Locket (sequel to The Secret Place)

haha i'm actually gonna do one this time ;)
cc has it all. a house, boyfriend, kids, and a good job. she is with her friends and they stick together. but what happens when her "dad" A.K.A. Danny, comes back into the picture? read to find out


19. Angels secret...

I awake with a note on the pillow where Liam once slept soundly. I swing my legs over the side of my bed immidiatly regretting it. My legs shy away from the cold laminate floor as I pick up the note- its from Liam.

Had to go to the studio early. Wont be back till late. See you,

                                                                                           Li xx

Well that gives me a bit of time to myself, I almost get a heart attack by the sound of my damn phone blaring at the end of the room. I take a deep breath calming myself before walking to the table. the caller ID is enough to brighten my day. 

"Hello sir" I laugh in to the phone

"Can i come Over for a bit" se whispers and siffles

"Are you okay?" I ask worridly.

"Yeah, no, im okay" she says slowly and sniffles again.

"Of course come over. Liams at the studio for the day and I am all alone." 

"Okay" she says a bit more happy before we hear yelling in the background and she gasps lightly. "Bye" she says quickly and hangs up. I pour myself a bowl of cereal and sit at the table. Although my thoughts never leave my head. I know when Angel is okay. Trust me. We've been a duo since the fourth grade. I just pray to god she will be okay. About an hour later I hear a quiet knock from the doorway. I look over too see my bright hair buddy, but he

r face is nothing close to bright. She has on sunglasses... Inside... Oh well. I'm just glad she's okay. She hugs me tight as we sit on the white satin couch. 

"So what was all that this morning?" I cautiously ask the fragile girl. She just shrugs and sinks in her seat, her stomach rising and falling sloghtly. I noticed how big she's gotten.

"so what about the baby? Find out a gender?"

"what? Oh um, yeah" she makes an obiously fake smile. I know right away she was upset. She fixes her sunglasses and winces slightly. Then it hits me. I gasp and take them from her head, revealing a bigbruise. Her eyes water and she hugs me. I've never seen her so helpless. Her little baby inside has not a clue as to what's on in the world around him or her. 





"Its a boy"she whispers

"what is" I'm such a dumbass.

"the baby"she giggles.

"oh right" I laugh back




"I've got to pick Liam up from the studio. You wanna come?" I ask as I grab the car keys and slip on my leather jacket. She just nods

"sure" I earn a smile 

"alright" a give her a goofy smile and emerge from the house. The cold air leaving clouds of carbon dioxide as we shiver our way to the car. 

"Damn" she shivers as she closes the door to my yellow Sunfire. We hurry to pull out the drive and make our way down the road. It's painstakingly slow because of all the ice on the road. After a 45 MINUITE drive that should have taken 20. We arrive at the studio. I get out the car leaving it on as I'll only be a minuite or two. Angel makes her way to the door way faster than me as the cold is... Well, Brrrr. She walks through the lobby and I stop dead in my tracks when I see what she sees. Liam, kissing... Maria? Angels face hardens and she takes her stone cold stare to the corner where it all is.

a few seconds later a Confused Liam Breaks way the kiss and gives Maria a  "what the fuck was that for" kind of look. He then notices Angel and looks me in the eye. I hold back the welling tears in my eyes and face him. Hand on my hip.

"C, I-"

"why would you do that? Why the fuck would you kiss her? Fucking idiot" a voice says. Angel.

"angel, it's okay." 

"What do you mean it's okay!?!" She starts "he kissed your sister"

"Liam why?" It's all that escapes my lips.

my phone beeps for the 50th time since we got in here.  I excuse myself and answer it.

"hello?" I murmur 



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