Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


29. little baby

Harry's POV

They set up wires and machines to Angels fragile little body. I breath deeply as they get her ready to push. I grab hold of her hand. She aotumatically squeezes it like bloody hell. Her knuckled turn white as she gives all the might her tiny body can scrape up. Over and over. Seven pushes later, we have a baby boy. Healthy and happy. I sit next to Angel on the chair, looking into her mesmerising hazel eyes.

"Thanks for being here" she smiles, looking down at her son. His head is filled with Light Brown hair, he's cute, I'll give you that right away. A quiet knock reveals Cecilia and Liam. Cc runs right over to Angel, asking again and again how she feels and how the birth went.

"We still need a name y'no" I say obviously

Angel sighs "yeah, I know"

She and Cc sit there discussing names




"Fuck no"


"I don't even know how to respond to that one" she shakes her head

"What about Luke?"


"Well how abou-" Cecilia gets cut off by the familiar sound of my voice, strong and neutral, looking at nobody in particular


"I...I love it" Angel strikes

Suddenly the doctor walks back in. What does he want now? He walks over, taking Dustin from her grasp and he immediately starts bawling.

"What are you doing?" She asks apposingly

"Well we have to deliver the second, don't we?" He smiles warmly

"WHAT!?!" her eyes go the size of Manhattan and a half.

(Inside joke =D)

Angels POV

Twins? What? When? I... Wait

"The doctors never told me" I say spectatingly 

"They didn't tell you anything?"

"Well, he did say the two heartbeats were strong. I thought he just meant me and the baby" I shrug, arching at another contraction. Not again. They get all the equipment back in the room. Three pushes later and a lot of screaming. Here's number two.

"Its, a girl" the doctor wraps her in a pink blanket and places a pink beanie atop her head.

"Oh, Angel, I have the perfect name" liam suggests

"Shoot" she shrugs

"What about River Emilee?" 

"Oh that's perfect liam" I smile

"Dustin James Murphie" I smile "and River Emilee Murphie"

They all smile and Cc takes out her phone, taking billions of photos. I wanna just stay here, like this, forever.

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