Forgive Me

Allyson thought everything was amazing she had an amazing boyfriend, family, school, and so much more. What happens when all of that turns around? And then the person who tries to save her from all that is her ex who she hates. Will she ever trust him again? Read to find out! *The Boys are a few years younger in this.*
-Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction-


6. Chapter 6

Louis' P.O.V.

After I calmed down a bit, I went downstairs. And, saw El had left.

Ally's P.O.V.

"Okay! Lets do this thing!" I said excitedly. Harry and Zayn nodded. Harry grabbed my hand, and we walked downstairs. I saw Louis sitting on the couch, and smiled. Harry and I sat on the couch next to him, still holding hands. Zayn, sat on the other couch, with Liam, and Niall. Liam, Niall, and Louis looked at us shocked. "They're a couple." Zayn said. Louis looked like he was about to cry. "Well..... Since the Eleanor thing happened... Harry comforted me.... We had a moment... Kissed... And now we're together." I said. Coming up with the most simple thing I could. Louis had tears in eyes, and swallowed hard. Harry turned my head and kissed me. Harry picked me up, carrying me up the stairs, to my room, our lips still linked together. He closed the door and I pulled away, and he let me down. "Wow. Great acting." I said impressed. "Oh... Um... Y-yeah, thanks you too..." Harry said.

Harry's P.O.V.

That kiss. It- it sent me like, under a spell. Her lips are so, so smooth and soft. And, she is so beautiful, and kind, and just so, perfect. I can't believe I just now noticed it... No, wonder Lou wants her so bad... "I'm gonna go downstairs... You coming?" I asked. "No.. I'm just going to stay in here." Ally said. I nodded. I walked down to the kitchen, of course Niall was in there looking for food. He turned to look at me. He gave me a disappointed  look. "What's wrong Nialler?" I asked him. "It's just... Well... You know Louis loves Ally, then you... You... Do this... He's torn apart you know..." Niall said. I nodded. I felt bad, mainly because, I really do like the girl Louis is in love with. And, even though he hurt her, she still loves him too. Not me. "I'm going to go talk to him..." I said. "I dunno if you should, he's really mad, and upset... But, he's in his room..." Niall said. I nodded, walked upstairs, and knocked on his door, then opening and closing it. Louis looked up at me. His eyes were red, and puffy. He gave me a disgusted look. "What do you want?" He asked harshly. "I wanted to talk." I said. "Why?" He asked. "Well I wanted to talk ab-" I said, but, got cut off by Louis. "No I mean, why did you take Ally... You know I love her." He said. "Well.... I-I... She's beautiful, and kind, and her kisses are magical... You know what... You don't deserve her... I do! You hurt her... I would never do that! I deserve her! I will treat her right! Unlike you!" I said/yelled truthfully. "Are you serious! I've changed you know that! I will never hurt her EVER again! I love her! With all my heart! You know that!" Louis screamed. "You already screwed it up! She's over you! She loves me now!" I lied. Before I knew it... Louis punched me hard in the face. 

-Louis' P.O.V.-

I punched him, I couldn't help it. How dare he steal Ally! He knows I've changed! He knows I love her! He held his eye, and kicked me where the sun don't shine. I fell on the ground in pain, but, quickly got up, even though it hurt bad. 


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