So I am Baily your average teenager I guess check out my story called Photograph

"Just let me be your photograph I'm worth a thousand words.",He whispered.


3. :I

"Oh I'm sorry!",I say. "Oh no it's my fault love.",says a deep British voice.I looked up to see  this curly haired boy with piercing green eyes staring at me. I laugh. "You think I like you! Hahaha!",I say. I bet he  thinks I like him like he expects every girl to fall for him well this girl does not like him and why would I ever fall for him?!  I am straight. Not that there is anything wrong with him he is cute...WHAT NO HE IS NOT! "Haha no I just think your cool.",he replies. I blush the bell rings I walk away quickly. No lets see if I can get that kid off my mind.

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