Who's Daddy?????? zayn malik fan fic

Perrie and Zayn were happily married at age 21 until perrie announced she was pregnant zayn thought perrie cheated and divorced her they haven't seen each other for 15 years even though perrie's still friends with Sophia and Eleanor and the rest of little mix and one direction 15 years later perrie's engaged to a bad man and perrie's kids LEVANI and ROSS are looking for there real father what happens there?



levi's pov

what were? I shouted he came up and kissed me on the lips and ross pulled him of and shook him what the carrots do you think your doing?! don't you dare touch my baby sister!!!!! yelled ross so your not perrie? said  the man no I'm her daughter I said feeling uncomfortable  how old are you he asked 16  I replied are you my daughter? he asked nervously how the carrots should I know I said/shouted

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