Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


12. Meeting Danny

Sorry guys I haven't been updating, I'm kinda sorta in a different country and my aunt only has wifi. I'm visiting her now so I decided I'd update while I could. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Cc's POV

"Want me to go?" Liam asks while carrying Chloe. I got them earlier from Louis, explaining I was letting Danny see them.

"You wait out here, ok? Wait till I holler for ya" I smile

"Okay beautiful" he pecks my cheek while I hand him Conner.

I sigh, "let's do this" I whisper

I walked slowly toward my "fathers" jail cell, I walk slowly and carefully...

"Cecilia?" Danny's voice called, making me cringe.

"Uhmm, yeah?" I replied, scratching my neck.

"Hello daughter" he smiles weakly, he looks very sick

"Hi" I say bluntly

"You've changed" he smiles again, admiring my face

"Thank you?" I say, although it comes out as more of a question.

"Listen, we need to talk. I'm very sorry as to what happened-that night..." He begins

"Sorry isn't going to help your case" I say and put my hand on my hip

"I know, but let me explain" he begs

I sigh. " two minuites"

"That's all I'm asking for" he smiles. I keep a straight face as I blankly look at his sunken in face.

" well after I've got in here I learned I had lung cancer. I'm dying, Cecilia. Can't you see? Me and Emma loved you, but you were never our own... You were adopted. We adopted you from Chelsea Galloway. Remember that jewellery box we gave you, but told you not to touch? Well all the information of her whereabouts. It's at the house. Have it if you'd like." He breathed

I stand there, gobsmacked. I have a real mom?!? That's amazing!!!

"And I suppose you've been up to the usual, drugs, drinking, sex. Like the little prostitute you are." He smirks

"Don't say something like that to her!" Someone shouts, I fly around to see Liam, babies in hands, well, carriers. He lays the carriers on the floor and I hug him. "I told you to stay outside I pout.


"And I suppose you've been up to the usual. Drinking, partying, sex. Like the little prostitute you are." He smirks fiendishly. He's disgusting! He can't be related to someone so beautiful and fragile as her. It makes my blood boil. I run in the room and lay the babies in their car seats. She hugs into my chest as I rub her back. Suddenly the ass speaks up.

"Who's kids are they? Let me see my grand kids" he says happily. I'm about to spit in his face at the question when Cc stands up, sighs, and walks to the babies.

"Who's dis?" Chloé asks with a giggle

"Yeah, Chlowee wants a no who dis is!" Conner crosses his arms and pouts. He struggles over to me and whispers into my ear "he is scawing meey" he whispers

"I know, I know, let's go" I whisper and take the children back to the car.

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