Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


18. twitter shittt


I awake to an aching in my inner leg area. I look over to see a peacefully sleeping Liam. I take the allotted time to admire his features. His long brown bang ruffled up a bit. His full pink lips slightly parted. He is too cutee! I get up from bed when I hear the front doorbell ring. I quickly pull on some undergarments and some red booty shorts. I pull one of Liam's t shirts and run to the front door. I open it to find nothing there. I'm about to close the door when I spot a blue envelope on the doormat. It says my name written in a cursive ndwriting on the front. It says something odd. ha.

Watch your back, bitch.

That's all it says... I walk back into the house to see Liam in the kitchen, cooking. I walk over slowly and wrap my arms around his waist. It's clear I startled him cause he jumps until letting out a small sigh and smiling sweetly. He kisses my forehead before turning back to the silver plated stove.

"Morning, beautiful" he smiles, handing me a full plate.

"Morning" I peck his cheek as he sits down at the dining room table. We eat in silence.a

"So why were you outside this morning?" He casually asks as I dry the dishes.

"Uhmm, no reason."

"Tell me" he whispers with caring eyes

"just an odd note" I shrug him off. I disconnect our eyes and reach for my pocket, handing him the envelope 

"What the hell?" He furrows his brow as he stares down on the white ink filled paper.  It must've been done with an ink pen.

"Go get dressed" he playfully pushes me up the stairs

"whyyyyyy?" I drag out the y

"we're going to the studio" he says simply

"do I have to g-" I get cut off


i roll my eyes and place my hand on my hip. He just looks at me. I sigh in agreement and walk off to the wardrobe. I throw on some jean shorts with silver studs on the back pockets and a loose tank top with the words "my love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me"  written on it. I apply a light makeup and curl my hair at the ends. I run down the stairs to Liam's demands. When we arrive at the studio and the boys start recording., I realize that I haven't been on twitter in ages. I take upt my phone and immoderately regret it. I have about 950k followers and a lot of rude comments. 

"Wow, being with two of the boys? Cough cough slut cough cough haha"

" who taught you how to do your makeup? A stripper?"

"how much is Liam paying for you ?"

I start to tear up until my phone is ripped from my hand by an unsuspected Niall. He sits on the seat next to me and shakes his head looking at all the comments. I bury my head in his chest and start bawling. "Shhhh" he coos and rubs my back. I sniffle and pull away. 

"Liam's at the studio for the night, wanna stay over?" Niall asks. I nod and he pulls me to his car. This will be a fun night ;)

when we arrive he runs upstairs an I follow obediently. I sit on what appears to be his bed and start looking around the room. That is, until in hit by a flying pair of shorts and a hoodie. He points to the bathroom with a friendly smile and I shuffle over slowly closing and locking the door. After I get changed. I walk down stairs and cuddly up to Niall on the couch, as I'm freezing. He drapes his arm over my shoulders. We sit and watch "The Purge" until I fall into a slumber.

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