So I am Baily your average teenager I guess check out my story called Photograph

"Just let me be your photograph I'm worth a thousand words.",He whispered.


2. :D

"Haha Bailey shut up!",says my bestie Rey. "I'm just saying he's so weird!",I reply.   Well there's this new kid named Harry we went to Pre-K together. "Hey Bailey!",says Sara. "Hey.",I say. I look down at my pink painted nails. "Did you hear that,that new kid Harry is dating a girl here already?!",Sara says. "No,and who cares he's just a stupid celebrity kid!",I tell her. I look up to see their faces. The have their mouths open and eyes wide.I roll my eyes at them and pull out my phone. "Hey Rey wanna go to the mall later oh Bailey you can come too.",Sara says. "Oh sure.",Rey says. "Naw I'll pass I need to study tonight plus we are getting new lab partners in Science and I wanna get started tonight.",I explain. I get up and put my phone back in my purse and walk to my locker I bump into someone.....

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