Accidental Love

When Ali's bestfriend Darbi get's into a car accident because of her boyfriend will Ali find love or will her family try to break them apart...........what if this girl Savannah gets back in the picture will she mess everything up or will she try to get somebody back?


11. Interview 2/2~Back Home

Harry's P.O.V

I saw Marcel walking towards Ali and Liam and it was silent. Marcel grabbed Ali off of Liam and looked at Liam right in the eyes,

"She was mine first you can't take her away from me!!" Liam looked speechless and kept silent

"Listen I di–"

"Yes you did know that we've been dating but I broke up with her because if Harry!!" Liam looked at me and I felt guilty.

"Okay well while Harry #2 calms down we're going to commercial" Martha said and Ali tried to calm Marcel down while I talked to Liam,

"Tell me, why did you even bring Aleisha here?" He looked at Aleisha then back at me,

"Niall said her boyfriend just broke up with her and by coming in a date with me will show him what he's missing I didn't know it was Marcel, I'm sorry."

I was so confused I couldn't believe that Niall would do this but I have to say he's one smart cookie. Marcel started to scream at Liam explaining everything that happened and how Ali was just going for a rebound relationship and I felt like it was all my fault that this is all happening. If I didn't tell Niall to go with her that night and if I didn't tell Marcel to break up with her we wouldn't be here now.

"We're back in 5...4...3...2..." The camera man said and pointed at us.

"Okay, when you were watching the commercials we were watching a spicy argument" Martha looked at Liam who was standing with Ali on the side of the set

"So would you like to talk abo–"

"We have to leave I'm sorry" Niall interrupted her and stood up

"But were not done here I sti–"

"We need to leave I'm sorry we will do this another time" we stood up and left.


Niall's P.O.V

We left the interview early and I kind of felt bad but not really. We drove Ali home and then drove back to Harry and Louis's flat,

"Why would he just interrupt the interview like that like that's not him he never did that?" Harry looked at me threw the rear view mirror from the back of the car and his eyes turned black – he's angry.

"Maybe because an idiot that's in this car brought his ex girlfriend to the interview!"

We arrived at Harry and Louis's flat and sat on the couch to play some FIFA. I overheard Liam and Louis talking in the kitchen,

"Why would you bring Aleisha?"

"I already had this conversation with Harry but I guess i'll tell you too. Niall said it would be fun and she was getting over her ex. I never knew her ex was Marcel!" I heard them whispering so I grabbed a bite to eat in the fridge and sat at the island.

"Niall didn't you say that it would be fun if I brought Aleisha?" Oh great he brought me into this conversation. Why.

"I said it would be fun to bring Ali in a date not to the interview." Louis walked out of he kitchen and joined Harry in the sitting room and Liam sat next to me on one of the island chairs,

"Why didn't you tell me Marcel was her ex boyfriend? And why did you kiss Ali in that picture that Martha showed us?" I knew Liam felt betrayed by the look on his face,

"I will talk to you later but right now I'm not feeling to well so I'm going home" I walked out of the house and I heard Liam yell

"BUT YOUR MY RIDE HOME!" I ignored him and left.



So in the Bio about this book I talked about a girl named Savannah and she will be coming in real soon and you will know her very well.......also it took me a while to write this chapter because I ran out if ideas but I just planned out my next three chapters so keep an eye out

xxAlyy :))


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