Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


15. Ch-14 Taking Care Of Sick Stella

Natha's POV



I'm getting so worry. Once we came back from our interview. Heidi said that Stella wouldn't eat and would keep crying that it hurts. Her temperature got high and I'm scared that it will go more higher. James was always on her side. I love how he's always be by her side and help her out when she needs it. I'm in the living while Heidi is with Stella upstairs. James with me and the lads watch some cartoons that he likes. He was now fallen asleep on my lap. He deserve some sleep. He's stayed wake (I don't know why) to see if she wakes up crying. I jump a little when i felt my phone went off. I wonder who is it? I pull out my phone and check the caller ID and it was Louis. My eyes widen, why is he calling me? I slowly put james on Jay's lap and went to the kitchen and answer the phone.


"Louis, what sup?" I ask. Even thought he beated me up. I am still try my best not to talk crap in front of Heidi. 


"Hey Nath, umm... I'm just calling to say that I'm so sorry.  I didn't mean to attack you. It's just that... i don't know. The way you made Heidi happy. I wish i did in the best and what i did... broke her heart. I was a stupid boyfriend. I'm happy she's with and i hope you protect her more than i did." He didn't talk. He right away hang up on me. Now i feel a little guilty. He truly love Heidi and i just took her away from him. I walked back to the living room and saw that Jay was playing with James. 


"Daddy I want candy." James said when he was pouting with Jay. Oh for the love god Jay. Him and James they always pout when they want something. I glare at Jay but sigh. Before i said anything I heard Heidi calling my name. 


"I'll be right back." I went upstairs to the twins room and see Heidi sitting next to Stella.


"She really burning up. We need to take her to the hospital."


"Ok I'll get the lads and get one of them to carry Stella." i told her and she nod. I went up to her and kiss her passionately. i pull away and look at he straight in her eyes. "I love you, Heidi." She smile and peck my lips.


"I love you too." 


"Go get ready. I'll get everybody." I said and she nod then walked out.










Heidi's POV




I'm super scared at the moment. Stella is burning up and now we are in the hospital in the waiting room. I sat next to Nathan waiting for the doctor come out and tell us whats wrong. I haven't told Louis about Stella which I should. He will probably be freaked out. I should call him right? I look at Nathan and he look at me. 


"I think I should call Louis about Stella. He might freak if I didn't. " I told Nathan and he nod. I glt up and left the waiting room. I took out my phone and dial Louis' cell. It rang twice and he answer.


"Heidi what sup?" He ask. I took a deep breath and told him about Stella. 


"Louis I think you should come to the hospital.  Stella was sick and her temperture was really high and we brought her here.i want you to come please for me and Stella." It was quite for till I heard a sigh on the other line. 


"I'll be there. How is she?" He ask.


"Your not freaking out that your daught is in the hospital?" 


"I am I just don't want to do it around you cause your pregnant and you start stressing and thats bad for you and for the baby so I'll be there ok bye." Before I said anything he hang up. Freaking great he's pissed. How the hell I get stress. 'Well stupid your prego that's why. Thats what Louis said.' I have a mean mind. I'm blaming Sierra, I don't know why don't ask. I walk back and back next to Nathan. 


"Is he coming?"


"Yeah he is."


"You ok. You sound like your not happy about it."


"I don't know Nath. He's acting weird."


"Well what ever it is, he will tell don't worry everything will be fine." He said. I smile at him and peck his cheeks. He knows how to make me feel better. Minutes later Louis and the rest of the lads came in. I looked at and he nod to me to go. I didn't hesitate,  I got up and right away hug Louis. I didn't want to let him go. Our daughter is in there god knows whats going on in there.


"Hey love you ok?" Louis ask camly. I pull away from him and smile. 


"Yes, thanks Lou." I told him and he smile. He looked at Nathan and he look at Louis. I was afraid that they were going to go at it again here but no. They both just nod each and said nothing. Weird. Something happen, I could tell and they're not tell me. I shrug and let it go. I turn to see the others standing. So I went to hug each and one of them.


"Hows little Stella?" Liam said. 


"She's fine. We are just waiting for the doctor."


"They didn't let you go in with her?" I shook my head no.




Hours later the doctor came out and we all stand up. I pray that my daughter is ok.


"How is she doc." Louis said. We all look at him weird and he look at us. "What? I always wanted to say that." 


"Not now Lou." I said


"Well Stella is fine. We gave her medicine and her temperture went down so she's fine now. You could take her home now." The doctor said. We all sigh of relief. The doctor said that only two could go in and of course I'm going in.


Out of no where to my surprise Nathan said "Louis should go in there with you." I didnt say nothing. I just nod. Louis and I walk in to Stella room and when she saw us...


"Mommy, Daddy!!!" That happen. I went to the side of her bed and hug her. I could hold tears they just slip. Louis came the other side and we had a little group hug. 




I hope u guys like it. Sorry for a late chapter.


---- Heidi ♡♥♡♥

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