Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


6. cake and questions...

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I wake up cuddled to Louis chest. I'm not gonna lie, best feeling ever. I pull away and crawl sleepily out of bed. I rub my eyes and stretch, before going into the bathroom. I brush and straighten my hair and do a light makeup, black eyeliner, and nude lipstick

I wake up Louis telling him we have 5 minutes till we have to go

"FUCK NO DONT EAT MY CAKE" he yells and runs to the bathroom frantically. I chuckle and get the babies ready. I'm about to put on my outfit when I feel queasy I run to the bathroom and puke my guys out. Louis rubs my back as I brush my teeth. We buckle the babies into their seats and drive to Louis mum's house. Giving her the kids to babysit. When we arrive at the cake place, I sit next to Louis. I spot a girl coming toward us

"Hi I'm tiff, I will be your wedding planner." She smiles and reaches to shake our hands. We accept and she beckons for us to follow behind her. We arrive in a room filled with platters of cake sitting on tables. We sit down and try all the different options. I look over at Tiffany. I never really realized how pretty she was until now. With her long jet black hair, big blue eyes, and plenty of freckles, she could very well be a model.

"So Tiffany, do you have any kids?" Louis broke the awkward silence

"Yes I do. I have a boy named Fredrick, and a girl named Maribeth." She answered proudly

"Beautiful names" he smiles

"Thank you, what about you love birds?" She flashes her smile

"Twins actually. A boy and a girl named Connor and chloé" I answer just as confidently.

"Beautiful" she replies


I sit the twins in their feeding chairs and prepare some mashed up fruit salad. I'm not even on the verge of pecking right now. Neither is Louis. Well at least we found the right cake. I feed them the mashed up fruit and put them to bed. I walk slowly up the stairs until I find our room, I crawl sleepily into bed and rest my head on Louis chest.

I wake up with a knotted feeling in my stomach. Afraid of what will happen next, I run to the bathroom making it just in time. I feel Louis hand rub my back as I move away from the toilet and rest my head in my hands on the floor.


"Yea, love?" He says, stroking my hair

"What's is happening?" I sob into his shoulder

"Uhmmm maybe you just ate too much cake and now you feel sick?" It comes out more like a question

"But I've been like this for days now" I say frantically

"Well..." He looks upon the words to say

"Lou" I say, teary eyed

"Yes baby" he looks concerned

"What if I'm pregnant?" "

"i don want any more kids" he sighs.

I nod and he walks out the front door. I walk into the twins room across the hall to see them already awake.

"Hey guys" I say in a baby voice

"Hi mummy!" Chloé shouts... Oh my god

"Chlo Hun. Talk to mummy" I smile

"Hi mummy!" She repeats making me laugh

"I can talk toooooo" Connor says and I go wide eyed. How did I not know they coul talk!

"We'll have to wait till daddy gets back, but I think there will be a new brother or sister!" I smile

"Baby?" Chloé questions. I nod and they both laugh. I turn to get the diapers and one of them throws a toy at my head. I turn around.

"Alright, who threw it?" I put my hand on my hip

They both point at each other and say each other's name in unison. Yep. Just like Louis. Speak of the devil. Louis walks in the front door with a bag from the drug store. I take a deep breath and take the bag. He hugs me tight.

"Love you" I whisper

"Love you too" I say and stand on my tip toes. I kiss his cheek and make my way up the stairs. I walk into the bathroom and pull out the tests. I do what I need to And wait, I'm about to check what they say when there's a quiet knock on the door. I open it and Louis steps in.

"Sooo?" He asks

"I was just about to check" I give him a fake smile

He nods as I look at the test

Right then I get the shock of my life...

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