Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


11. Ch-10 The News

Hours of talking and fooling around with Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry. Nathan and the guys finally came home from all there interview. When the boys came in. I looked to see Zayn glaring at them without them noticing. I quickly hit his side since he is sitting next to me. I look at him and see that he was rubbing his side where I hit him.


"Stop glaring at them. Your lucky I told them as well that do not glare as well." I tell him.


"Fine." He mumble. I got and hug all of them. When I hug Nathan I kiss him on the lips.


"Well I think we should go." Liam said getting up as well the others. What is it with these two group hating on each other. I know Liam and Nathan have nothing against each other which is good but I'm still on these four and Zayn and Louis. I turn to see Liam with a sad expression on my face.


"Stay please." I said.


"We should really go. We have stuff to do." Well thanks Zayn to put it in a very harsh way. I started to trembled and Nathan notice so he hold on to me by the waist.


"I think that's a bit to harsh to say to Heidi don't you think." I hear Tom. I look at him and he look angry. 

"Tom." I warn him.


"No, let him keep talking. I love to hear what he said." 


"No, Zayn you don't. Why now?"


"I don't like them."


"Got Dam it!! Zayn sit!! Max, Tom, Jay, and Siva sit!!" I yell at all of them. Zayn right away sat down and stayed quite. That's right be scared of the pregnant chick. I turn and see the four guys with wide eyes. I point to the couch where Zayn is not sitting."Sit." They slowly walk past me and sat down. 

"Baby, calm down, OK? It's bad for the baby" I took a deep breath and nod giving him a small smile. I turn and see them all staring at me.


"OK.... I'm not going to yell. I don't care why you guys hate each other. You guys are all my best friends."I pause a little and then continue. "Max, Tom, you two are my closes friends. For god sakes, you guys kidnapped me and I forgave you guys. You treat me like family and as well with Stella and James." I right away look at Zayn and said "And Zayn... I'm just saying we met two in a half years ago and your dating my best friend. I love you all equally... well I love Nathan more."


"OK that's mean."


"Hey, he's my boyfriend OK. Of course I would love him more." I hug Nathan and stuck my tongue at Tom. "All I'm saying is when I'm around... don't start shit, OK?" They stayed quite. "OK!?!" I yell.


"Yes." They all mumble. 


"Good... Now I'm hungry and..." I was cut off by the doorbell.


"I'll go get it." Nathan said. He peck me first then left to the door.


"Daddy!!!" I heard my twin probably say that to Nath. He came back carrying Stella and James and Louis following behind. His eyes widen when he saw Harry and the others.


"Hi guys why you guys here?" He ask confused.


"I was bored and lonely so they came over." He still looked confuse so he look towards Nathan.

"We went to an interview."


"Ahh, OK then. Well... I brought them back saying they miss uncle Tom and that they want to tackle Siva." Louis shrug and I chuckle.


"They pick on him all the time."


"Yeah I could tell. Stella said that she painted his face with the help of you." Louis said pointing at Nathan. Well at least their not arguing like freaken Zayn was.


"Woah." I said loud holding on to my belly. I felt the baby's little hand rub my belly. 


Louis looked at me and said "Are you alright?" Great I don't want to tell him now its not the right time.


"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just-"


"Heidi." Liam cut me off. Dam you Payne. He wants me to tell him now. Why now? This is not the right time to tell him. Is it? 


"What's going on. Are you OK? Are you injured?"


"Oh yeah I'm injure... Ohh my back. I'm going to fall. Baby, help me." I started to joke.


"Baby, I think Liam is right you need to tell him." 


"Tell me what?"


"Why are you siding him?" I said now mad. I don't want to tell him nothing. I look at Tom or Max for help but they put their hands up in surrender and have 'Don't drag me to this' look. Jerks.


"Am I missing something here?" Louis said. I pinch the bridge of my nose and then let it and look at Siva.


"Siva take the twins to their room please?" I ask and he nod. I gave them both a kiss on their forehead.He took the twins and went upstairs. It went quite. No one doesn't want to break the silence till Liam did.


"Heidi you need-"


"Don't rush me, boy." I glare at him. Nathan by my side he whisper in my ear.


"Heidi, I love you. What ever happens I'm here for you." I turn to him and kiss him.


"I know."  I smile. I turn and look at Louis. "I am-" I cut myself because I ran back to the bathroom and throw up. When I was done I started to cry. Stupid baby hormones. I feel so stress when it comes to this and I know it's bad for the baby. I felt hands rubbing my back. Looking up, it was Louis looking worry. I hug him right away starting to sob. 


"Heidi, please tell me what's wrong? I hate seeing you like this."


"I'm a mess Louis. Your fans hate me for breaking your heart. I've  been getting hates and threats to hurt me. It gave me paranoid and going out with the twins even worse." I look up to him and cup his cheeks. He looks like he has tears threating to come out but I know he's trying to be strong for me. "L-Louis, I love you. I fucken you so dam much. For god sake...... I have never stop loving but I don't want to hurt you but hurts me that I just did in some way. Of course Nathan knows that I love you. He won't tell me to stop loving you cause he knows that it will hurt me inside."

"Awwww, princess you did not hurt me. I love you too. More than anything. More than my life and my career. I would stop singing for you... heck I bet Nathan would do the same. I just don't want to see you like this. Hurts me even more to be even seeing you like this. I don't I want pressure you in anything. I want you to calm and tell me when you-"


"I'm pregnant... Louis." I cut him off. It was now silence. Louis did not say anything. I look up and see his shock and froze face. "I'm pregnant Louis... that's why I'm here throwing up, getting angry and crying a lot. I didn't want to tell you." I knew this was a bad day to tell him.


He shook his head a little and said...

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