Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


27. Louis backkkk (Liam's POV)

Liam's POV

The sun is setting over the hills as I jog up the parking lot to the studio. I walk through the big glass doors and walk down the corridor, giving a small wave to Veronica, the secretary. I stop at the door with the name plate "One Direction" on it.  I fix my bag, opening the door to reveal the rest of the boys. Harry is sleeping sprawled out on the couch. Niall is scrolling through his phone with a bag of cheetos in his hand. Zayn's is fixing his hair. And Louis is talking to Maria, who sits upon his lap. Its hard to believe she is related to C. She's so sweet and funny and smart. Then maria... Well, its a good thing you're pretty. They all look up to greet me. Most people with a smile. We all pile into the studio and start recording.

One hour later.

I walk out of the small room, my forehead gleaming with sweat. I decide to invite C and Redhead down. I pull my iPhone 5c out of my pocket and open up Cecilias contact.

To: C

Hey, hows my both my babies doing?

From: C

Well, i know the baby is fine, by the way its making my stomach twist.

To: c

Awh, ya wanna visit with angel at da studio?

From: C

Sure, we'll be in in about 10 mins

To: C 

Okie babe stay safe ily

From: C 

Lyt. Bai

I put my phone on the table next to me, putting my head back. The rest of the boys pile in so I go to the bathroom.

Maria's POV

Liam walks into the bathroom. I see his phone left on the table. Out of curiosity I pick it up, sliding it gingerly into my pocket. I excuse myself from the room and walk into a stall in the lady's room. Now, if I were liam, what would my password be? I slide the screen and type in 


The phone makes a clicking sound and I see his messages up on the screen. Hmmm. I scroll down








There we go, let's see what's going on with his stupid little girlfriend. I gasp as I scroll through the messages, no way he got her knocked up. That's hilariomoreI lock the phone and run into the boys room, laying it nonchalantly back on the table. I can't wait to tell Lou about this, he's gonna flip out. Liam walks in hand in hand with Cecilia, puke. He kisses her cheek and a bloated looking Angel comes waddling through the door. This is my chance. I walk up to Cecilia, hand on my hip.

"What?" She spits at me

I scoff

"Seriously, what"

"I just have a question for you"i Spit

"Okay" she sounds unsure

"Why can't you just keep your legs closed?" I smirk

"Excuse me?" Her eyes narrow 

"Oh shut up you pregnant fuck" I laugh

Everyone's eyes widen. She turns to Liam. He shakes his head.

You're pregnant again?" Louis asks in disbelief

she nods her head.

"Oh so you leave me then fuck my best friend?" He asks in anger.

She nods again

And with that he balls his fist and let's one out across her face, blood immediately pours from her nose. He smiles before being punched in the facve by Niall. Who runs over to me, leaving Angel, Liam, and Harry to finish Him off. I look back to see harry, holding Angel back from ripping his face off, and Liam's fist go into the air then be brought down on something I can't see. He brings me into the girls room and dampens a piece of paper towel and lays it on my forehead and giving me another one to hold to my nose. A few moments later Liam comes in, walking over and holding me to his chest. I let out a sob, followed by several more. I just want to go home.

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