Accidental Love

When Ali's bestfriend Darbi get's into a car accident because of her boyfriend will Ali find love or will her family try to break them apart...........what if this girl Savannah gets back in the picture will she mess everything up or will she try to get somebody back?


10. The Interview

Liam's P.O.V

It's been a while since Danielle and I broke up and I was ready to a new start. I got up out of bed and made some breakfast. Eggs and toast like always. I didn't get dressed because I wasn't going out until later tonight so sat it the sitting room watching some T.V when I got a call from a random number. It was the same area code as me - 315 - so I answered it,


"Hi is this Liam Payne?" It sounded like a girl so I thought it might be a crazed fan

"Yes why?"

"This is Aleisha I'm the girl that Niall was talking about" I felt bad because I thought she was a crazed fan

"Oh yes how are you I forgot to ask when you would like to go out" she took a minute to I guess think about it

"How about tonight? Around 7:30?" I checked my calendar and all I had tonight was an interview with a magazine that I couldn't miss.

"I have an interview tonight how about coming to that with me?"

"Ya that will be fun I'll go pick out some clothes. Bye!"

"Bye" and we both hung up.

After we hung up I texted Niall to tell him about Ali,

To Niall: Hey Ni, I just got off the phone with Ali. She going to come with us to the interview tonight!

To Liam: Great! Her ex will be there too so she can show him what he's going to miss

To Niall: Ni you forgot to tell me who her ex was?

After a sent that text he never got back to me I wonder what the big secret is, I mean he broke up with her and all I know is she's over him and she wants to move on.


Ali's P.O.V

After I ended the phone call with Liam a decided to wear something really pretty. I wore my pink flurry dress that went just past my knees, my black flats and some make up - not to flashy but not to boring.

After I did my hair and finished with my make up my doorbell rang. I walked down the stairs to the sitting room and answered the door. It was Liam. He looked so cute in his outfit,

"You ready?" He said, I nodded, grabbed my purse and we left.

I got in the car and sat in the back with Liam next to me and Niall next to Liam then it was Harry and Louis in the front talking but I didn't hear what they were talking about. There friend Zayn was suppose to meet them there but i've never met him before. Apparently he doesn't spend alot of time with the rest of the band because he's always with his girlfriend Perrie. It was silent I could even hear Liam breathing. It was awkward so I spoke up,

"So where is this interview at?" Harry looked at his rear view mirror and looked back at the road,

"In my home town, Cheshire" he said. I smiled because one of my friends lived there and maybe I would see her just strolling the streets but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Since we got stuck in traffic I decided to take a little nap. I put my head down on Liam's shoulder and I could sense him smiling. I quickly fell asleep and dreamt about Marcel.


I walked in his room and I sat on the chair

"Marcel we need to talk" I said he sat up and walked towards me

"yes love what about?" I didn't feel very well but I talked anyways 

"Niall kissed me and I kissed back it felt wrong right away so I pulled back and ran into my home. I'm so sorry!" He had a strange but sad look on his face


"Loved?" Harry waked in the room and started running for me.

~Dream over~

Liam woke me up to tell me we will be there in a few minutes and I felt sick to my stomach.


Harry's P.O.V

I don't know what Liam was thinking when he decided to bring Ali with him he knows that Marcel will be there he's always there.

"Oh ya!" Did I just say that out loud?

"Oh ya what, mate?" Louis asked me and everyone was looking at me like I had to heads,

"Nothing I was singing 'Diana' in my head an I forgot a few words but then I remembered them and I was thinking out loud." Lie. Everybody stopped looking at me and I got a text from Marcel:

To Harry: hi Harold I'm here at the interview where are you guys?

To Marcel: we're on our way be there in a few minutes and Liam brought a little surprise for you that you may or may not like.

He didn't answer after that so I assumed he got it and was walking around nervously like he always does when he's nervous or he knows there's a secret that nobody was telling him.

We arrived at the interview and we all stepped out. Liam didn't want Ali scooting out by the other side so he opened the door for her since I had the child lock on because when I take Lux out to go to the zoo or to the park. We all walked in the hotel at the same time and saw Marcel with our microphones in his hands

"You were suppose to be here 10 minutes ago!"

"Ya ya I know we got caught in traffic but where here now right?" He handed me my microphone and I clipped it in my shirt and put the ear piece in and so did everyone else except for Ali of course.

We were all ready and we walked down to the set

"There you guys are!" The interviewer said with a smile on her face

"Hi Martha!!" We all said in unison. 

"Let's get started you guys wait over there by the doors and I will call you in and we will start okay?" We nodded and walked to the door.


Marcel's P.O.V

I saw Ali walking in hand and hand with Liam, how could she do this to me I thought she understood what was going on? I gave the boys their microphones and they left so it was just Ali and I,

"Hi Ali" she looked down at her shoes nervously

"Hey Marcel how ya been" I wanted to ask her why she was here with Liam but I didn't want to be rude.

"I'm good how have you been?"

"I've been good you want to go sit and watch the boys?" I nodded and we walked to the chairs before we sat I down I let it out

"whyareyouherewithLiam?" I didn't know I could speak so fast. She didn't answer me so I thought I offended her.

We watched as the boys walked down to the set,

"And the moment you've all been waiting for, 5 boys with one dream to make it big, here they are Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson also know as One Direction!" I heard the woman say and they walked out. Ali and I clapped with the audience and then they began interviewing.

Interviewer: So how are you boys?

All: Good

They all said in unison,

Interviewer: So today we are going to talk about your new tour coming up, new music coming our way and relationships.

I saw on Liam's face that he looked nervous but I didn't know why,

Interviewer: If you don't mind boys we are going to start with relationships. Now who's in a relationship?

Only Louis and Zayn raised their hands because they have been in relationships for about 1 or 2 years now.

Interviewer: See all you single ladies out there Liam, Niall, and Harry are in the market get ready! So Liam who is that lovely lady you walked in with today hand and hand?

Liam: She's just a friend I haven't seen her in a while so invited her here.

Interviewer: That's not what I saw when you kissed her on the lips in front of what it looks like her house.

Martha put up a picture of Niall and Aleisha kissing on the night I couldn't make it to our date and it made me angry. Boiling even.

Interviewer: I see her at the end in the set why not invite her out?

Liam: Ok C'mon Ali!

She stood up and walked towards Liam and sat on his lap which made me even more mad so I took action.

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