Who's Daddy?????? zayn malik fan fic

Perrie and Zayn were happily married at age 21 until perrie announced she was pregnant zayn thought perrie cheated and divorced her they haven't seen each other for 15 years even though perrie's still friends with Sophia and Eleanor and the rest of little mix and one direction 15 years later perrie's engaged to a bad man and perrie's kids LEVANI and ROSS are looking for there real father what happens there?


1. you marrying that..................MAN?!

 Levi's [levani's] pov

I was sitting in my bedroom on my phone reading 1D fan fiction when my brother ross just barged in Levi you've gotta hear this mum's marrying that freak he shouted say what now I screamed we ran down the stairs me hot on his heel  mum was sitting on the couch looking like he forced her into it which he probably did you're marrying that that..................MAN?!  I yelled levani that's no way to talk to your mother or new step father said Dan smugly how many time's does she have to tell you before you get it hint your thick skull ?! her name is Levi he bellowed that's it kid Dan roared and came and threw a punch at him hard across the face that'll teach you boy don't talk to me like that shrieked Dan and mum just sat there watching what was happening Levi pack your things where leaving said ross so I ran upstairs and grabbed my tote bag and grabbed my clothes phone my phone charger shoe's cash and some food and met ross outside the house where do we go he asked ummm ooh how about aunt jesy's were not allowed to see her cause she got a new boyfriend that mum doesn't like so mum wouldn't suspect a thing so we headed down to aunt jesy's

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