a park close since it's a very good day to go. I feed them,derss them, and left walking to the  park near me. They are having a great time, running around, playing with their little ball I bought them for christmas, and being on the swings. I felt like someone is watching me but I didn't know who. I look around to see if anything is out of place but there was nothing.


"So Heidi, we meet again. I knew you were going to be back to your Home town." I knew that voice anywhere and I knew that today, it's not going to be a good day. I turn to see Eleanor smirk at me. I gave her a dirty glare not wanting to see this... bitch near my kids.


"What the hell are you doing here Eleanor?" I bark at her. I was glad my kids are playing and not here with me. 


"Me? I'm here to see Louis and I would thought he would be with you and his kids which they are adorable." What the hell. I would not bring Louis here even if I have our kids with me, the paparazzi are always around me and I don't want them to make a fake story about me.


"Keep away from my kids. I don't want you near you." 


"Aww, don't be like that, Heidi. I'm basically their second mother." 


"The hell with that. I would not let you get near them. Give me a favore and get the fuck away from us or else I'll call my body garuds." I was now pissed off. She would never will be a secound mother to them.


"Aww Heidi, don't be like that. We are all friends here, right?" I glare at her. 


"We were never friends. LEAVE NOW!!!" I was now loosing my patients. Good thing Inhave my clicking thing that Ben gave me. I had it in my pocket, so I stuff my hand in my pocket and press the button. It wasn't long enough when i saw Ben and Mark coming close and stand by my side. Eleanor paled when she saw them too.


"Eleanor,  leave now or I will make you leave." Mark said and he's not lying. He doesn't care if your a girl or not. If you hurt me, he will hurt you back. She didn't do nothing, just left out of my sight. "Heidi, I told to stay home." Mark said to me and I'm not going to lie, he's really scary. 


"I'm sorry. I really wanted to bring them." i said. They both look at me and sigh. The rest of the day, we were at the park. Mark and Ben stayed keeping an eye on us.




Day 3 (Skipping Day 2 but this will be short.)




It was my last day here in my home town.  I will really miss being here but I really need to see Nathan and to see if he's not mad at me. I hope not. Tom did called me asking me if I was ok and I told him yes. He told me that Nathan just want me back home and that he never talk back to the managements and he just did that yesterday. Oh boy, what am I going to do? Now I was debating if we should leave early. I didn't want him to get in trouble by the management for something he didn't mean to do.


"Hey Heidi bear whats wrong?" that was Sie. She stayed over since I couldn't leave anywhere cause I was leaving tomorrow. 


"It's nothing Sie."


"You sure? Is it about Nathan?" She asked. She knew what happen and she was worry for me. 


"Yeah, it is but I don't know if I should leave early cause he's been... I don't know." I sigh. I think I should leave early cause I'm stressing to much about it. Sierra agree with me so she helped me pack everything along with the kids. They were sad to leave but they miss Nathan and their uncles back in LA. While we were packing, Louis came over. I told him that I need leave and see Nathan. I could see he was sad about it. I don't blam him. I kissed him and now I'm leaving. I'm so stupid. 


"So your really leaving?" he ask me and i nod. 


"I have too. I need to see Nathan." I put my last suit case in the trunk of the limo. I turn and look at Sie and the boys standing there with there sad expression. "Guys I'm going to LA, I'm not dying."


"We know, since you live with them. We can't see you anymore." Liam said. I knew that and it sucks. I will see them again, they can't tell me who and how to not be with and Nathan knows that. "We will see you back in LA thought, right?" he ask.


"Of course Liam. They are not going to tell me not to hang out with you." When I close the truck.


I felt someone grab my wrist and turn me around and it was Louis pulling me close to him. "I hope to see you and our kids soon." He whisper to me so close to me almost in a kissing position. I couldn't help but to look at his kissable lips. 


"Y-You will." I whisper/studder. Without knowing he kiss me. I just melt into the kiss and kissing him back. I could still feel the tingle in my stomach when ever he kiss me. 


He pull away from me and look straight into my eyes and said "I love you, Heidi and don't forget that."


"I'm not planning to, Louis." I said to him. "I love you too, Lou." I added and he smile. I peck his lips and got in the limo with Stella and James. When we started to started to drive away, I decided to take a nap like my little monkeys are right now. The only thing to hope is...


to have my life the way I had it.




Yes a new update. Enjoy



--- Heidi  ♡♥♡♥

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