Who's Daddy?????? zayn malik fan fic

Perrie and Zayn were happily married at age 21 until perrie announced she was pregnant zayn thought perrie cheated and divorced her they haven't seen each other for 15 years even though perrie's still friends with Sophia and Eleanor and the rest of little mix and one direction 15 years later perrie's engaged to a bad man and perrie's kids LEVANI and ROSS are looking for there real father what happens there?


2. my dearest

perrie's pov

I started crying as I saw Levi give me that look of disgust and run of with ross Dan pulled me onto his lap and said baby we have free time now those brats are gone DAN THOSE SO CALLED BRATS ARE MY BABY'S I screamed he pulled a blade out of his pocket and raised it to my  neck now what were you saying baby girl ? asked Dan  Dan please stop I cried

levi's pov

we were nearly at aunt jesy's and suddenly I saw her sunbathing on her lawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and ross ran over to her aunt jesy? I asked Levi ross? what are you doing here your mum will kill you if she finds out said aunt Jesy we ran away we said in usion what? she said Jesy a deep man's called out and he walked out and onto the lawn and then we saw him a brown nearly black quiff with a streak of white  and arms covered with tattoos we let him get a clear look of us then he gasped perrie?




theres the chap luv all my kitty cats!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3 cat

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