Accidental Love

When Ali's bestfriend Darbi get's into a car accident because of her boyfriend will Ali find love or will her family try to break them apart...........what if this girl Savannah gets back in the picture will she mess everything up or will she try to get somebody back?


19. Twins

Louis’ P.O.V

"Hey Niall you want to go some drinks?”

“Yah sure” He turned the corner and we headed for the bar when my phone started to ring and it was Darbi,


"Hey Lou it's Ali, Darbi's water broke. She's in labor. We are heading down to the hospital now." I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be a dad!

"Okay ill be right over as soon as I can." I hung up the phone and Niall looked at me,

"What's up mate?"

"Darbi is in labor and we need to get to the hospital right now."

"Okay" he said and made a sharp 'U' turn.

I called Harry and he said that he is in his way. We made it to the hospital and I saw Darbi in a wheel chair going down the hallway in a wheelchair so I ran in,

"Marcel!" I yelled. He turned and ran towards me, "Where are they taking the girls?"

"Their going to a room so Darbi can have the babies. They said that only one person can go with Darbi in the room and everyone else has to wait in the waiting room."

I gave him a hug, "Thanks Marcel I owe you one." And ran down the hall to catch up with Ali and Darbi.


Darbi's P.O.V

One of the guy doctors were pushing me down the hall to get to a room when I heard Lou,

"Marcel!" He called. Marcel ran down the hall and started talking to Lou.

"Okay Mrs. Tomlinson we are going to take you to a room, you need to get into a hospital gown and we will get everything ready." I nodded at them and Louis came running down the hallway.

"Louis!" I smiled at him

"We will get through this okay? I love you so much." He said to me

"I love you to Louis" I said back and we were at the room.

"Who is the best person to be in the room with you?" The doctor asked

"Louis, he is the father." The doctor wrote on a white board, 'Louis Tomlinson only' and left the room. I changed into a gown and laid on the bed. The doctor came in with a nurse and put and I.V in my arm. Louis held my hand.

"Are you ready?" The doctor asked. I nodded, "Okay one...two...three push"

I pushed as hard as I could and I squeezed Louis' hand

"Okay good job, one more big push and you will be half way done. Ready?" I nodded, "One...two...three"

Again I pushed as hard as I could and then I heard someone crying. It was Louis, he saw the baby in the doctors arms,

"Would you like to cut the cord?" He nodded and cut it. The nurse took the baby, cleaned him off and wrapped him in a blanket, "Okay on more to go, you ready?" I nodded again, "okay one...two...three."

Again I pushed as hard as I could and in only one push she was out.

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson you have a perfectly healthy baby boy and baby girl!" Louis cut the cord and I got cleaned.

~A hour later~

Ali, Marcel and Harry walked in the room with a giant congratulations card.

"Congratulations Darbi and Louis!" Ali said, "So what are their names?"

"She is Johannah after Louis' mum and the cute little boy over there is Liam named after the bestest friend anyone could ever have." Ali started to cry,

"I love them already" Marcel said.

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