Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


21. Not again

Angel's POV

i wake up on the sofa of the living room. I must've fallen asleep here last night. Well, I guess it IS better than going home, I just hope I'm not a bother. Cyrbearr has been my friend since, well, forever. I smile at the thought of her until I'm startled by a noise. It seems to be coming from the bathroom. I walk up cautiously and knock softly on the wooden door. In nanosecons Cecilia appears at the door. She looks really pale. I know she gets all pale and stuff when she gets sick. I give her a soft smile as she walks back to her room. I walk back down the stairs and see Liam leaning against the counter drinking coffee. He smiles and I sit down.

"morning" he says as he sips on his mug. 

"Morning" I smile as I get a juice box out of the fridge. "C must be getting sick, she was throwing her guts up earlier" I say as I poke the straw through and sip on my orange juice. He gives me an unconcerned look.

"she has been like that for days. Just gets up, gets sick, eats a small amount and is fine later" he shrugs " I try to help her but she rathers being left alone" he frowns

"she always has been independent" I agree with a small smile

"you guys really have been friends for awhile, haven't you?" He asks

"yep. Since fourth grade" I smile into my straw. Just then a happy looking Cecilia joins us downstairs. She looks like she's on top of the world. We both smile at her as she gives me an embrace. Usually I hate hugs, from anybody, but from C it's okay. I guess since we've known 

each other for awhile. I shrug to myself as she kisses Liam's cheek and sits down at the table, grabbing an apple out of the bowl.

"Feeling better babe?" Liam asks sympathetically. 

"Yeah, a lot better actually" she nods.

"good" he smiles and kisses her cheek. C throws her apple core in the trash and sits with me on the sofa.

Cecilia's pov

i sit with Angel on the sofa. As per usual we look at the silent tv, look at one another, and race for the tv remote. She loses due to her swollen belly. I laugh and turn on the recorded episode of "The Walking Dead". Suddenly  Li walks into the room with his music bag slung hastily around his shoulder. I stand and he brings me in for a kiss. 

"Bye love" he smiles "seeya Angel" 

we both say goodbye in unison and giggle at our one mind we share. We continue watching tv until my phone buzzes, indicating that I received a text message, from Kim.

K: hey favourite dancer, how r u today?

C: what did you do

K: well I may have accidentally over booked the dance lesson for 3. Wanna teach teenage girls pirouettes and sidesteps?

C: can I bring a friend?

K: idc. As long as u  get here on tyme.

C: I'll be there

K: k gr8. C ya den

i hang up the phone and turn to Angel. 

"Hey wanna go somewhere?" I ask cheekily 

"where to?" She asks curiously

"dance class" I reply hopefully. She looks as if she's thinking and sighs

"let's go" she collapses.

"thank you love you best friend" I yell as I run up the stairs

"yea. You never like me better than when I say yes" she replies sarcastically. I run into the bedroom and pull out the droor of my dresser. I pull out a pair of black sweat pants with the word "DANCE" written in capital white lettering on the side. I also grab my black tank top, and black and white converse. Running to the bathroom I pull my blonde hair into a ponytail, tying a pink now in the back. I put on a light makeup





and join an impatient Angel  at the bottom of the stairs. 

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