Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


17. Ch-16 Hurt

Jonathan's POV



School and work is all I do. I'm glad I took a long break just to be in my home town with my family. Right now I'm just relaxing in my room feeling to lazy to move when i head a knock on my door. 


"Come in." I said. When it open my best friend came in. "Oh hey Jesse, long time no see, what are you doing here?" I ask. I sat up on my bed to let him sit down and he did. 


"Just here to see you and tell you that my little sister is here with those boys i told you about." He said. Heidi is also back in town as well, cool. Last time I saw her is ages ago, when she was pregnant with her twins. Yes, i knew. She always sent me letters with there pictures. They look just like their parents, like no lie. I truly miss her. Maybe today i sould go and see her.


"I she home?" I asked at last. 


"Yeah, they are all there. All of us had a little get together yesterday once she arive."


"Is she still with... you know... with that guy you hate so much?"


"No thank god. She is dating someone else and he is a pretty cool person." He said. Now I'm a little curious what happen her and Louis. I did met him once with Heidi. They were so lost with each other. I wonder what had happen but I didnt want to ask Jesse about it.


"That's good. What's his name?" I asked.


"Nathan. He's in a famous group call 'The Wanted'." He said. humm, another famous group. I just nod.











Heidi's POV 






















I felt so tired yesterday seeing all my brothers and my sister... well basically my whole family. They all love Nathan and the rest of the boys. They ask so many questions to them that they feel like they were in a interview. I felt bad but it was good to watch. 


Today we decided to just stay home and my kids have fun with there cousin's that just came to play with them. I heard a the door bell rang a couple of times. I got and walk to the door and open it to see Jonathan standing there on my porch.


"Jonathan, oh my god." I went to hug him. I haven't seen him in forever. Since I came back from the UK. "What are you doing here, who told you I came?" I ask.


"Jesse did and I want to visit you. I miss much Chipmunk." 


"Oh for the love of god! Why people have nicknames for me? Am I that easy to name?"


"To be honest yeah you are" He chuckle. I glare at him but smile. It's pretty much true since I have a lot. Ha, I have a lot of name!!!! 


"Ok come in Jonny." I smirk. He hates when people call him that. 


"Haha.... funny, Heidi.  Very funny." he walked in and when he went to the living room he awkwardly wave to the boys. "Hi." 


"Hi." They all said. Yeah very awkward.  Jonathan doesn't know them so that's why.


"uhh.... guys this is Jesse's best friend, Jonatha. He's like a brother to me as well, Jonathan this Jay, Siva, Tom, Max, my boyfriend Nathan." I told him their names.


"Nice to meet you all."




"Mommy who's that tall person?" James said sitting next to Nathan. 


"Your uncle's best friend. He like family."


"Can I call him uncle too." whatever you want hunny." I smile to him and he smile back. He look at Jonathan and wave to him.


"Hi uncle. My name is James."


"Well hello there James. It's actually to finally meet you your mother sends me pictures you too." And thats true. Every time I want to take them a picture. I send them to him and to family.





We were having a good time when heard again the door bell and I know who it was. Louis. He had called me a few hours ago.














"So basically, we didn't plan on coming but since all that. Nathan want to come so I won't be stress because it's bad for the baby." I told Jonathan.  We have been talking about me and boys all day. He want to know how I met them, so I told him everything. He wasn't happy about them kidnapping me but they didn't knew I was pregnant and with twins, so it changes everything. When I told that Louis had cheated on me with that girl that try to get rid of me. He was beyond pissed, he want to beat him. I knew it wasn't Louis' fault. She kept bugging him. what I knew that they never dated. She would always follow him or grab him then kiss him infront of the paparazzi. How stupid was that? 


"Do you guys talk to him?" Jonathan asked.


"We have no choice." Tom mutter. I elbow him then glare at him. You dam right you don't have no choice.  Louis maybe an ass sometimes but he comes and see his kids and try his best to be in there life. They should at least respect that.


"Why do they have no choice?"


"Cause Jonathan,  I'm not going to let them start somerhing with him or with the other. He is in the twins life now, at respect that. Even though we are not together,  we are still good friend." I said angrily. I don't care that he hurt me. What's more important that he is in our kids life thats is. It got quite for till my phone went off. I got and went to another room. When I looked at the caller ID, my eyes widen. Louis is calling me. I right away answered the phone.


"Hello?" I asked. 


"Hey Heidi,  What are you been up to. Just letting you know we are here with Sie." 


"Really when you guys here."


"Like 8 hours ago. Why? Did Sierra told you that we going over here."


"Umm, No, I'm actually here as well. I saw her yesterday." I told him. Sie didn't told me they were come. Maybe it was to surprise her.


"Really? Well if you don't mind if the lads and I see you, please."


"Yeah, I don't care. I really miss you guys, even you." And that's the truth. I really do miss him and the boys. Sometimes they don't let me go see them and I hate that. 






~End Flashback~







"I'll get it guys." I said. I got up before they said anything. When I got to the door, I open it and Louis,  the boys, and Sierra are stand there. "Hi guys." I said smile at them. 


"Did we miss the party?" Liam said. I glare at him. I know why he said that. 


"Don't push it Li-"


"Who is it Hei- Ohh them." It was Nathan. He sound angry. Why? I turn and see him standing there. 


"Nath-" He put his hands up cutting me off. Hes mad at me. When he left to another room. I look at the boys and said "Stay here please, I need to talk to him." They nod and i left to find Nathan. "Nath, what the hell? Why did you act like that? What the hell are you doing?" I said. He was grabbing his clothes and paking it end.


"Look Heidi, I understand we see them in LA. Tom is right. We don't have a choice in anything."


"So you you I would fucking let talk crap to them? Why are you telling me this now, Nathan?" I said crossi g my arms very upset and disappointed. Nathan had never acted like this and he is choose today be an ass?


"Cause I have put up with it since you first ask me to let Louis in our house."


"So being nice to them was all an acted." I was now in tears. He lied to me. I could believe it. That long time I thought Nathan wasn't like this. I-I loved him. "Are you acting that you love me too." 


"I do Heidi..." He pause a little and sigh. "I don't want to be the bad guy here Heidi. I really do truly love you." He try to grab my hand but I pulled away. It Hurt to know that he is doing this to me.


"Please leave? Now!!" 


"Heidi, please."


"Get the fuck out of my face Nathan!?! You think I'm going to let this go? Leave now!?!" He just sigh and left with the guys. Jonathan left minutes later. Louis, Sierra, and the boys had stayed and comfort me. I could stop cry knowing Nathan's and I relationship might be ending. My mom came home seeing different boys in the livingroom. I told what had happen and she was upset. I don't blame her, I am as well. All I feel right now is... Hurt.








Ello, Hows it going everyone. 


What you think of Nathan?  Is he being harsh on her? Are they breaking up? 

That last answer you will get in the future chapter ;)

Got to ask. U guys prefer Louis or Nathan?


--- Heidi ♡♥♡♥ :)

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