Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


2. omg gay!!!

Cc's pov



"YEA" I hear a faint voice call from up the 3 flights of stairs.

"COME HERE PLEASE" I yell back

"What?" I don't even notice he's there until I feel hands on my shoulders.

"I wanna hug" I pouted, giving him puppy dog eyes

" alrighty then" he said in a goofy voice

We cuddled on the couch as he played with the ring on my finger. I was interrupted by a familiar sound echoeing through the household.

And isn't this exactly where you'd like me

I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know

Praying for love in a lap dance and pay-

"Hello?" I say cheerfully into my phone.

"Hay cricket!" The voice on the other end yells

"Jesus!" Somebody calls in the background. Probably Brendan. Her boyfriend

I laugh at Brendan and continue.

"So what's up, you sound happy?"

"Wanted to know If we could have a sleepover at your house this Friday"

"Course, so I will talk to ya later "

"Kzers" she shouts

"K byeee" I say, holding the 'e' in bye extra long.

I put down my phone only for it to sound again, a text message.

(Z for zack, C for cc)

Z: hai

C: hey ❤️

Z: could I maybe talk to you? Alone?

C: course zacky, you can tell me anything

Z: ok

C: I'll pick ya up at yer house l8r ok

Z: k in 20 mins

C : c ya den :3

Z: c ya :D

I put down my phone and get up from Louis lap.

"Are you sure you wanna go out alone with that zack kid?"

" he's my best friend, don't worry, we HAVE been friends since the fourth grade."

"Okay," he hesitates

I roll my eyes and walk to my room. Conner is crying his eyes out from across the hall. Guess nap time is over. I walk to the room and pick him up from his crib. As soon as I pick him up, he settles I pick up chloé in my other arm and carry them to the master bedroom. I lay them in a pile of teddy bears on the floor and hand them toys. I walk over to the wardrobe and ponder over outfit choices, I get snapped out of my trance by a flying object hitting my arm

"SON OF A B-" I stop myself

"Who threw the toy." I stare at them. They stare back.

"Just like your father" I mumble

I finally decide on a pair of blue skinny jeans and a blue flowy top. I turn on the curler and walk over to Conner and chloé. I have to take them with me cause Louis has to be at the studio in an hour. That reminds me. I walk downstairs to Louis watching tv with no shirt on.

"You'd better get your lazy ass up before I whoop it" I say too seriously

" shut up" he says bluntly

" aw HELL NAW! I know you did NOT just tell me to shut up!" I say with my hand on my hip snappin my fingers in a 'z' formation

He puts his hands up in defence and walks to the laundry room. I walk back upstairs. The curler is done so I lay the babies in the empty bathtub to let them move around. I curl my hair and pin it to the side. Change the kids and put them in their carriers. I grab the keys and my phone

"Don't forget this" Louis laught, holding up my purse

"Thanks I smile and kiss his cheek.

"Don't be out to late now" he warns

"Ok dad" I joke

"Haha, very funny" he says. A sarcastic tone in his voice

I give him a passionate kiss and walk to the car. I strap the kids in their seats and we are off. We arrive to zacks house some minutes later. He hops in the pass angers seat and we are on the road

"Well, where too?" Zack finally pipes up

"I dunno, you wanted to meet up, your choice"

I shrug

"How about the mall?" He suggests

"Perfect" I smile

We arrive the packed full mall.

"Jesus, why so many people!?!" Zack shouts

"Haha I dunno, maybe the aliens Are there" I joke before he bursts into a girly fit of giggles

" how do I know you?" I laugh, shaking my head

He sticks out his tongue and we pull into an open parking spot. We run into the mall and to the escalator, like always.

"Sooooo?" I ask. I've never been one for making plans.

"We'll start with the forever 21 on the left wing, then we hit the right side. We then do the upper floor then to my favorite place on earth... THE FOOD COURT!!!" He says. Jumping up towards the end.

"Sounds good to me" I say, pulling a MaryKay lipgloss out of my bag.

"Are you coming?" He says

"Mmhhhmmm" I say, applying the gloss. He pulls my hand and I put the gloss back in my purse. We grab a basket and enter the store.

"Ooohhhh" I hear a girls voice call. I turn to see zack eyeing up some leopard print panties.

" do you think these are my size?" He says

"Err, they are too big to hold your balls" I say, eyeing him up and down

"Ok-uh hey!" He shouts. I laugh and walk to the boot section. I pick up a pair of white satin boots that reach half way between my foot and knee. They have a pretty black fringe too. £49.99. Louis gave me £400.00. I have no idea why I would spend that much though. I have no clue. Louis just said "buy a whole new wardrobe, we're going on a trip." So I have no clue. We hit every store in the mall in less than 3 hours. I ended up with

3 pairs of boots,2pairs of heels, slippers, converse heels, 6 pairs of jeans, three pairs of sweat and yoga pants, 2 belts, 16 shirts, 5 hoodies and some jewellery from Claire's. We were about to enter Victoria's Secret when zack stopped...

"What?" I say curiously.

"There are" he swallows. "Girly things in there"

"Oh my- what is your problem! You had panties on your head earlier!"

"I don't like," he says, slapping the back of my bra. "These thingies" he says

Whatever. I sigh and enter. I go as quickly as I can. I get some perfume and... Stuff and go to the counter. This would be embarrassing but gladly, angel is at work so I head up to her.

"Hey" I smile

"Cricket!" She says. How I loath that name.

She rings me up. "£26" she says bluntly. I hand her the money. I'm about or leave when something catches my eye. I turn and punch angel in the shoulder. She bursts into a fit of giggling

"Oh my god. I need to buy these" I laugh as I pick up the matching pair of panties and a bra with Louis and the rest of the boys picture on them.

I walk out of the store to find zack looking down with his ear buds in. He's looking down at the ground.

"BOO" I say

"AHH- what the fuck Cecilia!" He says. He runs his hand through his fiery red hair.

"I sowwy" I pout. He puts his arm around my waist and we walk to the food court. We find a table and I walk up to the A&W counter

" hi my name is raine, may I take you order" the woman at the counter says politely

"Err, yea could I have two teen burgers with root beer for the drink?" I say

"Just a moment" she smiles

A few minuites I arrive back at the table with zack and our many bags.

"Shall I say we see a movie after this?" I say with a half full mouth.

" yea" he says, as if he is just becoming aware of my presence.

"You ok?" I ask with a warm smile

"I have to tell you something" he says just above a whisper

"Anything" I smile

"Well, I'm gay" he says. Oh my god.

"Yay!!! I yell. I run to the other side of the table and envelope him in a hug.

"We'll, how's about that movie?" He asks

"Sounds amazing" I smile

We arrive at zacks house and I give him a hug

"I love you" I say

"Love ya more"

I smile an enjoy the rest of the car ride home

I take the twins out of the car. I walk in to find Louis and the boys sitting in the den.

"Bonjour, mes Amis" I say in a French accent

"Hey babe" Louis says, kissing me. I hear someone clear their throat

"Well, there are more bags in the car!" I say pointing to the front porch. They file out and Louis takes the babies to bed

And isn't this exactly where you'd like me

I'm exactly where you'd like me, y-

"Hey" I say

"Hello, is this Dakota Parker?" The mans voice boomed

"This is she" I say, cringing at the use of my real name

"This is officer gobsmack, your father would like to see you"

Hey guyssss!!! Tell me what you think of the first chapter. So many questions left unanswered

Is zack really gay? Yes. Yes he is.

What does Danny want?

Is ccs real name Dakota?

Tune in to find out!!!

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