Back For You (Sequel to 'LAFS')

It's been 2 years that Heidi has talk or seen Louis. She already had his kids and they are now 1 years old. Heidi is now dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted for a year and they couldn't be any happier. Louis wants Heidi by his side again. Finding a where a way to get her back. Will Heidi stay with Nathan and start a new life and start over or would she be back with Louis?


'Forever And Always'


2. Ch-1 ~4 Months Later~

There is the first chapter. Hope you like it.


Just letting you know. I'm not starting 2 Years Later. In two chapters I would start it in when Heidi still pregnant with the twins and in her last grade in high school. Enjoy.








--- Heidi :)




Heidi's POV



Finally senior year. I was barley coming making to when I saw Sierra in the front of the school. Crap! She doesn't know I'm still with The Wanted and back home. The guys never came for me. It hurt, a lot to know Louis wouldn't come for me. It hurt to found out that the love of your life and the father of your twins dating someone else forgetting about you. Nathan had to comfort me. We are not dating for that matter. He's sweet and all but I'm trying to get over whatever me and Louis have.


We stop right in front of the school, going to be honest with you. I am a bit nervous to come back. My friends has been texting me none stop. I'm afraid they would ask a lot of question which is I hate the most.


"Love, are you OK?" Nathan asked snapping me out of my thoughts.


"Y-Yeah, just a little nervous. I'll be fine." I said smiling at Nathan. Him, the rest of the band, and I got along really great. Tom and Max are so funny. Jay, Nathan, and Siva are mature, 'sometimes'.


"Don't be, you will be fine." he said kiss me on the cheeks. I blush at the feel of his lips.


"Thanks Nath. Always know what to say."


"I'm always here for you love."


I giggle and said "Why thank you Nathy. I'll see you later. You are coming to pick me up after school right?"


"Yeah I will be here."


"Bye Nath."


"Bye love." he said giving me a quick peck on the cheeks. I got out of car/limo, everyone was staring. I'm trying to hide so Sierra won't see me but it was to late.


"Heidi? OMG Heidi it's you!!" Sierra said. She ran up to me and hug me. "Wow Heidi your huge."


"I know but I feel wired." I said looking around seeing everyone staring in our direction.


"Yeah. How did you escape from the people. Louis or Zayn nor Niall and Liam wouldn't told me who took you." she said. I can't lie to her. She's my best friend. I tell her everything, I mean everything. So I need to tell her the truth.


"Well I'm still with... them." I said. Her eyes widen.


"What?!? Who is it and why are you still with them?!?" She yell.


"The Wanted."  


~2 more months later - Rally Day~


"So ready for today?" Jose one of my best friend said to me.


I looked at him confused and said "Ready for what."


"Your friend Sierra. She's invited One Direction to performe here at the rally I thought you knew." He said. My eyes went went wide. Oh no no no no no, They are going to see. I guess my friend knew I was freaken out cause he shook me a little. "Hey are you OK? I thought you would be happy that going to see them."


"Yeah I would be happy to see them but they don't know that I'm here."


"What do you mean?"


"Oh yeah that's right you don't know. Well Jose, you know how I left to UK for a visit?" I asked him and he nod. "Well I already met them there."


"What really?"


"Yeah I was dating Louis."


"Awwww the one you like. How-"


"Shut up Jose." I said laughing. He knew my favorite member in the group. I tell him everything. He is a really good friend and he understands me a lot. "And father of this baby." I said. He chocked a little on his candy.


"What?!? Heidi isn't he old than you?"


"Yeah. I love him. Can we j-just change the s-subject." I said wiping my tears off my eyes.


"Yeah, I'm sorry for asking."


"It's OK Jose. Its just that we are kind still dating till I found out... he's dating another girl." 

Finally 4th period and the rally is next. Once the announcement came out to say we are allow to go to the gym. I walk out of my class. I waited for Sierra and Jose so I could sit with them.


"Hey Heidi." I heard Sierra from behind.


"Hey Sie ready for the rally?"


"Yeah I can't wait." she said. As we walk in to sit in the senior side. I saw Jose so we sat next to him.


"Hey Jose."


"Hey Heidi. Hey Sierra."



"OK you all Directioner ready for One Direction!!!" Enrique a football player said. Everyone roar out in each grade section. I tense up and Jose notice.


"Heidi don't worry he probably won't notice yo-"


"Heidi!" Crap. Zayn saw me. He came up to see his girlfriend.


"Hey Zayn." I said awkwardly.


"You escape from the dorks." I was a little taken aback of what he said but him and the rest of the guys don't know I'm still with them.




"Umm babe you should get ready. Don't say that she's here or I will kill you." she said seriously giving him a death glare.


"OK OK, I won't."



Louis' POV



I'm depress. Why didn't I look for her when she needed me. I hate myself for not looking. Right when she got kidnapped I went crazy but for some reason Eleanor said that she doesn't want to be looked for. I try not to believe it but I just don't know. I wish I could get her back I love her to much to let her go. In a way I just did.


I am standing in front of a crowd of students in the gym. Cheering for us till I turn where I Sierra is sitting. I see a familiar person sitting next to her.


"Hey Lou, you alright." Zayn said snapping me out of my thoughts.


"Umm yeah. Who's that girl sitting next to Sie?" I ask him.


He look where Sierra is sitting and his eye went wide. "Is that Heidi? How is that possible. I'll go check." he said walking up to Sierra. They were talk till she look away like she didn't want to talk. Sierra say something to Zayn and he walk down the steps to us.


"So is it her?" I ask him. He looked at me and then look away.


"Just a new friend Sierra met." He lied but I just let it go. 

"Thank you One Direction for performing here at our high school."


"No, thanks Sierra for inviting us." Zayn said looking at her and smile. I see the girl staring at me. I couldn't see her from far away. I see her look away and talk to Sierra about something.



Heidi's POV



I couldn't stop staring at Louis when they were performing. I can't believe its been six months I haven't seen them. I really do miss them. Louis the most but he moved on and so did I... kinda. I didn't notice Louis was staring but I'm guessing he trying hard to see who I am.


I look away from his gaze and told Sierra "I think I'm going home early."


"OK but why- oh OK. But wait. Do you know the sex of the babies yet." Sierra ask.


"Not yet till tomorrow. Want to come? Nathan's going." I told her. I knew if I bring up Nathan. She would definitely want to see him.


"Yes. What hospital."


"Mercy Hospital. Tomorrow at 11:40. See you tomorrow Sie." 


I wave goodbye to her and went down the steps. Once I was on my last steps. I look up and see Louis staring at me. My eyes went wide when my brown eyes look into his blue eyes. I look away again and start to walk. I grabbed my phone and called Nathan. It rang twice and someone answer the phone.




"Hello, Tom is Nathan there?" I ask Tom.


"Umm yeah." he said.


"Tell him to pick me up at Burger King. I will tell you guys why when we get home." I tell him and hang up. I knew he was going to ask me why. I didn't want to explain now since I'm pretty sure someone is behind me. I look back and see Louis following me. I walk fast till I saw Nathan car in front. I walk a little fast and careful.


"Heidi wait." I Louis in back of me.


I stop right away and turn around looking into his eyes."No, Louis! You lost me already and you can't get me back. I fucken waited for you almost 6 months Louis and you never came for me. What makes you think I want to wait for you. You have Eleanor, right? You forgot about-"


"I have never forgot about you Heidi. Never. You don't know how much I miss you."


I look at him and see sadness in his eyes. I look down and said "Then you should of have come for me." I whisper. I walk away from him and open the car. I got in and see the guys in the car/limo.


"Hey Heidi." Everybody said.


Nathan notice the tears "Are you OK love?" he ask giving me a hug.


"Yeah. I'm fine. Lets just go home." I said. They all smile weakly and nod. I look out the window and notice Louis still out there. Shock on what I said. He deserve what I said. I lay my head on Nathan and close my eyes.


"Take a nap, love. We will be at your house soon." Nathan said. I smile and nod and fell asleep.

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