Accidental Love

When Ali's bestfriend Darbi get's into a car accident because of her boyfriend will Ali find love or will her family try to break them apart...........what if this girl Savannah gets back in the picture will she mess everything up or will she try to get somebody back?


1. How it all started

Aleisha's P.O.V

I woke up knowing today was not going to be a good day. I didnt know why but i just had a feeling. I started my normal day routine with a shower in the morning, get dressed, put my school make-up on - not to flashy but not to boring - and off to school but today I woke up earlier than usual. It was only 6:30 and i need to be at school for 7:45 so I decided to stop by McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich. I was a block away when my phone rang. 

"Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Aleisha?" they had a concerned voice so I knew something was wrong

"Yes why is something wrong?"

"Just meet me at Josephs hospital and I will explain everything when you get here."

Without saying another word they hung up. I checked the caller I.D and saw it was Darbi's phone but why would a boy have Darbi's phone?

Josephs Hospital was 10 minutes away for McDonalds so I need to hurry up and get my food and decided to get Darbi something too.

I arrived at the hospital and saw a boy with dark brown curly hair - really curly hair - who was running towards me. 

"Are you Aleisha?" he asked

"Yes why?" without saying another word he grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the hospital to the elevator.

"Now this has been quite a morning so can you please tell me who you are and whats going on?" He looked at me with his beautiful green eyes 

"Well your friend Darbi and my cousin Louis got into a car accident this morning on their way to school and when I met them in the ambulance Darbi told me to call you with her phone and nobody else" he took a deep breath, "and my name is Harry by the way Harry Styles."

The elevator doors opened and Harry led me to a room labeled 433. I walked into the room to see Darbi laying on the bed and some other boy laying in a seperate bed on the other side of the room looking the same age as Darbi maybe a little older so I guessed it was Louis. I saw a boy next to Louis with his head down that looked exactly like Harry but had a nerdy look to him

"Harry is that Louis?" he looked at the boy in the bed

"Ya" he answered

"And who is that boy next to him?"

"Oh thats my brother Marcel" he pointed to Marcel. "Hey Marcel" the boy looked up "Come here this is Aleisha, Darbi's friend" Marcel looked up and walked towards me. 

"Hi i'm Marcel nice to meet you" He held his hand out for me to shake it and I accepted the hand shake. He wasn't very strong. He looked like all he could lift up was a pencil and a piece of paper maybe two. 

"Hi i'm Aleisha but everybody calls me Ali, nice to meet you too." I saw that Marcel looked exactly like Harry before but it just came to me when we were face to face. 

"Harry, are you and Marcel twins?" Harry looked at me and nodded,

"But he is the nerdy smart one" when he said that he looked at Marcel and smirked and so did Marcel at Harry. I sat by Marcel,

"You must get people confused a lot" Marcel looked at me

"Well not really because nobody likes me Harry is the popular one...I get bullied a lot but Harry protects me from violence." I felt bad for Marcel I didn't know about him and how he gets bullied and just a few minutes ago i was calling him nerdy. I felt so bad.

"Well i'm sorry about that" he looked at me and i gave him a hug, a friendly hug.

"Your very pretty" he said to me

"Thank you your very handsome" he blushed and said thank you.


Marcel's P.O.V

Oh my gosh did Ali just say I'm handsome? I started to blush so I guess she did.

"Oh no i'm not, if anything Harry is the handsome one of the family" Ali looked at me and smiled

"You have really cute dimples" she smiled and looked at the floor. Oh no did I weird her so stupid a really pretty girl finally talks to me and likes me and i weird her out.

"Okay Romeo stop flirting with Ali" Harry said to me and I started to blush even more. Ali looked at Darbi. 

"Darbi?" she stood up and walked towards he bed. Just as she said that a boy walked into the room with flowers,

"Hey babe" Ali said to the boy

"Hey Alibear"

"This is Harry and Marcel." I stood up and walked towards the boy.

"Harry, Marcel this is James my boyfriend" I shook his hand and so did Harry.

"So has Darbi woken up yet?" James asked

"She did just a few seconds before you walked in." James walked on the side of Darbi and handed her the flowers. She sat up and accepted the flowers,

"So how are you feeling?" Harry asked

"I feel a little bit better but my leg still hurts alot and so does my head, oh, hi Marcel i haven't seen you in forever, how ya been, whats new?" I looked at Darbi

"Nothing different just the same old me." Ali walked towards Darbi

"Hey 'Salad Dressing' remember me?" she asked with her sweet caring voice

"Of course I do Ali B. how could I forget my best friend?"

"You never know....your always full of surprises" Ali smiled and I saw her beautiful smile with dimples on both of her cheeks. James looked at me with anger in his eyes so I knew, he knew that I had a teeny tiny crush on Ali.

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