Accidental Love

When Ali's bestfriend Darbi get's into a car accident because of her boyfriend will Ali find love or will her family try to break them apart...........what if this girl Savannah gets back in the picture will she mess everything up or will she try to get somebody back?


12. Savannah

Marcel's P.O.V

I decided to go stop by Ali's house on the way back home to apologize to her personally and talk to her to make sure everything was okay between us.

I got in Harry's car since Harry took mine last night when he went to the bar with the boys. I drove to Ali's house and I saw a car in her driveway that I never saw before so maybe she had guests. I got out if the car and walked to the door and as I was about to knock, Savannah (Louis' ex) walked out,

"Hey Marcel, long time no see!" She forced me into a hug and behind her back I saw Ali walking our way. Savannah let go of me and left. Ali stood in front of me with a blank look on her face,

"How do you know Savannah?" She asked me and led me into her home,

"She was Louis's ex girlfriend and they had troubles so she went out with Liam and a big thing happened but it's over now." She gave me a cup of tea and sat on the couch facing me,

"So how do you know Savannah?" I asked her

"She's an old friend of mine and we got into a huge fight, she actually went to jail for a year or two so I haven't seen her in like 5 years, but she never mentioned Louis or Liam or actually any of the boys." We talked and talked until I got a text from a blocked number:


From BLOCKED: Tell your girlfriend or whoever the fuck Aleisha is to you to stay away from my Liam or things will get serious between us!! –S

To BLOCKED: I don't know who this is but I have an idea and if you harm Aleisha in any way you will regret it.

I needed to tell the boys about Savannah and what she messaged me. I drove home where Harry and the boys are support to be and waked in. I smelt liquor in the air and saw some vodka bottles on the side table,

"Where's Liam!" I asked Louis who was clearly drunk,

"He's in Harry's room with some girl." I ran to Harry's room and saw Liam making out with some girl. She had dirty blonde hair and some big ears too,

"Liam Ali's in trouble!" I yelled to him. He jumped off the blonde and ran towards me,

"What happened?!" He asked nervously.


Liam's P.O.V

Marcel came running into the room yelling,

"Ali's in trouble!" I couldn't believe what heard. Could Ali really be in trouble she never did anything to anyone? I ran towards Marcel

"What happened?!" Savannah stood up and walked towards me holding my arm

"What's wrong with Aleisha?" Savannah asked me,

"I don't know I just asked Marcel." Marcel looked nervous for some reason and I was a little worried about him, he gets along with everybody.

"Oh never mind it's not that important" Marcel said and left the room,

"So where were we?" Savannah asked me and she pecked my lips,

"I don't think it's a good time and I think it would be better if you just left" I said to her with a strait face.

~time passed~

It's been an hour since Marcel came home and he still hasn't told me what was going on. I walked to the sitting room where Marcel was watching TV and Harry, Louis, and Niall were sleeping on the floor,

"Hey Marcel can we talk?" He nodded and I sat next to him on the couch,

"What do you wanna talk about?"

"Well when you came home you said that Ali was in trouble what were you talking about?" Marcel handed me his phone that had a text from a blocked number threatening Marcel about Ali and what's going to happen to her. I grabbed my car keys and pulled Marcel out the house and drove to Ali's home.

I saw Savannah's car and I knew what was going on. We both ran into Ali's house not knocking - I felt nervous to be honest. Marcel didn't find Ali in the sitting room or the kitchen so I ran to her room and Marcel ran to her moms room. I stormed in the room and saw Ali unconscious, "ALI!!" I heard someone run out if the house and saw it was Savannah. "Marcel call 9-1-1!! NOW!!"

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