Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


23. problems

Cc's POV

I hear voices, but I can't reach them. I see a tunnel. Curiously, I crawl through. Im astonished at the sight. I'm 13, in my small bedroom, crying my eyes out. Danny yells out my name angrily, then mom yelling at Danny. Soon after I hear screaming of pain and anguish. My phone makes a sound. I hesitantly pick it up, seeing it's another text message from Laurah. The popular girl and my biggest bully. 

"Haha dealing with your psycho dad, fat slut?"

"Why don't you go cry to your depressed mommy?"

"Tell your drunk of a dad to shut up, I can hear him slap you all the way from here"

I sit cross legged on my comforter, stroking my hair while I let the tears stain the blanket in front of me. I suddenly feel my heart burst at a thought. I just think to myself

"Cecilia, you promised to stop"

"Don't do it"

I shake away the voices and get up, strolling to the bathroom and taking the shiny metal box from under the towels. Opening it, I take out one if the shiny metal pieces and slowly let it sink into my wrist. I feel the pain vanish inside and grow outside. I let out a sigh of relief as I sink in further. After about five more of those, I pull away and clean off my favourite blade, I got it off of a broken pencil sharpener. I carefully clean both my wrists and walk out the bathroom. Mom is sitting on my bed, crying her eyes out. I sit next to her, resting my head on her shoulder.

"Cecilia, doll, I thought you stopped that?" She sobs, trying to control her wave of sadness

"I tried, mom, I really did" I cry next to her. "I just sometimes want to die"

"Bunny, you're perfect" she rubs my back as a wave of sobs takes over. 

That was the last time I really, ever, cried

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