Accidental Love

When Ali's bestfriend Darbi get's into a car accident because of her boyfriend will Ali find love or will her family try to break them apart...........what if this girl Savannah gets back in the picture will she mess everything up or will she try to get somebody back?


7. Ali knows now!

Ali's P.O.V

I woke up early today and knew I had to go talk to Marcel about what happened with Niall. I went to go get dressed in some sweatpants and a T-shirt when James messaged me.

To Ali: Hey Alibear I need to talk to you can I come over??

To James: ya but make it quick I need to go somewhere.

A few minutes later James came to my house and sat in the chair in the sitting room.

"So what did you want to talk about?" He walked towards me and I stood up

"What are you doing!?" He walked closer and I was pressed up against the wall.

He grabbed my head and kissed me. I tried to pull away but he was to strong. When he stopped I flipped,


"I still like you and I thought you still liked me?" He backed away but I stood where I was because I was a little scared

"Why would you think I still like you if I have a boyfriend!?"

"I just thought he was a rebound you know your desperate so you date whoever you see first?"

I couldn't believe he just said that to me

"Get out James"

"wha-" I cut him off 

"GET OUT!" He grabbed his jacket and left.


Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and didn't bother getting dressed since I wasn't planning on going anywhere today. I walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. Empty. I looked in the cabinets. Empty. Marcel woke up a few minutes later and looked for breakfast also. He found nothing.

"I'm going to the market I'll be back later" Marcel said to me and left.

I sat in the couch and went in Twitter to check out some tweets that the fans sent me:


@jessica2134ablian hi @Harry_Styles I'm your biggest fan and it would mean the world to me if you could follow me?!?! <3


She was the only fan that sent one like that today so I followed her because it meant the world to her. I sat up and walked to the bathroom to brush my hair because I mean locks like this don't happen without any help. I heard someone knocking on the door

"it's open!" I yelled and Ali walked in.

"Hey Harry is Marcel here?"

"No he went to the market a while ago so he should be here soon"

"okay" she walked in the bathroom and Niall called me.

"Hey Ni"

"hi Hazza I brought Ali on a date and at the end of the night I kissed her and she kissed back" I knew she would do that and I knew Niall would be perfect for my plan

"That's great now Marcel can see who Ali really is." I heard Ali flush the toilet but she didn't come out so she's probably just doing her make-up

"Listen I was thinking about you taking her on another date and say Marcel was getting caught up in homework but when you take her to the restaurant I'll take Marcel and they will see each other and Marcel with break up with her." Niall took a minute

"I'll think about it" he said and hung up.

Ali came out if the bathroom and looked at me,

"So you lied to me!"

"No I di-"

"Harry, I heard Niall and your conversation, even if you put the phone to your ear on speaker, doesn't mean I can't hear it"

"It's not what it sounded like"

"I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS HARRY!" She ran out crying while Marcel walked in with the groceries

"What did you do!!"

"I didn't do anything just forget about it." I walked into my room and slammed the door. "Fuck..."

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