Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


3. confusion by Tiffany

WARNING, SEXUAL CONTENT!!! Enjoy the chapter -Tiffany

Why the fuck does that little shit want to see me!?! I never have nor do I want to . Even the mention of his name disgusts me.

"What's wrong babe?" Louis asks looking concerned

"Danny, he-he wants to see me" I stutter, staring off into space.

"What!, why the fuck does that little shit want to see you?"

" I don't know!" I sob into his shoulder

"Awww, it's gonna be alright" he coos , stroking my hair

"Yea" I whisper, my voice barely audible

I walk out of his embrace and pull my phone out of my back pocket. In distress I call the one person who knows the full story, Brigette.


C- hey

B- what's wrong baby?

C- I need to talk to you

B- ok, meet at the mall in 20

C- okay

B- bye love

C- bye

I run upstairs and walk into our bedroom, Louis watching the berenstein bears with Connor and Chloé. I walk to the wardrobe and pick out a lacy black tank top, some dark blue skinny jeans, an my leather boots that reach up to my knee. I slip on my leather jacket.

"Where you goin?" Louis asks

"Makeovers with brigibear" I say, smiling slightly at the thought "I won't be back till tomorrow, that ok with you?"

"Course, love. I was thinking about watching a movie with the boys"

"What movie?"

"Love actually" he rolls his eyes

"Harry's pick?" I guess

"Yep" he says, popping the p

"We'll see yah" I say, kissing him on the cheek

"And babe?"

"Yea?" I ask curiously

"Don't change too much on me."

"Oh darn, I guess that rules out the tattoo sleeves" I say sarcastically

"Very funny" he rolls his eyes

"I know, I'm hilarious" I smirk as I slip my phone into my back pocket. I stick my tongue out at him an kiss the babies.

When I get to the mall I hear a voice call my name. I turn around to be tackled by brigette. She pins me to the ground and smiles.

"Do you find this amusing? Torturing me?"

"Yep, and I'm not moving" she smirks

"But I'm pregnant" I say like I'm just realising it now

"Oh fuck!" Her eyes widen as she jumps off of me "I am sooo sorry, holy shit...what?!?" She asks as I double over in laughter.

Anger sweeps over her face as she realises it was a joke. " you little bitch!" She yells


She rolls her eyes.

" so where first?" I ask

"The hair place" she shrugs "I guess"

"Okey dokey" I simply say

-6 hours later-


"Yea" she asks as she sits to the table

"Danny wants to see me" I whisper

"WHAT?!?" She screams. People turn to look at us and Bridgette slumps down in her chair

"What?!?" She whispers

"I have no clue, should I do it" I ponder over the millions of thoughts flowing inside my over capacitated brain. It's getting to be too much.

"Hell naw!!!" She says corruptly breaking me out my thoughts.

"I mean I guess your right" I say looking at my feet

"We'll, let's go" shee cheers

I look a lot different. Louis is gonna either hate it or love it. My hair is a bright yellow now and I got an infinity sign tattooed on my wrist. I got my ears pierced twice and a fake tan. I look so hot. I put on my new glasses that look like the type nerds wear. I jump out of the car and walk in the front door. Before I enter the living room I put on a ski mask and tuck my hair into it. I cover my tattoo with my sleeve. I walk into the den where Lou and the boys watching love actually on the couh. I walk in and sit on Louis lap.

"Hey baby, you gonna rob me?" He asks referring to the ski mask

"Maybe?" I raise my brow

"Dafaq are you doing?" Zayn says, entering the room.

"Your mom" Harry replies

We all laugh and I take off the sleeved jacket, showing the boys me tattoo.

"Woah" "awesome" comes from the boys lips

"I know, I look hot!" I say and flip my hair

"Pretty AND modest!, Louis you got the perfect person for you" Niall says

"Anyways!" I interrupt "who wants to see me?"

"OOH OHH I DO!" Harry yells

I pull the mask off and fix my hair. Revealing my earrings

"I like it" Louis says flirtatiously into my ear

"I know you do" I smirk

Someone clears their throat.

"Oh hey, guys, we're just gonna, uh, bye" Liam says and fast walks out of the room. What's his problem.

We hear the door close and a car pull out the driveway. I turn around and Louis crashes his lips into mine. He lifts me onto the counter not breaking the kiss. I wrap my legs around his waist and he brings me up the stairs. We fall onto the bed. Finally breaking the kiss he looks into my eyes. I bite me lip and he pulls my top off, unclipping my bra. I pull them off and he takes his shirt off. I crash my lips to his and unbuckle his pants and I help him slide them off. Things got pretty x rated

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